Ah, another actress slides deeper into the Hollywood plastic surgery abyss. This time it is Playmate Pamela Anderson and her brow lift (I’ve never seen her looking so surprised). I include the word ‘Playmate’ so that you know she was once a hottie. Right now, she’s sliding down the hottie ladder to the point where most men would sleep with her just because she has female sex organs.

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89 Responses to “Another one slides further into the abyss”  

  1. 1 Beth

    this creature doesn’t even look like Pamela Anderson anymore….

  2. 2 Lamb

    I’m sorry but she looks better- the caveman look is gone!

  3. 3 blondie

    That doesn’t even RESEMBLE her!

  4. 4 Joe

    I think she looks better than she has in years.

  5. 5 Xendria

    Well, for one. She’s smiling quite largely. Regardless of all her surgeries, in this picture I think she’s never looked more natural and more her age. This definitely isn’t the worst I’ve seen of her.

    At least she isn’t wearing that -awful- dark brown lip liner she usually wears with a lighter lipstick. I think her make-up looks nice in this picture.

  6. 6 Tyler

    She hasn’t been a hottie for a LONG time, this is nothing new.

  7. 7 Del

    It’s really hard to recognize her these days. She looks pretty good, though. Hopefully she doesn’t overdo it.

  8. 8 Iris

    I didn’t recognise her!

  9. 9 Karen

    That is Pamela Anderson? THE Pamela Anderson? It doesn’t even remotely look llike her… Are you sure you have the right picture up???

  10. 10 Laura

    I don’t think she looks that bad at all. It is actually refreshing to see her without the black eye make up. I actually did not recognize her at first. If one had never seen her before, I don’t think she woould stand out as looking weird.

  11. 11 Suzanne

    What the hell? This is THE Pamela Anderson ex of Tommy Lee? If so, it doesn’t even look like her.

  12. 12 Jodi

    Wow! She doesn’t even look the same AT ALL!! Her cheeks look even puffier than before too. Did she get cheek implants recently or did she just add to what she already had?

  13. 13 KP

    No way is that Pamela Anderson! She looks too normal!

  14. 14 PaulWall

    It doesn’t even look like her any more. That’s not a plus in any way manner or form. Sad to think she was actually gorgeous without all that plastization.

  15. 15 Gargamel

    Please show us some before and after pics of her.

  16. 16 Susan

    What ever she had done, she looks SO much better. She has a softer look, a lot less makeup, and her lips aren’t plumped up and outlined. Good for you Pam!

  17. 17 WarpedRecord

    Wow, this is really Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee’s former lesser half (and that’s a bad distinction)?

    I love this site, but please use the word “actress” cautiously when referring to self-aggrandizing freakazoids. She’s as much of an actress as I am a brain surgeon. As for her once being “hot,” I think she was a lot prettier before all the plastic surgery, if you’ve seen those photos.

  18. 18 Barbara

    I didn’t even recognize her!

  19. 19 carol

    My goodness! She doesn’t even look like herself anymore! Are you 100 % sure it’s Pamela???

  20. 20 wickedorchid

    I thought that was Rebeccah DeMornay at first. Then I didn’t know who it was. Can you do a pic of her back on tool time compared to this? Goodness. Had she been wearing all fo that heavy eye makeup and false lashes to hide asggy eyes before?

  21. 21 mayble

    She actually looks pretty good in this picture compared to others taken lately.

  22. 22 lain

    Who is that? That doesn’t look like Pamela at all! WOW!

  23. 23 jp

    Is she wearing a wig to cover the surgery scar? She looks a lot better now if she doesn’t screw herself up again.

  24. 24 Susan

    Wow, I would never have even recognized that that was Pamela Anderson if you hadn’t included her name with her picture. She looks completely different.

  25. 25 SB123

    I APS hadn’t ID’d her, I would have never known it was Pam Anderson.

  26. 26 Sandy

    I don’t think she looks bad at all, at least not compared to the others

  27. 27 Ellie

    This is Pamela? I don’t recognize her!

  28. 28 Vicki Ryan

    This can not be Pamela Anderson!

  29. 29 Tony

    Wow!!! It’s a shame, she was beautiful at one time. It doesn’t really look like her anymore.

  30. 30 cheryl

    If you had not said the person in the picture was Pamela Anderson, I wouldn’t have recognized her! She really looks different.

  31. 31 zinnia

    I disagree. I think she looks much fresher and younger than she has been looking lately. She looked haggard, worn out and beat for a long time. Whatever she had done, she needed it. I think this should be an example of good plastic surgery not bad.

