Maria Geronazzo has more kisses for you. Don’t you want them, plus a peak at her evolution from mild to wild?

Maria started out with some very sultry looks. But then, lip enhancements became an obsession along with an aggressive browlift. I can assume her motto is ‘Anything for a little attention.’ Indeed.

Maria Geronazzo
Maria Geronazzo
Maria Geronazzo
Maria Geronazzo
Maria Geronazzo

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55 Responses to “Kisses from the Hungarian Monster”  

  1. 1 Kelly

    Unbelievable. How anyone can look in the mirror and actually consider themselves “improved” …… unbelievable.

  2. 2 Nuria

    How can she possibly keep going back for more? The second picture doesn’t look too bad. She should have stopped there because she’s getting into monster territory.

  3. 3 CK

    I am weeping with horror.

  4. 4 blackswan

    She is truly, truly awful to look at! Her entire face looks like lumpy playdough. Frightening!

  5. 5 Suzanne

    How sad! Just a freak.

  6. 6 Ashley

    Jesus. She actually looked good in the first picture.

  7. 7 S

    She was quite goodlooking at the first two pictures from the top. Then everything seems to have went wrong with her face. Those huge lips look painful, like they’re going to burst any second. Don’t know whether it’s the eyeliner or some surgery but her eyes make her look kind of angry.

  8. 8 Suzanne

    Looks like her nose has been plumped as well…what’s going on there?

  9. 9 Jon H

    The earliest one looks a little like Sarah Palin.

  10. 10 Ms. Cannavaro

    Wow, she was actually pretty in the before photos (the 1st and 2nd), she should NOT have had any surgery. She’s is scary looking now!!

  11. 11 Beth

    Her lips look like a big, prolapsed rectum.

  12. 12 Lauren

    WHOA she looks just like a Muppet now!! And she was so pretty before. What a stupid thing to do.

  13. 13 David

    If i looked like that i woldnt go out of the house. Why are so many women soooooooo insecure about the way they look, to the point that they would do this to themselves???

  14. 14 treesandballoons

    i hope she’s got some major inner beauty…cos she sure doesnt have any on the outside!!

  15. 15 Chanty

    Look at how pretty she was before, why on earth would she even consider touching plastic surgery? Now she looks scary.
    Jocelyn Wildenstein vs 2.0

  16. 16 Lauren

    Why do these women make the lower half of their faces so grotesquely out of proportion? They look like they have a hormone secreting tumor, their faces are so malproportioned. She was a perfectly nice looking woman to start with, and now looks like a freak.

  17. 17 Linda Stevens

    What a beautiful woman she started out as! What a tragic shame!

  18. 18 Karen

    She was so pretty before she made a very ugly mistake!

  19. 19 larza

    i don’t get these women.beautiful at first,they become some kind of plastic horror things on their own will!!
    what is wrong with the world?!

  20. 20 manda

    wow. she looked to pretty in the befores. what is wrong with her?

  21. 21 Teddi

    what is it?

  22. 22 JL

    Beauty to Beast

  23. 23 Brooke

    AHAHA and she actually looked JUST FINE before she did anything to her.

  24. 24 The Admiral

    God almighty, I wish you would warn people before you show things like that. First the horrific nose job guy and now this. Hungarian Monster, indeed.

  25. 25 Luna

    She looks like she lost a boxing match in the last 3 pics!

  26. 26 Judy

    I’m shocked you didn’t mention her insanely huge breast implants. She’s just a hot mess.

  27. 27 Lindsay

    She doesn’t look human! Should have stopped with the surgeries after the second photo.

  28. 28 barbarena

    Gene Simmons Separated-At-Birth Tranny

  29. 29 Carly

    She looks like a Bratz doll with a nose in the last few pics. o.O

  30. 30 cheesemissile

    Another case of body dysmorphic disorder… treated w/plastic instead of counseling

  31. 31 butt

    with all the money she’s spent on procedures, why hasn’t she had a chin augmentation? in the before, she bears a passing resemblance to shania twain. her chin could be stronger, but it’s not even significant enough to qualify as a flaw. now, she has so much stuff in the rest of her face that her chin looks entirely too short, like an old person with their dentures out. the fact that she hasn’t had that done, even with her face curving in like that on the sides, makes me think she’s totally psychotic. nice rhinoplasty scars, btw.

