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Nadya Suleman is lying about not ever having any plastic surgery. Family members are sharing photos of her from previous years with the media and she looks much less freakish than now.
In this old before photo, her lips look normal size and so do her cheeks. Her nose definitely looks tweaked in this photo, but [...]

Plastic surgery victim and mom of octuplets Nadya Suleman has started a website where she is requesting donations. Please do not donate any money to this mentally ill woman, because I genuinely believe that she will spend the funds on more inappropriate plastic surgery. After seeing an old photo of her, it is obvious that [...]

It has already been established that Nikki Cox is addicted to lip collagen. But what else has she done to her face? Nikki was a pretty wholesome girl, who didn’t just lose weight in her attempt to gain more Hollywood success, she started tinkering and tweaking with her face. Her eyes (some sort of [...]

Since her appearance on a morning tv show, the blog world has been abuzz with speculation about the peculiar looks of Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to eight babies last week. Nadya has awkward, huge fish lips, a nose that looks ridiculously shaved down, and other suspected facial alterations.
Here is a video where [...]

Many people consider Lindsay Lohan’s loved ones to be Hollywood’s trashiest family; there is no lack of ‘drama’ in that trailer park group. Now, it appears that the baby of the Lohan family has acquired a tiny set of bolt on boobs (I imagine she did not want the porn star sized set that Lindsay [...]

By now, you’ve all heard the story of the California woman, Nadya Sulman, who gave birth to eight babies, despite already having 6 other child. Yesterday, she was interviewed on NBC and her face was a little shop of horrors.

Glamour model Jordan’s breasts are proof that all which glitters is not gold. Her nipples are badly scarred by keloids. Keloid scars are large, thick, often itchy overgrowths of scarring that happen to the skin usually at the specific site of injury and happen where surgery, injections, body piercing, acne or some trauma occurs. [...]

Shauna Sand was a Playmate and Hollywood wife in the 90s. Now, she is seemingly an LA club fixture. One night while she was awkwardly exiting a car in a revealing garment, a deformed nipple was exposed. It appeared to be sagging. Yes, sagging as if it were stuck to the inside of her chest [...]

Plastic surgery freak Marijke Helwegen is a Dutch tv hostess and celebrity known for her extreme look in her native Holland. She gives American Hollywood professional party crasher Phoebe Price a real run for the money in the ‘I’ll cut you with my razor sharp cheeks’ category.
Marijke looks almost normal in the first picture, but [...]

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