  32. 32 mark steele hatlen

    i do not think she had a brow lift. she is however wearing a full wig, she also is wearing very natural make-up. very little liner, shadow, and not drag lashes or over painted brows, as well as natural lips rather than darkly lined and large lips. all of that
    makes her appear much younger. maybe more women of a certain age in the public should possibly follow this. they will look
    10 years younger.

  33. 33 sheryl

    She looks the same to me except for the fact she has a wig on!

  34. 34 Katie

    Is there something else she may have had done? Perhaps something with her eyelids? I can’t put my finger on it but she looks sooo different. I think she actually looks good, she doesn’t look as hard anymore.

  35. 35 Esther

    I think she actually looks better. Although that may be the lack of spackled on make-up.

  36. 36 Bunnie

    I did not recognize her. My first reaction was “what soap star is that?” I am genuinely shocked at how different she looks.

  37. 37 Mary

    I think she looks a lot better then has in a long time. She looks like she took off 15 years. She was looking haggard there for awhile.. I think she looks amazing. She’s had “good” plastic surgery not “awful”. She on the wrong site.

  38. 38 Stefani

    Who is that? Seriously that is not Pam Anderson. Is it?

  39. 39 aL

    oh come on, original parts or not, she’s still hotter than 75% of the women on the street. Sure she’s no longer Baywatch hot but seriously, let’s be honest.

  40. 40 Divalicious

    No way, that can’t be Pamela Anderson!

  41. 41 Liz

    Wow, that’s seriously Pamela?! She has no eyelids anymore. Talk about one big lift, man…

  42. 42 Matt

    OH. MY. GOD. PAMELA, WHY? WHAT HAPPENED? You look like Lil’ Kim now. God why do these people do this? She looks about twenty years older than she did last week before her surgery. I feel sorry for her, she was once so beautiful.

  43. 43 sweetie

    I really don’t get these comments, they’re way off. What brow lift? This lady has never looked better! She seems to have had some volume added to her face, no signs of a brow lift at all.

  44. 44 stickynose

    That’s Pamela Anderson?
    You’re kidding, right?

  45. 45 SLC

    Is that really Pamela Anderson? It looks nothing like her. Yikes.

  46. 46 Nuria

    Until I read her name, I had no clue who this was. Boy, makes me wish I could go back in time and become a plastic surgeon. I could move to Hollywood and become rich.

  47. 47 Sals Gal

    Looks like she has wig on too. lol

  48. 48 Boo

    My god, didn’t even recognise her! Does everybody just want to look like waxwork dummies these days?

  49. 49 Allie

    Yikes! Your comment was pretty harsh. Yes, she has looked really rough lately, but that particular PIC of her, that you’re commenting on, she looks great! Her hairstyle with the bangs softens her face, and she’s wearing a lot less makeup than she usually does. I think she looks very pretty there.

  50. 50 Alict

    Is that seriously Pam Anderson? It doesn’t look like her at all.

  51. 51 pat

    I think she looks rather good. A huge improvement from that scary makeup face she was sporting. She looks very “refreshed”.

  52. 52 Tara

    That is Pam? What a shame! She had such natural beauty and destroyed it.

  53. 53 Elle

    I think she’s sporting a full wig too!

  54. 54 Stephanie

    I almost didn’t recognize her! She looks completely different, not sure if that’s good or not.

  55. 55 Sarah

    I think she looks different because she’s not wearing the same whorish makeup that she usually does.

  56. 56 kim

    She looks fantastic, better than she has in 10 years. This photo should not be posted on your website!

  57. 57 Javier

    OMG!!! Had the entry not mentioned her name, I would not have recognized her! I don’t really think she’s had a brow lift but she just doesnt look like herself…Maybe cuz she’s not heavily made up? I don’t know but I would not have recognized her.

  58. 58 Blackie

    Holy Christ, I didn’t even recognize her! Did she get “face plumping surgery” along w/ the Marty Feldman Eyes?

  59. 59 Anna

    AWFUL! :( but i also started to wonder.. is she wearing a wig?!

  60. 60 sparklfarkl

    a good example of how plastic surgery can make one look plastic.

  61. 61 Joan

    She’s a serious sun worshipper and her face was looking a little rough. She looks to have had a face peel. Botox on her forehead? Definitely some type of eye job as the puffyness has been diminished. Her brows previously were penciled in and now they look more normal, softer. Something’s been done to her chin and to her teeth. Teeth look smaller and from lower lip down something a bit off which changes the look of her mouth. I like the lip color and her lips looks more normal than in the past. Bad hair day, she put on a wig, so what. Pam’s an outdoor gal and the sun finally caught up with her. She isn’t as hard looking as in the past, but she doesn’t quite look like herself. Would like to see an older pic to compare the two.

  62. 62 LOLA

    People….this is a pic of her when she was first starting out on Baywatch….this is NOT a current picture of her. This is to show what she USED to look like in comparison to the plastic drag queen face she currently has.