  32. 32 Kristy

    That first picture makes me think of one thing – she needs a hemorrhoid butt donut – stat!

  33. 33 amber

    argh scared the crap out of me!

  34. 34 Melvin

    She looks like that talking dog in Men in Black.

  35. 35 hobie83

    She looked cute in the first photo and decent in the second photo but ACK after that!

  36. 36 blahblah

    The biggest problem is they get surgery the first time and something is fucked up they want to fix, so they get surgery again. Not happy again, until they have so many surgeries they end up looking like monsters and regretting it or maybe she likes the way she looks. Who knows.

  37. 37 Annie

    Hungarian woman are not attractive in the least!

  38. 38 TikiMon

    This once-attractive woman destroyed her looks for good, but most women do it in a smaller, reversible way every day with makeup addiction. The so-called “Beauty Industry” spends billions every year with one purpose: to make women hate their natural appearance. It sells lots of cosmetics to women who might otherwise realize they look GREAT already!

    Oh yeah… their stupid boyfriends and husbands buy the pitch too, expecting their women to hide their true face behind chalk and paint. Not me, I like real women, not plastic dolls.

    Ladies! You look great! Ditch the extensive daily makeover!
    Guys! Your woman looks great! Stop hinting about implants and appreciate a real woman!

  39. 39 Ádám

    I am hungarian
    Here in Budapest peoples say to her ‘monster’ it’s true…but i think he was pretty before that.

  40. 40 Galoo

    Now I’m ashamed as a hungarian. Every people in this country wishes her to GO TO HELL. :)

  41. 41 Margaret

    In the second from bottom photo, is this taken right after surgery? She is totally grotesque, with that swollen look! Maybe she has so much stuff stuffed (ha!) into her face that there just isn’t any rooom for it to go, but “out”. She is utterly ugly ugly ugly, both outside and in….she obviously hates herself; why else transform your face into something totally unrecognizable? Maybe these people say “in for a penny, in for a pound…”. I am not an overly attractive person, but I work with what I have, use a little (little for sure) eye makeup, keep my hair clean and attractively styled. And not to boast, but I sure am a hell of a lot more attractive than this troll. But really, that’s not saying much, is it? She needs therapy, not surgery.

  42. 42 NagyMarci

    Greetings from Hungary!
    Yes, unfortunately she lives in the same country as I do :(
    If that makes matters better, I’d say, that every single person in the nation hates this ugly cow.
    But the worst part about this monster, is that she’s way more retarded then she looks.
    …Just listen to her speak… ugh:(

  43. 43 Andie

    Guess what, she IS a real celebrity in Hungary, with tv shows and newspaper appareances as well as advertising her book on sex and her newest porn movie……

    And what’s worst: she DOES think that she IS beautiful….

  44. 44 susan

    She PAID someone to make her look like that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  45. 45 kate

    Simply hideous now

  46. 46 carol

    Trilogy of terror for sure.

  47. 47 jess

    hahahaha…sure she is beautifoolll…i guess what does it taste been kissed by those ugly-full-botox-injection+fillers lips feel like…like kissing a butt wahahahaha

  48. 48 Javi


  49. 49 Netti

    I’m hungarian girl.
    Maria mouth is so scary!
    She is realy the hungarian monster :D

  50. 50 Marci

    Now I feel ashmed as hungarian , but i guess all countries have their monsters. She is always humilated in television thou, :D . As far as I know shes about 60 now.

  51. 51 Eva from Hungary

    Pour Maria….
    She did it, because her husband was an asshole and told her that she is ugly. She started doing this operations, and can’t stop…now she is getting this moster look. Really sad….
    (Sorry for my bad English.)

  52. 52 DalmaHungary

    I am Hungarian and I know, that this woman believes it about himself, that beautiful.
    And that the Hungarian men like this.
    According to me this woman ugly, but for everybody he has the own thought.

  53. 53 Simone

    o.m.g!!! i know her, i’m hungarian too. the all hungarian people thinks she’s scary. me too, hehehe xd

  54. 54 alex

    on telly she seems to be nice and polite. i think sometimes it can be hard to judge your own appearance.

  55. 55 Alex

    Is it Amy Winehouse’s great grandmother??????????????????????????