The Barbi Twins were 90s Playboy pinups. They appeared on MTV, Sallie Jesse Raphael, and made a host of other TV appearances. They are also known for discussing their long running problem with food addiction, bulimia, and exercise bulimia.

When they first emerged, they claimed to be ‘all natural’ and to have never had plastic surgery of any kind, even though their photos said otherwise.

The Barbi Twins

The twins are back in the public eye again, now looking even more plastic. The lip enhancement is a pretty obvious addition to their appearance. Their facial skin looks super tight and the ladies are not young. Also, their noses look even more shaved down.

The Barbi Twins
The Barbi Twins
The Barbi Twins
The Barbi Twins

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61 Responses to “The Barbi Twins resurface”  

  1. 1 Luna

    LOL They stole my dog! That dog looks just like my Chappy!

  2. 2 Maria

    And what is with those hideous chins? It looks like they were sharpened with a pencil sharpener!

  3. 3 suzanne

    I really miss these two freaks. I used to mock them all the time back in the day. Yay! APS found them. did you ever notice how back in the day they always had their hair covering their faces? It’s cuz they just aren’t that pretty. They were always all from the neck down. And a plasticized on at that.
    Now they look even more freakish. What’s with the chin inmplant?
    And again, notice how they cover their faces again with sunglasses and hair. All you see is four bulging lips and a pointy chin.Fuglier than ever!

  4. 4 jane

    What’s exercise bulimia? Never heard of that one before.

  5. 5 uhm ok

    oh well, they’re still fine.

  6. 6 Kristen

    Is this really what men find attractive? If so, I guess I’m out of luck.

  7. 7 KLG

    Wonky chin implants to boot. Great job ladies!

  8. 8 connieihad

    What is the deal with those pointy chins?

  9. 9 karen

    Ew! Don’t forget to mention the Barbie twins icky chin implants. Looks like they’re smuggling a golf ball!

  10. 10 steve

    Whoah! Skeletor and Skeletor got lip injections!

  11. 11 Vicki Anderson

    normally I would agree with your catty comments on the twins altered physiognomy; however, it appears these pictures were taken at an event in support of Best Friends animal sanctuary, which is a marvelous place and cause. In this case, all I see is their inner beauty.

  12. 12 Bill

    I wonder if you press the ‘chin button’ would their face deflate?

  13. 13 Sarah

    Wow.. that’s tragic looking.

  14. 14 Gaby

    Look at their chins! in the recent photos they look so weird, and old!

  15. 15 PaulWall

    They look like Pasty from Absolutely Fabulous cloned.

  16. 16 Jodi

    Riiiiiiiigggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttttt!! They’re “all natural” all right. They’re naturally enhanced. I sure hope the lip plumping thing doesn’t last too much longer – it really is unattractive!! Who thought it would be a good idea for ladies to have big giant duck lips anyway?!?! How is that sexy?!?!? But, then again, how are HUGE circus side-show freak boobs attractive either. UGH! I just don’t get it!!

  17. 17 Kimierin

    They look like cyborgs. They must’ve ran out of money and that’s why they are in the “spotlight” again. No respect for people like this.

  18. 18 pandakeeper

    Yikes!! How old were they in the 90’s? I didn’t think they would look past 40, but Yikes!!

  19. 19 stefani

    What, are they in there 40s? They look like the are 60 trying to look 20.

  20. 20 Katie

    They totally look like Shauna Sand in the first photo. Not saying whether that’s a good or a bad thing…

  21. 21 Kym

    They look like drag queens.

  22. 22 Ulrika

    How old are they? They look like 50-60 yrs on the more current photos.

  23. 23 kate

    They have really strange chins

  24. 24 HexenBexen

    Yikes. More cookie-cutter plastic freaks. Their hair was really nice back in the day but they’re faces always looked busted. They should quit now while they still look semi-human.

  25. 25 venus

    They looked fake from the start…fake lips, noses and boobs. Just now its all been done so many times it looks like a kid has been let loose with a whole bunch of playdoh on their faces! Not attractive! I bet some men would still fancy them unfortunately. Some men really like the fake, plastic look!

  26. 26 smiley

    eww they look like trannies

  27. 27 jackie

    But they still look like two transvestites – how have they achieved it?

  28. 28 Ella

    These two were hideous even when they were younger. Maybe they used to have natural boobs because what I always remember is then swinging practically at their waists. The real shame is that they suffered through eating and exercise disorders… for what? To be remembered as jokes?

  29. 29 John in San Jose

    It looks like they’ve both had weird chin implants too… Chin implants can make a huge difference in a person with a receding chin. But, when the face is already in pretty good proportion, a chin implant can be a disaster. Here, both twins’ chins are too big

  30. 30 hoolydooly

    I’m so SICK of seeing these weird looking women on film. Hollywood is looking more like a Martian landscape every day!

    My question: is there *any* actress in Hollywood who has not had ANY plastic surgery at all? If there is, I want to see her on film! Bring on normality! PLEASE!

  31. 31 Kathleen

    Why are they always wearing sunglasses? Did someone mess up their eyes or something?

  32. 32 HexenBexen

    Really, their boobs were fake? I came across some nude photos of them and it was sag city.

  33. 33 PerryOxide

    Why is it that UGLY women think if they dye their hair blond they become pretty?

  34. 34 PerryOxide

    their chins look like a matched scrotum set.

  35. 35 abcde

    I just think their breasts are real. On their website they have some pics, and they look very real.

    As for their noses, they stayed the same all the time, it’s just photoshop. There’s 50% chance they’re real.

    Their lips haven’t changed, either. Though they look fake.