  63. 63 Sarah

    are you sure this is a recent picture? she looks better

  64. 64 steve

    Well, she looks a bit better than she did, but she still looks fairly plastic.

  65. 65 Petra

    OMG.. She is VERY beautiful on this picture, why is EVERYBODY so jealous of her? She is a beautiful person with a big heart.

  66. 66 MG

    Doesn’t look like Pamela Anderson to me. Unless this is how she looks without the bimbo makeup on. A big difference in appearance. For the better.

  67. 67 Sickitten

    Yes, it is a wig. She really didn’t have much time to space for a facelift recovery since we’ve last seen her so she probably got the Thermage laser treatment and loaded up on the calcium supplements to get that white in her eyes so white.

  68. 68 Sher

    The teeth aren’t the same… She has larger teeth in all of her pictures, these don’t even look like hers if you compare with other photos. It looks like her hair extensions are out, reduced make up.

    She looks good, the teeth are what throw me.

  69. 69 dl

    Pamela Anderson?????
    why oh why.

  70. 70 iona

    What the HELL. What has she done to herself? It’s not just her eyes. Cover her eyes and look at the bottom half of her face. Everything is gigantic. She’s had a chin implant and cheek implants AND lip fillers.

  71. 71 count blah

    I think she looks awesome here, actually. It’s nice to see her without her usual drag queen makeup.

  72. 72 Kelly

    she looks….normal….compared to usual

  73. 73 jekorb

    Pamela should have at least outlined her lips; then, we might have recognized her. Like most people posting, I had no idea whatsoever who she was.

  74. 74 Midnyte88

    She needs to stop. She used to be so pretty but now she looks like a tranny.

  75. 75 Susan

    I’ve seen recent pictures of her on other websites, and can’t figure out what exactly she had done. She definitely looks different, as many others are saying the same thing. That is a wig for sure, but it’s the eyes that are throwing me off. Besides the fact she’s not wearing all that black liner all around the eyes, and no false eyelashes.. which is a good thing…I just still can’t figure it out! Did she get a nose job? Or cheek implants, an eye lift??????????

  76. 76 wonka

    I agree with other posters, looks like Rebecca DeMornay.

  77. 77 Melissa

    If I bumped into her, I would ask, “Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Pamela Anderson?” I read that she has a new “stylist” and it’s the bangs. If “stylist” is how we are referring to plastic surgeons now, then ‘um ok…clearly the works!

  78. 78 zia

    I think she looks good, more like she did in her early days. I think it’s largely just more a more natural makeup and the non-poofy hair. When she was at some event a few months ago, she REFUSED to let anyone photograph her outside, or something to do with the lighting (i forget). I bet she had the work done just before and didn’t want the swelling or bruising to show up.. (I think it might been a superbowl event?)

  79. 79 Roberta

    OMG! (speechless)

  80. 80 Jess

    It is probably just a bad photo, not every picture is going to be flattering. Pam is THE blonde bombshell of the 90’s, and nothing will ever take that away from her. Millions of men and women around the world have fantasized about her and they still continue to. She is hot from within, it is not something that can be bought or painted on. She is an icon.

  81. 81 Sheri

    I do not believe this is Pamela Anderson, it doesn’t look like her. The real Pamela A. is beautiful. But, you talk about breast implants, well…she’s the implant queen along with her senior Dolly Parton (who also looks…unusual with her plastic surgery, but I love the lady, she’s a gem). She carries them WELL and they made her famous, but…still implants. :)

  82. 82 David

    When Pamela was first discovered, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes on. She had the most angelic face of the girl next door. But Hollywood does things to people and Pamela was no exception. She thought she too could improve her appeal and went ahead and erased her natural look for the cost of stardom. Now perhaps she’s trying to reclaim that previous look but it’s too late.

  83. 83 Sam

    She looks way better than usual in this picture. Don’t go overboard, Pam, for the love of God!

  84. 84 El Harlo

    Holy shit, what happened to her face? You know Barbra Jean from ‘Reba?’ Melissa Peterman. Yah. How did Pam Anderson turn into her, except not funny?

  85. 85 hobie83

    man, her face looks really puffy.

  86. 86 Tumi

    If it didn’t say Pamela I would’ve never guessed. She still looks like a woman though.

  87. 87 Daryl

    No, that cannot be Pam Anderson.

  88. 88 Javah

    Sadly, I think she’s had a nose job. Her teeth look like they’ve been filed down. It’s obvious that she’s wearing a wig, but the bangs are a good idea. Everything else looks pretty good. Much improved make-up and eyebrows.

  89. 89 Mike

    Who cares after she had Tommy’s monster cock she was ruined anyway…………LOL