Ashlee Simpson – The New Chin Chronicles

Ashlee Simpson and her sister Jessica are my all time favorite plastic surgery sisters. They will stop at nothing in the quest for ‘beauty’. Ashlee has had, in my opinion, her breasts inflated, at least two rhinoplasty surgeries, and a plethora of lip injections. This fall, she will be appearing on the new Melrose Place and in anticipation, it seems she has had some sort of chin implant and another round of lip injections. The combination of the two is not asthetically appealing. It makes her look old.

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson

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July 30, 2009 В· webmistress В· 43 Comments
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43 Responses

  1. Bink - July 30, 2009

    WTF is she thinking, with that chin? Is she trying to look like “American Dad”?

  2. F1Fan - July 30, 2009

    She’s just trying to look more like her idol! (Michael Schumacher)
    Who can blame her? :D

  3. abcde - July 30, 2009

    She’s definitely done something on her chin, but I like the effect. It’s hotter this way

  4. Jennifer Gail - July 30, 2009

    Have you EVER seen a woman with a chin implant that looks better? She looks like she is on steroids and has a more masculine chin!

  5. Patricia - July 30, 2009

    I knew it! That chin seemed so fake. I like the old Ashlee.

  6. eh - July 30, 2009

    i didn’t realize the jay leno look was so “in”.

  7. Brooke - July 30, 2009

    I thought she was so quirky-looking and pretty when she first debuted, and she ruined her looks with plastic surgery. I saw her in a clip on Melrose Place… she wasn’t very good, and her chin looked REALLY weird.

  8. Barbara - July 31, 2009

    How do these people with talent that escapes me make it? I’d love to know. What does this girl do? Man, I would love to know the secret of such a group of no real talented people making big bucks. Amazing. Anyone buying into this crop of people, no need to mention names, have got to be people thant settle for big time mediocrity.

  9. Mosquito - July 31, 2009

    OMG… Who would want a chin like that…?! Crazy… O_o

  10. Linnythepooh - July 31, 2009

    What was she thinking? It makes her look like a witch!

  11. sue hansen - July 31, 2009

    All she needs now is a wart on her nose and a black pointy hat.
    That chin already looked like a witches chin…now its even worse…

  12. Nuria - July 31, 2009

    Her face almost looks punched in or something. Her chin sticks out way too much.

  13. Katie - July 31, 2009

    Eeks to the new chin.

  14. Javi - July 31, 2009

    Well I’ll admit that it looks like she got some trout pout going on but I really don’t think that her chin is an implant. As you can tell in her most recent photo, she’s a lot thinner than she used to be. Usually when you lose weight, your face is the first to show it, and I think that is the case. You can see how the rest of her features look sharper in general because of the weight loss.

  15. Nick H - July 31, 2009

    She also has terrible eye makeup in the first 2009 picture.

    Damn, she was so cute before. What goes thru ppl’s minds, I will never know.

  16. Blackie - July 31, 2009

    In the lower right pic, she looks like a 40 yr old meth addict, y’know, the kind who have underslung jaws due to their missing/effed-up teeth…

    Amen, why do people do this? And, yes, what the hell is she even famous for?!

  17. steve - August 1, 2009

    In that last photo of her in profile, she kinda reminds me of the old lady part of that optical illusion that switches between the young woman and the old woman.

    But those lips are weird in conjunction with that chin. It kinda looks like those oversized wax lips stuck on to an old lady statue. And what’s with that weird ridge of skin that goes around her upper lip? It looks like a mustache-shaped subdermal implant or something….

  18. Mari - August 1, 2009

    Forget the chin, her smile and nose remind me of the Grinch who stole Christmas. Why can’t people be happy with the way they look? She was pretty before. You need a couple imperfections on your body. I mean, think about it celebrities are basically teaching young girls that if you are not happy with yourself change your appearance, and it’s quite sad. And once you get one surgery you want to keep changing and then you end up like that Cat Lady, Josselyn whatever her name is .

  19. SB123 - August 1, 2009

    If she thinks the smoky eye look and the red hair is going to detract us from her “work” then she’s delusional.

  20. Kristen - August 1, 2009

    She should have kept her old nose. It made her pretty and different. Not a fan, but she was much cuter before she had anything done.

