Finally, Denise Richard, who has spent the majority of her career trading on her looks, admits that she has had plastic surgery when it has been blatantly obvious for years due her changing breast sizes. She had her first pair when she was 20 and since most people that age are not rolling in money, they weren’t the best looking in the world. In fact, they looked quite fake (if you watch the film ‘Wild Things’ you’ll notice that they are huge, but don’t have the correct amount of sag so that they look real). She says the second set was a bit better and credit the third doctor for ‘getting it right’. Agreed.

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7 Responses to “Denise Richards comes clean on her breast implants”  

  1. 1 Sully

    One woman openly admits she has implants and yet you find is necessary to bash her for it. Do you want us to believe that no other people in the movie industry have spent the majority of their careers trading on their looks. Many men, as well as women have nothing more to offer than looks. She’s not a great actress, and I’m sure she knows her looks have gotten her this far.

  2. 2 x

    She has ALWAYS looked good…

  3. 3 Kristy

    I had always read that she had them removed so she could breast-feed (not that you have to, in most cases).

  4. 4 robomarc

    i thought they look better in the so and so fakeness

  5. 5 Ian

    She looked hot in Wild Things

  6. 6 judy

    If i had the money i would get them .I know two of my friends got them and they look nice.

  7. 7 judy

    Take a look at Susan Lucci boob job she looks awful.Everyone knows they are fake as her face.