    They’re very attractive and I’d like to have both of them together

  36. 36 le

    their breasts look real..but their faces look like steve tyler.

  37. 37 Kat S

    I remember that they both were ‘in a relationship’ with Ken Wahl from Wiseguy. He’s disappeared from the radar, too.

  38. 38 N

    Is it just me, or do they kinda look like Robin Antin now? I bet this is what she’ll look like in 20 years.

  39. 39 MG

    The chins are an eyesore. Bad choice. Big lips and fake boobs are hard to take in when you’re dealing with twins, a double whammy. But the chins put me over the edge.

  40. 40 Miss Penelope

    The women with diving boards for chins!

  41. 41 Vince

    Wow…’s pretty sad, but what can you expect from two live blow up dolls? I use to think these two starved themselves to keep their waist size…..but now they’ve let their looks go to their heads and distorted themselves facially. Oh well, I assume they won’t go totally nuts and go beyond a lift for their main assets.

  42. 42 Brooke

    What I love is, they say they have never had plastic surgery– but there is a video of them on their website that shows pictures of them as kids and teenagers.

    (I bet that didn’t show up…)

    On their bio page, the video shows them as babies, kids, and teens… with their original noses. And the teenagers in the movies don’t have the giant breasts forming that the twins end up with. They were prettier before they had surgery done! I think it’s so stupid of them to maintain they’ve never had surgery and then post proof that they have!

  43. 43 Jake

    I think the lips look as they big as they were before. Based on the old and recent photos of the twins I just don’t see why someone would say that they had new stuff done to their lips. In the old photos they had big lips. However, i must add that they do look rather “plasticky” in the recent photos. I wonder how the rest of their bodies look. Bigger breasts perhaps? Who knows, but I’m sure a great many of us here would sure like to know!

  44. 44 An

    Good lord. They look like Billy Ray Cyrus. Or Keith Urban in a cowboy hat.

  45. 45 Mary Helen

    And what to say about these awful chin implants..!!

  46. 46 hunnybe

    Their chin is lol-tastic,but on a serious note, why is it that whenever a person has full lips they are called “fish lips’ that is so rude. I don’t hear people with full lips talk about and insult people whose mouths look like nothing more than a slit cut in their face, to me that is so unattractive but I don’t insult every person I see with them.

  47. 47 frewt

    uh, I think their chins are actually their sole remaining natural feature which is totally ironic!

  48. 48 Lauren

    I was not familiar with these women until after they had already stopped taking photos and were talking about their addictions on an episode of True Hollywood Stories. I thought they looked to have a ton of plastic surgery then and I do believe they do. Just because their lips were plump back then, doesn’t mean they have not had their lips pumped, I’ve see they’ve done it then and now because their lips look like sausages. I also find it hard to believe their breast are real, especially with the above photo. I think they may of had a good plastic surgeon to do them but I don’t think they’re natural at all and the chin comment. I also think these women are very odd and have many issues. Besides the eating disorders and constantly covering their faces behind big hair and glasses, they also shared men and even performed sexual acts with each other, talk about incest.

  49. 49 Vince

    Ahhh, a revisit to Americas favorite twin blow-up dolls. Who is telling these people that these procedures make them look good? Hell, their bodies were natural, they had nice faces, they could have just taken care of themselves and aged naturally. A pity.

  50. 50 BlossomEndRot

    I don’t care what people say–their hearts are in the right place. Plus, they look pretty spectacular. They admit to their flaws and that is refreshing.

  51. 51 Javi

    What’s up with the chins??? They look like prosthetics! The plastic surgeon who did this should be sued for malpractice!

  52. 52 Honest1

    I never found them that attractive even in their Playboy days. they’re a pair of freaks.

  53. 53 TT79


  54. 54 Lucy

    They look like bret micheals.

  55. 55 Cankles McCellulite

    I use to think they were Post transexuals twin brothers …not sure anymore but seriously has anyone ever seen a vag on either of them?…even when they spoke it was a deep almost forced voice…just sayin

  56. 56 huh?

    they may have had full lips back in the day but the lips they are sporting now are enormous and hideous. plus the top pic looks like injections too. top lip way bigger than the bottom, no cupids bow. maybe it is just bad lip lining. sad that too such lovely women felt so badly about their appearance all their lives.

  57. 57 Ginn

    What’s the deal with those pointy chins? and what’s exercise bulimia?

  58. 58 Misty

    Yikes! They are even scarier than before…..Notice too they never smile….They always have this stony, lifeless look on their faces. Honestly, I get the idea that they are both very sad people….To hear them interveiwed is pretty much the same….they talk in a monotone and have no personality!

  59. 59 helenwheels

    ‘the chin on either twin is definitely not a win.’
    they always made me sad. very screwed up ladies, severe emotional problems.

  60. 60 stophatin'

    Come on, people. Give these women a break. Their MO is their appearance. They tell people their real age (something unusual in Hollywood especially when some of the posters on here are in their 50’s hoping that people believe they are in their 40’s). These women are former top selling Playboy bunnies. Now they volunteer all of their time to help with animal rescue. They are invited to events as Barbi Twins and that is why they dress up the way they dress. You don’t like their appearance? Try and like their causes. Stopping horse slaughter, exposing puppy mills, promoting shelter adoptions, Fur Free Friday and not to leave out that they go every single day to feed stray kitties (kitties they also have fixed). I know the twins and can tell you that you may think their outside appearance is fake though please realize it’s their ‘costume’, but their inside is 100% real and that is more than I can probably say about most of you crazy people posting obnoxious comments.

  61. 61 James

    They are gorgeous women who are doing their best to help others. I love how they look and what they’re doing with their lives. All the catty comments on here are just envy. Back off and leave them alone