Donatella was mostly a mystery to the world before her designer brother’s death. Now, she is known as the head of Versace and for having an insane amount of plastic surgery on her nose and lips. Today, a photo of what she looked like in 1990 surfaced (thanks

What a difference a million swipes of the plastic surgeon’s knife makes. New nose, rounder eyes, plumper lips, more prominent chin, veneers, etc.

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76 Responses to “Donatella Versace – the long hidden before photo”  

  1. 1 PJ

    While certainly not pretty, Donatella was what my mother would have called a “handsome” woman. Now she looks like Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

  2. 2 Sam

    Her before photo looks like Val Kilmer in a blonde wig.

  3. 3 mr.ed

    Every time I see that face, I say “That’s a guy!”

  4. 4 just sayin...

    she looked great before. could have used a little eyeliner for defintion, but she looked so much better before the plastic surgery. that’s so sad.

  5. 5 Gaby

    U might think I’m weird but I think that Donatella Versace has a much more feminine face than before. Look at her eyes in the 90th pic, they are cold. I think loosing her fat face (age reason) is a positive point too.

  6. 6 Kristy

    she looks like val kilmer in the before shot!

  7. 7 AMG

    Her before picture kinda looks like Val Kilmer in drag.

  8. 8 JM

    Is it just me, or did she look like Val Kilmer before?

  9. 9 Gina Harlow

    She looked so much better without the surgery…arghhh

  10. 10 Laura

    She is just plain ugly. I had always thought it was from birth but I see it is self inflicted…

  11. 11 Kristy

    Not necessarily a beauty pageant winner before, but what a shame. She didn’t need surgery. She just needed makeup and a brow wax. Are we positive it is even the same person?

  12. 12 Renee

    she looks like a man!

  13. 13 Kristen

    Are you sure that isn’t Val Kilmer in drag?

  14. 14 bigmeankiddy

    OMG- are you sure she wasn’t born a man? Is she still a man?

  15. 15 Gloria

    She looks like plastic. She doesn’t look young in the first picture – but so much better. Really nice. (She doesn’t look young now either.) But maybe we also have to consider how such surgeries may go very wrong. And maybe it’s not an addiction to plastic surgery, but attempts to correct it, that drives them to the doctors again and again and again. Well, there are also people, who are plastic freaks and still think they look good. Weird.

  16. 16 Conifer

    Wow. In comparison to her ‘after’ picture, the ‘before’ looks wonderful. She is utterly frightening now. I understand wanting to look one’s best, but some years ago, I noticed that Loretta Swit and Cher, two very different looking women, were starting to look more like each other than themselves. What a shame. Seems to me that good plastic surgery makes a person look like an improved version of themselves. Bad plastic surgery makes you look like… Well, Cher, Loretta Swit, or Donatella Versace. I suppose they think or hope that the NEXT surgery will be THE one to restore youth and beauty.

  17. 17 yc

    OMG the original photo looks like val kilmer in drag!

  18. 18 CK

    She wasn’t very feminine-looking to start with, but now she looks like a drag queen. She should have worked with what she had–she’s rich enough to afford all the (non-surgical) help she could want.

    It must be strange to be a high-fashion model. The majority of them are very beautiful and have not had major plastic surgery or implants. Imagine being a top model and getting criticized about your appearance by one of these kooky designers like Donatella.

  19. 19 Kathleen

    She looks a hundred times worse now! She should have just left her face alone!

  20. 20 peachfish

    Huh, she looks freaky now, but she looked like Val Kilmer’s long lost twin sister before!

  21. 21 SUNNY

    Wow. . . .She was once a rather decent looking woman. Now she looks like s cartoon drawing of a human. With all that money it seems a better job could have been done on her face. I prefer the original. Whats wrong with just a tune-up? Instead of this whole rip apart and attempt to rebuilt a face. . . It seems that just can’t be done. . . so sad

  22. 22 heyjoon

    she had manly eyes in the before pic. now, she’s just plain ugly and over processed.

  23. 23 peanut

    she was actually quite pretty and most certainly a natural beauty. now she looks like a spitting image puppet.

  24. 24 Omi

    She looked better as Val Kilmer, now she is just a freak.

