But I want huge implants – yup, the Tori Spelling story

Tori Spelling hopped in the pool yesterday with her daughter and some large floatational devices – her breasts. She is a very thin woman and her implants are simply gaudy. Normally, small women get implants under the muscle to avoid the ‘fake breasts’ look. Tori’s implants look like they are above the muscle. I hope she did not pay a huge amount for her accessories.

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May 27, 2009 В· webmistress В· 40 Comments
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40 Responses

  1. Suzy0101 - May 28, 2009

    Think how much nicer she’d look (Really!) if she’d get these flotation devices exchanged for something smaller and proportional to her figure. She could at the same time get the unfortunate dent in her sternum fixed, maybe…and she’d look just fine.

  2. jane - May 28, 2009

    She looks anorexic in that first picture.

  3. meliss - May 28, 2009

    this is horrible that they have to point out any flaw… I think it is great she is not perfect and she is even more beautiful this way.

  4. Joan - May 28, 2009

    From all the pictures in the tabloids lately, with her ever changing look, she seem to have major self-image issues. Being close to her father and him dying, and estranged from her mother who seems to be a very self-involved person, she’s trying to make herself more attractive, but it’s going the other way.

  5. Sono - May 28, 2009

    I’d like to suggest that she look into a 1-piece bathing suit for the next time she wants to go swimming. Could someone explain to me why small framed skinny women go out of their way to get HUGE breast implants like these where they don’t even remotely look real?

  6. Suzanne - May 28, 2009

    She has got to fix these things, plain and simple. It looks awful.

  7. Exyank - May 28, 2009

    She must not have any mirrors in her house.

  8. Bink - May 28, 2009

    They’re about to drag her under.

  9. Alix - May 28, 2009

    Hard to believe she couldn’t afford better implants — or a better surgeon. These are some of the worst fake boobs in Hollywood. Too big for such a skinny girl!

  10. sparklfarkl - May 28, 2009

    why do these scrawny women get huge freakshow boobs? look for crippling neck and back pain in a few years tori…

  11. Diane - May 28, 2009

    She has horrible posture. Maybe the boobs are weighing her down, I don’t know. But, I can picture her in 30 years, all shriveled and hunched over with her face permanently fixated to the ground as she walks. Hope the fake boobs were worth it.

  12. Luna - May 28, 2009

    Why the hell would you want to do this to yourself? Aagh!

  13. Ava - May 28, 2009

    Does anyone know the LA doctor who did Tori’s work? I would honestly be interested to know. I’m sure she paid a fortune for it and for all that money her nose and breasts are up there as some of the worst I’ve seen.

  14. Judi - May 28, 2009


  15. ~E - May 29, 2009

    They didn’t look that bad when she weighed 20 pounds more, but now that she’s a skeleton they look pasted on. Ick!

  16. CK - May 29, 2009

    Her breasts have been hideous since she got implants back in the early 1990s. She should have foregone plastic surgery and tried to play up her natural assets–willowy body, big eyes. Her face surgery and boobs are equally bad.

  17. tweety - May 29, 2009

    That looks awful, AWFUL. I wonder how she managed to feed her babies with those.

  18. Romy - May 29, 2009

    Gross! They look rippled, like a bag! It must feel like two plastic bags there (which they are)!

  19. Kelly - May 29, 2009

    why do people keep taking pictures of this woman?

  20. beanie - May 30, 2009

    Egh! With all her money you’d think she would take better care of herself. If I didn’t see her face in that first photo, I would think it was the upper body of a 90 year old woman. The second photo does not look as bad.

  21. sammy - May 30, 2009

    She needs to get rid of them she doesnt need inplants. Or at least get alot smaller ones shes to tiny for those big boobs.

  22. Jess - May 30, 2009

    I understand Tori has a medical deformity in her chest so to that I’m sympathetic. But why on earth with all her money would she not get it fixed? And to add those giant water balloons on top of it makes it even more noticeable. Without that bikini top her breasts must hang down to her waist.

