Tina Louise has gone overboard

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Tina Louise played sexpot Ginger on Gilligan’s Island about 40 years ago. She tries to look as if she has not aged a day since, but it is not working at all. After so many surgeries to tighten, lift, peel, and hold back aging skin, Tina kinds looks like a burn victim. Her birth date is 1930-something and she definitely looks every day of it. When you’re 70, you can’t tighten your way back to 35; it is just not possible and very damaging when attempted.

tina louise

Not sexy anymore - Liam Neeson

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I have been seeing a tv commercial for a new movie called ‘Taken’.  It took me a while to realize that the man playing the father in the commercial is actor Liam Neeson! I didn’t recognize him at all at first, because his face has totally changed to a square shriveled prune type thing. He was a good looking guy once.  Now, his face looks like skin tightly draped over two melon like cheeks. Like every human, he’s got asymmetrical eyes, but whatever he had done to make his face appear tighter made his eyes look super weird, like they are going in opposite directions.  He’s proven himself as an actor (he was in Schindler’s List and two Star Wars sequels), so I don’t know why he’s done this to his face.

Liam Neeson

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