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Britney Spears has been through numerous changes over the years (not just the crazy kind). Her breasts have mysteriously vanished and she is back to her original flat chested state (a la 1998).

When politicians go plastic

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Fix your teeth and raise the bridge of your nose. Yep, looks like that tactic worked wonders for former MN senator Norm Coleman who lost his battle for re-election last year to entertainer Al Franken.

Maria Geronazzo has more kisses for you. Don’t you want them, plus a peak at her evolution from mild to wild?

Finally, Denise Richard, who has spent the majority of her career trading on her looks, admits that she has had plastic surgery when it has been blatantly obvious for years due her changing breast sizes. She had her first pair when she was 20 and since most people that age are not rolling in money, [...]

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days. Take these tips from Dr. Anthony Youn. (original link)
7. Try Saline Implants Instead of Silicone Gel – Although not as natural-looking or feeling, saline breast implants are still nice implants, and may have a lower complication rate. They can also save you a cool grand [...]

This is Leslie Vogel, the mom of Heroes star Hayden Panettiere. Do you think Hayden’s tv star salary helped finance her mom’s, um, ‘alterations’? It is pretty obvious that she’s had rhinoplasty, botox (super shiny skin is the give away), and lip enlargement.

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British singer Leona Lewis is busting out and not just on the music charts. Gone is the simple girl plucked from obscurity in 2006; in her place is voluptuous jet setting entertainer showing off her best assets. Alrighty, Leona, considered your enhancement appreciated!

P.S. We like the new nose too!

“And just think, dear, if you keep it up you can someday look just like me!”

What a great way to instill confidence in your teen daughter. Get her botox to help fill in the ‘lines’ on her forehead. It is a fabulous way to say that beauty comes from the plastic surgeon and not from [...]


Ok, here we have exhibit one, Tranny Spice, oops, I mean Scary Spice. Too much etching of the abs and excessive implants are the culprits in this sad case. I wonder how Eddie Murphy feels about his money paying for this?

In 1998, she had the best figure of all the Spice Girls and now tries [...]