  23. LUCY - May 31, 2009

    Leave her alone !

  24. Vince - May 31, 2009

    She’s had parts of her face done as well as her breasts. Bottom line: she looks like her late dad….and he looked like a troll. She could have a Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon implanted and it wouldn’t help. Let’s get real, if she wasn’t the daughter of Aaron Spelling, no one would have heard of her.

  25. Amy S - May 31, 2009

    It is sad that she felt the pressure to get these flotation devises. They look awful to boot.

  26. KLG - May 31, 2009

    Unfortunate hooters aside, I LOVE Tori!!! She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, and she’s not putting herself out there as some sex kitten or Oscar contender. I think it’s refreshing that someone so firmly entrenched in the public eye is willing to appear “warts and all.” She doesn’t fake whinge about paps while courting them like so many in Hollywood do, and never gives off the “poor me” vibe at all. Yep, her chestal region is wicked fake and certainly off kilter, but Tori is a ten all the way, in all the other ways that count!

  27. Claire - June 1, 2009

    She looks like a snake that’s eaten a large meal.

  28. MC - June 2, 2009

    Oh, please … BARF !

  29. please go away Tori - June 2, 2009

    The only reason this manimal is “firmly entrenched” in anyone’s eye is because her family have lots of money and tv connections. Tori Spelling may be a nice person but she has the face of a wildebeest and I prefer not to see it, ever. If she were really that nice, she’d stop jumping in front of cameras and give everyone’s eyes a rest. The implants are also unfortunate.

  30. The Admiral - June 2, 2009

    The boobs are horrendous, as per usual. Here’s what gets me though, and it’s not plastic surgery related–it is just me, or is her head ENORMOUS?

  31. Noname - June 3, 2009

    I feel sorry for these “children” of insanly rich or famous people but are born just plain or ugly. This poor woman Tori, Bruce Willis’ daughters (yes all of them), Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and many more. It must be terrible to be born into this superficial world of looks and money and not being able to achieve what is so crucial to most of them or beauty. Even through the curse of the KNIFE. But then you have somebody like Kathy Griffin and … well words can not describe… her beauty?

  32. Silico - June 4, 2009

    I just don’t get it.. Why did she give herself these weird boobs? She might very well be nice. It’s just that she never was very attractive. At least she can cover them up — the dim lightbulbs who inject their lips and give themselves the Joker Mask eye surgery jobs…they crack me up. There must be one standard Trainwreck Face Makeover mask template that all of today’s bad plastic surgeons are using nowadays, because it’s in style or something..

  33. Teddi - June 9, 2009

    Everyone is focused on the breasts. Look again. Is this woman eating? She’s just a bag of bones with water balloons attached.

  34. Joan - June 11, 2009

    Will these ladies with boob jobs please look at themselves in bikinis and low cut tops in the mirror before they go out in public. Wear a bathing suit and clothing that accentuates your good physical features and not the bad ones. Obviously Tori has over the years tried to correct a physical deformaty and I understand that, but don’t let it all hang-out and then wonder why people comment one it.

  35. hobie83 - June 14, 2009

    If I were her I would have forgone the boob implants and taken my nose smaller, it still looks odd on her face. She really does need to eat though, she just looks scary and it is sad. Also, the implants seem to be sagging already.

  36. Francesca - October 19, 2009

    Is it me, or does she look like an old lady, with huge boobs?

  37. humor me - October 29, 2009

    Dang! she could injure someone with one of those if she turned around too fast. I hope they are registered as deadly weapons.

  38. kitkat - November 11, 2009

    Sorry! i think you are very funny person but please you have a millions of money in your account and fix that ugly tits you have!!!!!

  39. an. - January 27, 2010

    money can’t buy u beauty

  40. it'sme - January 29, 2010

    Wow, that’s pretty gross.

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