Watch Angelina Jolie morph

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Access Hollywood unintentionally put together a series of Angelina Jolie interview clips from the start of her career to the present. It is interesting to watch how much her features change - her eyes and brow chane shape, her lips change, and her nose gets more refined. Watch now, before this video ‘disappears’ forever!

A helpful reader sent in this great graphic showing Angelina Jolie’s 1998 profile compared to a more recent one. The bride of her nose looks more built up and the tip of her nose appears distinctly more pronounced.

Angelina Jolie nose

Audrina stuffs her huge breast implants into a nice dress

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Audrina Patridge stuffed her porn star sized breast implants into a pretty summer dress the other day and visited Comicon in San Diego. She can’t even try to deny have breast augmentation surgery, because her chest looks like a huge shelf hanging off a skinny body.

Audrina Patridge
Audrina Patridge

Is Audrina a bimbo now?
Has Audrina had a Hollywood bimbo makeover?


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Michael’s nose is missing

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Apparently, Michael Jackson’s prosthetic nose is missing. Once considered an urban legend, there are actually witnesses who saw his body in the coroner’s office saying the his face had no nose and in its place was a hole surrounded by bits of jagged cartilage. What happened to Michael’s nose? Did infection eat away his nose or did it collapse from too many plastic surgeries as many have claimed? Was it knocked off by vigorous CPR? Had he gone to sleep without it?

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