  25. 25 Brian

    Her before picture – she looks so much better.

  26. 26 jane

    Does she really feel she looks better now? She was a little plain looking in the first pic, but now she’s just hideous.

  27. 27 Nuria

    I prefer the before, even though she looks a bit masculine. Perhaps a little off the nose, and a bit more make-up, but that’s it. She looks like a Muppet now.

  28. 28 Bunnie

    Oh. my. goodness. She was so much BETTER looking before! What posessed her to do that to herself??! And the nose.. it looks like she purposely had it flattened. I weep for her.

  29. 29 Michelle

    She looked like a man in drag before and a hideous freak after.

  30. 30 Casey

    Photo on the left – she looks like Val Kilmer…

  31. 31 Robert

    Liar. That is Val Kilmer and a wig, hehe.

  32. 32 bflogurl

    Her before picture could pass as Val Kilmer in drag…..

  33. 33 Bink

    She’d have done all right with some brow shaping and eye makeup. She’s never going to be a beauty but she could have spared herself looking grotesque, not to mention saving the money.

  34. 34 GIna

    Is that Val Kilmer??

  35. 35 Christi

    Lots and lots of surgery but the new nose is collapsing from all the cocaine use!

  36. 36 Barbara

    Yep = that’s what happened. Her nose was destroyed by cocaine so she had to build it back up. Sad.

  37. 37 Count Blah

    I’m trying to figure out what the hell happened to her mouth. It’s not like her lips look that much fuller…it’s more like she got GIANT teeth and her lips won’t close over them…

  38. 38 Blackie

    Yes, Val Kilmer, exactly! But he/she is still better looking than the fish-faced impersonator on the right…

  39. 39 Kiki

    She was not a completely unattractive woman before all her surgeries. . . Just rather plain or average looking. As far as looking like Val Kilmer no way. She could have had a few minor proceedures done and her appearance would have been improved greatly. But holy cow what did she have done to her face that makes it appear so strange and unappealing? So Awful

  40. 40 Megan

    The thing is, she still looks OLD plus looking AWFUL.

  41. 41 Mary Helen

    Donatella wasn’t a beautiful woman. But with the proper make up and a more flattering hair do and hair color she could have easily manage to look more attractive. Unfortunately she preferred to change surgically her face features and the results are totally grotesque. Not mention for these veneers who make her look like a donkey, I wonder if she manages to eat properly with this things in her mouth.

  42. 42 Ms. H

    She has got to be one of the homliest women to walk the planet as a “Rich fashionista”. This only goes to show you that you can have all the $, friends and resources—but sometimes you just is ugly, I agree with Bink–shape those brows, apply some of that overpriced versace make-up and add some low lights to the waxen yellow mop and she would have been almost cute. Too late now.

  43. 43 AngryBear

    Looked perfectly fine before, if a touch masculine, but now….frightening. Trout lips, horse teeth, weird nose and the black hole eyes. Yikes!

  44. 44 Mary

    OMG. What she has done on her face?

  45. 45 Madeline

    Why is everyone obsessed with Val Kilmer? I had to look him up because I couldn’t remember who he is. Some old, fat guy. Like not even famous. Whatever. This woman had weird lips before and still does. Her eyes actually look better. I guess she did have man eyes before, but i don’t get why they’re this Kilmer guy’s (maybe his agent trying to “re-fame” him?). If she’s already had a lot of surgery, why not do something about those saggy cheeks, like lift them or inject them or something? Those flaps look weird.

  46. 46 Karla

    I immediately thought of Val Kilmer when I saw the left photo, too. Too funny….I think he’s better looking though.

  47. 47 Mike

    Actually her “before” pic looks like how the members of the hair-band Nelson look … probably today. She does look like mannish today, but more freaky. Just shows that all she needed was a good stylist and not a hack surgeon.

  48. 48 lola

    I can’t understand why she would change her nose to make it the opposite of what most people go for….she made it flat and wide!

  49. 49 ComputerSaysNo

    So she used to be Chastity Bono???!!!

  50. 50 elaine

    Does anyone else see the resemblance to Chastity Bono?

