Here it is, photos of Nadya and Angelina. Angelina’s features look strange on Nadya (sculpted cheeks, lips, and nose). Nadya has given yet another interview to the media instead of going away!

Whomever put the collagen in her lips should lose their license.

Also, did you know that Nadya had breast implants put in when she was 18? She is very familiar with plastic surgery. Furthermore, she has a $500 a week nanny to help out. Will someone please investigate this woman and her government check fraud? She definitely has a variety of scams going in order to finance her plastic surgery, manicures, and personal nanny.

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35 Responses to “Nadya vs Angelina – you asked for it”  

  1. 1 gia

    She looks like a bargain basement Jolie wannabe….All the surgery in the world will never elevate her to that level of gorgeousness & I dont even like Jolie…
    I agree she needs to be deeply investigated rather than just interviewed on shows that are probably paying her. She angers me so much that I could go on & on about her, but it wont matter. She is still going to end up on top even though she is one of the most hated figures in the media at this point. She is insane & an unfit mother & those babies should be taken away from her asap.

  2. 2 mytwocents

    By the looks of Hollywood these days, lots of plastic surgeons should be losing their licence to practice. But at any rate, I think Jolie has actually ruined her looks with too many procedures in recent years. Any close-up pics I’ve seen of her lately are not flattering at all. And why doesn’t she get those hideous teeth fixed? At this point both she and Suleman look like hell. If I didn’t know Jolie’s surgical background I might think she looks good. But we all know she’s been tweaked beyond original recognition, and the end result is scary. They both could use reconstructive surgery to restore their former appearances.

  3. 3 G

    I also saw in the news this morning that she is hunting for a 1.24 million dollar home while her current home (her mother’s house) is in foreclosure.

  4. 4 Tam

    You may get your wish about her being investigated by Child Protective Services. An organization in LA that supports people with child care, health and other services for children has offered her help in raising her 14 children, as long as she comes up with the $135K that it will cost PER MONTH. They stated that if she does not accept their help, they will file a child neglect complaint with the authorities. I’ve also heard that someone has already filed a complaint (I’m sure its not the only one). Even her father has said that she’s not mentally stable (on an upcoming Oprah show), so it would not surprise me to find out her children have been placed elsewhere soon.

  5. 5 Carrie F.

    This chick has nothing on Angelina.

  6. 6 SB123

    Thank you for the excellent comparison pictures…..

    There is no way, *no way* this person can be compared to Angelina. Doesn’t look like AJ at all….what a clown.

  7. 7 Jam

    She sure looks like a made-up goofball. Shes a bad human being for asking for donations after having such surgeries.

  8. 8 kim

    She’s disgusting. She will never be attractive; plastic surgery just makes it worse. Angelina is good looking. Nadya is not. Angelina has millions of dollars, Nadya is bankrupt. Angelina has many children because she has a good heart, Nadya has many children because she’s psychotic and needs attention.

  9. 9 Neekoo

    She is a hideous, low life, loser pig. Any decent and loving mother would put her children first and not spend money on gross and very obvious plastic surgery. She disgusts me! That plastic surgery money should go to those 14 children, and most of them have disabilities.

  10. 10 Lilly

    Somehow she looks a bt like Liv Tyler as well

  11. 11 Louise Glass

    First of all I want the doctor who emplanted ALL the embryo’s license taken away! Secondly Nadya Suleman is mentally ill. She should be under treatment. She is being enabled by her doctor, her family and friends, and the press! IF she reads Awful Plastic Surgery I am sure it would make her day, like all the newspapers, the magazines, the three Dr. Phil Shows about her. (I like him but he too is a publicity hound). What about the six precious children that live with her? Foster care? That can be good, or awful. At least 2 or 3 of those children are disabled. As for the octuplets, honestly we do not know if they will all survive, and for the ones that do, will they be healthy or have medical problems caused by the low birth rate? THIS person who in NO way truly looks like Angelina Jolie (a nightmare version of her in a funhouse mirror) did not care about the giant risk of fetal problems with multiple births. I ONLY feel sorry for the kids, and the babies. God bless them. Good luck to them. May the authorities do right by them.

  12. 12 Kay

    She looks sort of like Liv Tyler too.

