Apparently, there is some ridiculous people magazine article where Melissa Rivers (yes, the daughter of one of the scariest plastic surgeried celebrities alive) is defending her use of botox. Sure, Melissa, as if Botox was the only plastic surgery procedure you were familiar with; those of us who’ve watched you since you were a teenager just venturing into the public eye know much better!

I suppose that rhinoplasty, cheek implants, a brow lift, veneers, and botox are just minor alterations, right, Melissa?

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39 Responses to “Melissa Rivers in People Magazine discussing plastic surgery”  

  1. 1 CazFairy

    OMG – those teeth, those teeth! Put them away!

    Sometimes mother doesn’t know best. Someone should have told Melissa that before she paid multiple visits to her mum’s surgeon.

    Another cat lady in the making.

  2. 2 Gah-ross!

    I’ve seen her on “Celebrity Apprentice” and she looks as horrible as her mother, Joan does! Only there’s a 35 year age difference…
    And don’t forget, Melissa also admitted to a bad boob job on “I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Outta Here!”

  3. 3 SB123

    She and her mother Joan Rivers are currently on the newest season of Celebrity Apprentice. Neither of their faces move naturally. They both look abnormal, however, because Melissa is younger, her face looks even stranger as it moves or doesn’t move, depending. And to think they look even worse in real life…..

  4. 4 Barbara

    She looks way better before. I don’t get it.You sure the pics aren’t reversed?

  5. 5 Suzanne

    I subscribe to People and I rad the article on Joan where she said the only thing Melissa had done was her nose. Give me a break! She has had a crapload of work just like her mom. Hopefully she will stop now so she doesn’t end up looking like a was figure like her mom.

  6. 6 Groon

    Well, she only ever managed to get work by siphoning off her mommy, so fitting she would want to look just like her.

  7. 7 Iris

    She looks like a gnome.

  8. 8 Kimi Erin

    Her teeth really make her look like a horse. Her and her mom are crazy with the Plastic Surgery. If they didn’t have surgery, what else would they be obsessed with.

  9. 9 mytwocents

    She’s starting to resemble her mother now, and that’s not a good thing. Girl was never attractive to begin with, but this is just plain sad. If she wore red lipstick in that 2008 pic she’d look like The Joker’s sister.

  10. 10 MG

    Are you sure the pictures aren’t reversed She looks so much better in the first picture. It is hard to believe she altered her looks to look worse. Her nose was a lot prettier before. Why did she change it? She doesn’t look awful, but the cosmetic procedures are not really an improvement. She looks different, but not better.

  11. 11 Carolyn

    Her nose looks like a bulb now.

  12. 12 wickedorchid

    Did she have a marble implanted in the tipof her nose? Is there such a surgery?

  13. 13 lola

    I liked her original nose – there was nothing wrong with it at all…in my eyes.

  14. 14 gee

    This woman looks like the grinch who stole christmas.

  15. 15 Javier

    I actually saw her on some weird court tv show not too long ago where celebrities play jurors in small claims court cases. All I could think of when I saw her was “OMG!, she looks exactly like her mother!!” She’s not very attractive to begin with but in a few years, she’ll be the spitting image of her mom, Joan. But hey, who am I to hate? All the power to them!!

  16. 16 lisa

    Both sides of her face look mismatched. Why is she so deluded?

  17. 17 Laura

    This spoiled brat is morphong into her mother…

  18. 18 Louise Glass

    I never heard of a mother-daughter having body dismorphism, but these to do! Neither one was pretty, but they were not ugly. Now they are freaks. Joan Rivers being much more freaky, but Melissa is on the way. The bump on the nose is gross. Her face is botoxed to the point it will break. She looks awful. When I see Joan Rivers selling her jewelry or on a talk show I cringe. When I was a kid, I thought she was a realy good comedienne. Now I don’t hear the words…I am staring at her god awful surgically ruined face. Sad.

  19. 19 Goodeye

    You forgot to mention the lumpy Restylane between her nose and mouth and the lip filler.

  20. 20 Goodeye

    Oh, no! I noticed one more thing-dental surgery to reduce/cut back her gumline, before the chiclets were put in!

  21. 21 Tamiko

    Not much that can be done w/a face like that. The before pic has a demonic look to it, because of the light bouncing off of the surface of her eye. Scary.