  51. 51 RNock

    The lady looks like a very ugly dude!

  52. 52 frewt

    Val Kilmer before, Janice the Muppet after….

  53. 53 snickers

    The “after” photo is absolutely disgusting. Put her in a sideshow circus.

  54. 54 Phil

    I think her eyes look better, the facelift is also okay but the nose is just horrible now

  55. 55 Vince

    These surgeons should be shot! The woman couldn’t deal with being a plain jane (some would say homely), but instead of a little nip/tuck she gets turned into an ugly joke.

  56. 56 hella

    She looks like Lady Firefly in House of 1000 Corpses/The Devils Rejects

    SO BAD

  57. 57 rhinocerous

    She has pretty eyes– hard to tell what, if anything she did to them with all of the make-up, but those teef and that nose aren’t doing her face any favors. If coke is the reason her nose looks that way, more people should be made aware that coke-fiending has some serious consequences.

    Some sunscreen would have accomplished a lot more than all of Donatella’s plastic surgery.

  58. 58 Dom

    Donatella is singing if I could turn back time.

  59. 59 kate

    Sad really sad

  60. 60 julien

    Sure her look was more «ordinary» before but it was more beautiful too. After she looks like a woman who wants to look twenty wheb she already have sixty ! It is ridiculous.

    Sorry Madam, the result is awfull.

  61. 61 elena

    She has vaneers? Her teeth look like they belong to a rabbit or a beaver! She paid for those?! She is so scarey looking. I can’t imagine how these people think they look better after all this surgery!

  62. 62 smiley

    lol @ val kilmer!! she sure did look like him…now she looks like a puppet that got stepped on

  63. 63 Leslie

    Man, she looks scary, very scary. She looked a lot better in the before picture.

  64. 64 Ella

    It’s scary that someone with all her money could end up looking like that.

  65. 65 Aimie

    She was ugly before, she is 10 times uglier today. I don’t understand why she can’t afford a good surgeon with all her money? I mean she makes pretty dresses, not as vulgar as her brother. Is her daughter still bullimic?

  66. 66 JMH

    All she needed was a stylist in the before photo. Better brows, make up, and hair. She apparently has lost a lot of weight judging by her neck (or is that all just age?) so that might have helped back then too. It’s practically tragic when people go to such extremes and wind up looking like caricatures.

  67. 67 laurie

    I thought she was a man–after the surgery. Surely not attractive now. She wasn’t half bad before…a little makeup would have done the trick. Is anyone sure this is a before picture??? Her face looks so much shorter, scrunched than before.

  68. 68 Anonymous Coward

    Anyone else think she looks like Val Kilmer in the before picture?

  69. 69 huh?

    so much better in the before. not beautiful but better. the after is downright scary. i can see she has always had a thing for the ‘tan’.

  70. 70 Gomez Wibbles

    That on the left is the late Phil hartman in a wig.

  71. 71 i call em as i see 'em

    The before photo looks like Val Kilmer crossed with Chastity Bono. (Or is it Chaz Bono now?)
    And the after photo? It proves that money can’t buy everything.

  72. 72 i call em as i see 'em

    Computer says no- I thought I was the only Chastity Bono seer, then I reread! Dead right- rock on!

  73. 73 Nicole

    Sorry, I don’t think she looks like she got a ton of work done. Her nose looks like the same nose, slightly skewed from her crooked smile. I’m sure the teeth are fake, but those lips are the same full pair from the first picture. She’s wearing a ton of makeup, especially around the eyes. So it’s hard to tell if anything was really done. I’m sure her wrinkle-less forehead is not a lucky happening, though. If anything I’d say the teeth, forehead, and maybe a little work around the eyes. But no lift, no implants, no rhinoplasty, no lip fills. I’d say she could definitely use a nose job and new veneers, though.

  74. 74 Wibbyson

    she looks better before…she’s scared me

  75. 75 jakkyy

    to be honest, she did look more manly before the surgery, but i still prefer the old one. now she looks fake :/

  76. 76 Bob

    Actually, that smile is amazingly similar to what a political cartoonist in the 70s would use to indicate that a particular character was supposed to represent Jimmy Carter.