  21. Mark C. - August 1, 2009

    24 years old. Good gravy.

  22. le - August 1, 2009

    stupid celebrities and their stupid minds.. always ruining themselves. I guess this is why we consider them celebrities and not artistes..

  23. Barbara - August 2, 2009

    She was born with a big nose & a normal chin….now she has a normal nose & a big chin – go figure! LOL
    And what about those toilet plunger lips?!!!

  24. rhinocerous - August 2, 2009

    If that is a chin implant, I hope she can remove it or file it down. If her weird new look is caused by weight loss, she should put the pounds back on. Her face looks totally out of balance.

  25. Bob G. - August 2, 2009

    She looks pretty good in all of the pictures. Her chin hasn’t changed all that much. Certainly not a candidate for “awful plastic surgery” in my book, and I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

  26. Taabah - August 2, 2009

    OMG, the LR picture looks like a female version of Owen Wilson and that is not a compliment. Fatten up a little girlfriend and stop the lip injections. With any luck you might get back to that cute girl you once were.

  27. Miss Penelope - August 2, 2009

    did she look at a picture of Jim Carrey and use that as her model??? eeeww!!!

  28. bast - August 3, 2009

    I agree with the one comment, that is her chin, her expression is simply making it look longer, and really it is rather prominent at the best of times. She looks great, I hope she leaves herself alone.

  29. Luna - August 3, 2009

    Well that just looks terrible.

  30. Reece - August 3, 2009

    Why do people want to make their heads bigger with chin implants? Since when did a long, horselike face become beautiful?

  31. Laura - August 3, 2009

    i think her nose looks worse than her chin! at least in the 2009 pic.

  32. jennifer - August 3, 2009

    I dont know what work shes had done, but she needs to stop. She looked much better in the “before” pictures

  33. Mike - August 4, 2009

    The loss of baby fat around her face just makes the bad chin implants and ‘trout pout’ stand out more … all that phyiscal pain and money spent and what does she have to show for it … just being a SLIGHTY hotter version of Sarah Jessica Parker

  34. animalover - August 4, 2009

    She looks like an old person who has no teeth…the chin is prominent and the mouth is sunken in. Not exactly the effect I would be going for! WHAT UP with the chins? Who is marketing these hideous things? Prosthesis makers?

  35. James - August 4, 2009

    Ok, she did not have a chin implant. I have always hated her weird chin, but it was much less noticeable when she was a lil bit fully faced. Now her nose, breasts, and lips I’ll give you that but her face always goes from looking really good to bad quite often. And I’m not digging the red hair and pale skin

  36. Aaaargh - August 5, 2009

    Looks like she’s going for the Margaret Hamilton look. Eeuuww. You could play pinochle on that chin.

  37. Mike - August 5, 2009

    She looks like Witchypoo on HP Pufnstuff.

  38. anony - September 12, 2009

    Maybe Cokemom needed work on her nose because she had burned a hole in it…

  39. Lai-Lai - October 24, 2009

    She should stick with the pale skin & red hair. It makes her look less like the bimbo everyone thinks she is.

  40. Tobias - November 12, 2009

    She looked gorgeous in the before pictures.

  41. Raj - November 24, 2009

    I’m taking the next Greyhound to Hollywood. If these people can make it then here I come. Who is her advisor?? The problem is people just can’t leave anything alone. The first nose job was ok, but then the chins, what’s next little lady? She looks like a bag lady, a clone of those two ridiculous clowns, the Olsen twins. She can’t act, skip Melrose Place, it’s beyond bad. Heather Locklear is finally starting to look ridiculous with her over-traumatized injections and 1,000 botox injections.

  42. paul - December 21, 2009

    When she got her first round of plastic surgery and had the blonde hair, she looked BEAUTIFUL! I couldn’t believe how natural and feminine she looked. Probably the best surgery I’ve ever seen.
    Now I was just looking at a magazine with her picture and her chin looks AWFUL. I had to look and see if it was some recent mistake, and that’s how I ended up here. It makes her whole face look witchy…it looks like she’s wearing a hard plastic mask. What a disappointment. Ashlee, go back to your own chin and don’t get anything else done. You were amazingly beautiful after the first round and that is where you should have quit!

  43. Heavenlee - January 20, 2010

    Looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar in Upper Left photo…

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