  22. 22 Nuria

    She’s got that “Joker” smile. It’s disturbing. She was never super attractive, but she looked a lot better than she does now with all of this work done to her face.

  23. 23 SB123

    Really really to sad as she was so beautiful in her “Before.” She had a wonderful smile and now she has a squirrel look to her with those veneers. I just got my braces off and my teeth and smile line look like her “Before” pic. (My ortho is among the top 3% in the US.) Her cosmetic dentist definitely did her wrong.

  24. 24 Bunnie

    gee – you’re right! She does look like the grinch. Poor poor thing!

  25. 25 just looking

    She looks terrible now, her nose looks awful and her mouth is another story. She needs to leave plastic surgery alone. She is looking like an alien. She is following her moms footsteps…….PLASTIC

  26. 26 Mr. Ed

    She looks like a horse, not a very attractive woman. Get rid of the teeth Melissa.

  27. 27 Ani

    She was never all that great, but now she looks haggad and nasty. I bet she smells bad too.

  28. 28 Lorna

    Colour her green and she can play the “Grinch”. She looks distorted and unnatural.

  29. 29 frewt

    What an absolute freaking idiot. She looked much more attractive and natural before hand. But considering her mother, she never had a chance.

  30. 30 HARRIS

    I can’t stand Melissa Rivers. Forget about how UGLY she looks. I’ve been watching her on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice and she’s such a BITCH!!! A whining, crying, annoying little bitch. If somehow this show comes comes down to a mother/daughter finale, I will lose all repect for Trump. Send these 2 plastics Gremlins home.

  31. 31 notimpressed

    This is sad. Her before picture is so much better. I know people change with age, but her nose is a different shape now, with that odd circle at the end and her teeth are much bigger. I think she had a lovely smile before. Reminds me of Anna Ortiz’s smile. (from Ugly Betty). So so sad. I wonder if her mother raised her to be this way. Do you think she would look at her and say, “Don’t worry. As soon as your 18, we’re going to have that nose fixed” ? I don’t understand Hollywood.

  32. 32 Luna

    I want to know who thinks cheek implants look good. I’ve never seen a decent cheek job. If you’re blessed with nice high cheekbones, awesome; but they’re definitely not something that can be implanted and look natural. Yuck!

  33. 33 Rob

    The only thing people like her should have gone through is “brain surgery”! It’s a shame the current state of the art medicine does not do “brain transplant.” The world is full of REAL WOMEN with a brain who could have helped her out!

  34. 34 Caroline

    She was borderline homely before and her current look seems to have been designed by someone specializing in horror movie special effects. The cheek implants have pulled the center of her face so tight that the nasolabial fold is MIA on the left side of her face. Really unnatural looking. The eyes look bizarre. What on earth was wrong with the teeth in the before picture? Her mother is mentally ill at this point and Melissa has obviously been contaminated by it. I don’t care though because, personality-wise, both she and her mother are wretches. So I’m glad they look as ugly outside as they seem inside.

  35. 35 Jeremy

    all I can say to celebrities photoshop can do only so much……..remember that

  36. 36 Michelle

    Okay so she has had stuff done…Who Cares!!!!!! Her mother who is in her late 70’s looks great!!!! Geez all of you people are just completely brutal! Honestly you all need to look in the mirror at yourselves, not at your outer beauty beauty but inner beauty. You all must be ugly inside to make such mean, hatred comments. They are women who are in the public eye all the time! That in itself would be completely uncomfortable for the simple fact that if they do have any flaws, people like all of you are quick to make judgements and viciously criticize!! So the main point I am trying to get across is worry about your own looks and love yourself, there is no reason to judge anyone else!

  37. 37 Roberta

    I was just looking at Jack Nicholson’s bio online. Then I came here… and OMG!! I can see where Jack got his inspiration for the Joker makeup!! Compare for yourself… Melissa then Joker… Joker then Melissa grinning!! Uncanny. And hysterical. LOL – LOLi

  38. 38 Roberta

    I was just looking at Jack Nicholson’s bio online. Then I came here… and OMG!! I can see where Jack got his inspiration for the Joker makeup!! Compare for yourself… Melissa then Joker… Joker then Melissa grinning!! Uncanny. And hysterical. LOL – LOL

  39. 39 Roberta

    OMG! My husband just pointed out that she has that flat black eyed look of the “STEPFORD WIVES”… the original, not the remake. Good Lord. She does! Look it up for yourself. LOL