Just as she planned, plastic surgery victim Nadya Suleman is getting a huge amount of attention. Now, she is on the cover of a national magazine with her idol Angelina Jolie. The resemblance is eerie, with Nadya looking like a freakish gathering of molded approximations of Angelina’s features.

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26 Responses to “More attention for Nadya Suleman”  

  1. 1 Unicorn Steve

    Does Nadya Suleman look after plastic surgery? I’m assuming she’s not blind, so probably yes.

  2. 2 sage

    Why are the media giving this woman attention? This is irresponsible and foolhardy. The media is out of touch with reality after all they are operating under the notion that people are still interested in Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and now Nadia Suleman. The only ones derserving of attention are those 14 children and how they will survive this circus. I feel such empathy for the children – they didn’t ask to be born into this mess.

  3. 3 Suzanne

    Yup, it’s freaky, alright. She just needs those contacts like Paris Hilton wears, that change your eyes to blue-ish. Her surgeon messed up on the nose job, though. It’s way off from Angie’s.

  4. 4 Laura

    That girl is a wing nut!

  5. 5 BlackDavotchka

    Angelina still looks better. She’s hot! Nadya can’t compete.

  6. 6 AAM seattle

    Please do not give this clown car any more publicity. She is sick and those poor kids desrve the attention and help getting adopted out to good homes. They deserve to be raised by a sane person.

  7. 7 mytwocents

    I’ll bet that Jolie is just thrilled with all those comparisons to Octomommy. She’s already become such a laughing stock in the media for her own child collecting and “wh*ring” them out for PR, and this certainly won’t help.

  8. 8 lol

    The “Leave a comment” links are “broken” or disabled, lol, I wonder why?

  9. 9 Leah

    “a freakish gathering of molded approximations of Angelina’s features”

    That is great description of it! I mean her. She looks like a melted wax figure of Angelina. It’s fine to think that a certain celebrity is beautiful. It’s fine to try to emulate certain aspects of their style. But this woman has gone around the bend. What a nutcase.

  10. 10 Neeko

    She will never, ever look as good as Angelina, and it is disgusting that she spends money to get those hideous duck lips and not on her brood of 14!

  11. 11 frewt

    She looks like a freak. Angelina is beautiful.

  12. 12 SB123

    I feel sorry for Angelina who began adopting from a position of strength – that is, she could support each child with *her own money* and not via taxpayers like this Nadya person.

  13. 13 Jessica

    I don’t think she looks good at all, but maybe she looks better than she did before getting plastic surgery…

  14. 14 Bunnie

    I think she looks more like the Mona Lisa than Angelina Jolie.

  15. 15 fashion police

    She looks like a Ms. Potato Head version of Angelina. The features are all there, sort of, but they just don’t come together in a way that makes sense.

  16. 16 Jennifer


    Considering that there’s been like 5 pictures of the twins, and that all of the pics on mags come from paps watching them go about what little public outings they take, I can’t see how a sick “person” with NO MONEY who pops out babies that WE are paying for, can in any way be compared to someone who’s “wh*ring” of HER children has been to give gigantic donations to charity. There’s a HUGE difference.

  17. 17 Becci

    She’s a freak and a lousy waste of space as well.

    I like Leah’s comment–she DOES look like a melted wax figure of Angelina.

  18. 18 Restylane Lover

    Her Brad Pitt awaits her in the wings!

  19. 19 MG

    They do kind of look alike. Neither one of them is overly attractive, but not unattractive either. They both like children and have a lot of them. There are a lot of women who go to plastic surgeons with pictures of who they want to look like. I think that is crazy, but that is just me.

  20. 20 smiley

    ugh not octomom again. i hope those kids are taken away and given to ppl who deserve children but are unable to carry them ..

  21. 21 Lil

    Please do not refer to this woman as a victim of anything. She has deliberately gone after every thing she has wanted, and I believe she has been counting on making the taxpayers foot all her expenses, along with lots of weak-minded people giving her money. I doubt there are a lot of mothers (single or married) who can afford extensive plastic surgery and artificial insemination. I will stop here. Oh, yes…smiley, I fuly agree with you!

  22. 22 stephanie

    LOL I agree with Bunnie. She does look like Mona Lisa. It’s amazing, I was watching Doctor Phil the other day when she was on and I thought to myself ‘omg she looks like Mona Lisa!!’.

  23. 23 Tara

    I love what fasion police said about Mr. Potato head! That is so true! lol. If you were going to be a sad, twisted nutjob, she couldn’t have picked a better person to resemble!

  24. 24 Lore

    I actually don’t think she had PLASTIC SURGERY, if so, PROVE IT!! I think those are her looks and a lot of people are just “jealous”. Listen people, Nadia is Nadia. So GET OVER IT. Angelina has had A LOT of surgery done to her. Personally, Nadia does not look that bad. After having all those children she looks pretty good. Besides, there are a lot of BIG Families out there. She just chose to have NO MAN to lean on. BIG DEAL. I’m divorced and I wish I never married. My two boys are beautiful, only they were raised by their father. He’s a liar and a brain-washer, and I married him because he was gorgeous, but my mistake,…. NO BRAIN!!!
    As for Nadia. She’s pretty, and she has NO man to drag her down. She has beautiful children, and if everyone would LEAVE HER ALONE , they will turn out fine. She is A very educated, smart woman. You hate that don’t you!! Ha HA. get over it PEOPLE!!!!

  25. 25 Carpol

    Nothing to be jealous of. Educated, smart woman? You call her creating a huge family with no male role model and no way to support the kids smart? Look at the before and after pictures of her, she has had plastic surgery. When sane people have large families they usually plan ahead of time if and how they can afford to take care of them, not as an after thought. Also, hopefully they don’t have the audacity to let their mother use her social security check to help while they use their disability checks for whatever. Go ahead defend her to the max. While you are it is people like her and others that your tax money is supporting. The laugh is on you! Also, this is not the olden days where a couple had large families to help work the land and the people died at a younger age. Now days it makes absolutely no sense. This whole thing makes no sense.

  26. 26 Catherine

    There have been “before” pictures of Nadya posted on the internet and she looks nothing like you see her now. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to figure it out. You can see with your own eyes that she has had extensive cosmetic surgery performed. The money hasn’t come out of her pocket, but by conning & out & out fraud. Her entire lifestyle is at everybody’s expense. She is a very sick puppy. I think the majority would be relieved if the children were taken away, put up for adoption, and Nadya were put in a mental hospital for extensive therapy. Otherwise, the taxpayers of California will have to keep paying the bill for this media circus. It isn’t fair or ethical. Everybody has had enough of the spectacle. She is your “village idiot” and you are all supporting it.