  13. 13 heidi

    THANK YOU! that’s what i keep wondering… how in the heck is this going on??? i have on child, work EVERY DAY and live somewhat comfortably, but i could NEVER EVER EVER afford to get extensive plastic surgery. and to think, when she first came about, “oh yeah, it’s ALL NATURAL…” dear lord, save those children from this psycho.

  14. 14 Tamiko

    She looks like the mentally imbalanced, excessive person she is. To see her speaking is almost painful.

  15. 15 jekorb

    This woman lied right to the face of Anne Curry, saying, “No, I did NOT have plastic surgery”, and replied to reporters who asked her if she was trying to look like Angelina Jolie, “That’s just ridiculous”. One lie after another; well, she can’t lie her way out of taking responsibility for all these children. This person needs help, in many more ways than one!! This is just my opinion.

  16. 16 Darn

    I can’t get over the fact she looks like Liv Tyler to me. Not like Angie, but Liv (Before Liv did something to her face, that is.) Go take a peek at Liv’s Arwen pics and put them next to Nadya’s new face.

  17. 17 Darn

    Oh yes, she looks a little waxy and somehow wrong, but can’t really point out what it is. I’m too much distracted by waiting her to babble some gibberish that’s supposed to sound elven.

  18. 18 Lisa

    The whole story makes me sick. She’s obviously mentally ill – from her Angelina Jolie fixation to her need for 14 kids. Her arrogance in assuming that her bills will be paid by the state is just beyond the pale. Her kids should all be taken from her and placed in normal, loving, self supporting homes. And she should be incarcerated for welfare fraud.

  19. 19 Jennifer

    Angelina Jolie is a stunning woman. This “person” is sick and should be locked away.

    Not to mention that she’s just plain ugly and looks nothing like AJ.

  20. 20 Nuria

    She asked to look like Angelina, but she looks more like Liv Tyler to me in these pictures.

  21. 21 Jon H

    She spent a lot of money to look like young Janeane Garofalo.

  22. 22 frewt

    Alanis Morrisette + Janeane Garolfalo + Liv Tyler + Angelina Jolie + a whole bunch of crazy = Nadya Suleman

  23. 23 Nothing like Angelina Jolie

    She looks like freaking Micheal Jackson.

  24. 24 SpookCat

    she resembles a trout or a big ol catfish to me more than any celebrity. maybe charlie the tuna? at least he is a celebrity fish!

  25. 25 Restylane Lover

    Going against popular opinion, I find Nadya very attractive, at least physically. I know, I know, be a hater but I don’t want to. Watched her on Dr. Phil yesterday while doing cardio and maybe I was dizzy or something but I found her striking looking.

  26. 26 denise peace

    What more can be said about this disgusting, selfish mess? She looks fake and ridiculous. I only hope those poor, challenged children are placed in decent homes.

  27. 27 M. Mars

    Usually this web-site is fun and upbeat, but the numerous posts about Nadya is slightly disturbing. Let it go. It does not look very credible when the author of this page seem as fixated about Nadya, as she is about her looks and multiple kids. Let her slip into yesterdays news, for the sake of her kids – and your own peace of mind. Thanx.

  28. 28 smiley

    her poor kids

  29. 29 moseby

    Talk about tranny…if someone didn’t pull 8 kids outta her recently I’d begin to think something was fishy..he he heh heh

  30. 30 MG

    I think she does look like Angelina.

  31. 31 Notimpressed

    To the comment above – How can you offer help but force someone to pay you thousands of dollars per month for it – and then threaten to turn you in if you don’t take it?? That makes no sense to me.

    I wish that someone would get this woman some help instead of raking her over the coals. Yes, she’s made mistakes and she is obviously mentally unstable! So why are we feeding her obsession and putting her on tv to laugh at her, instead of getting her and her children help? This is everything that’s wrong with entertainment in this society. Her children are the ones suffering over our amusement. It’s so sad.

  32. 32 stephanie

    she looks more like Mona Lisa than Jolie.

  33. 33 Jill87

    I like to call her DUCKWOMAN!

  34. 34 joan durtz

    Octomom had too much of her nose paired away. Her nose is now too small for her face. Those “trout pout” lips don’t help either.

  35. 35 Chloe

    It made my skin crawl when she nuzzled one of her two pound preemies with those big numb lips.