Nadya Suleman is lying about not ever having any plastic surgery. Family members are sharing photos of her from previous years with the media and she looks much less freakish than now.

In this old before photo, her lips look normal size and so do her cheeks. Her nose definitely looks tweaked in this photo, but look at the less defined bridge (do not be fooled by the glasses). The bridge of her nose is presently more built up.

Nadya is definitely a plastic surgery addict who schemed and milked the government for handouts to fuel her sickness. Her hair looks just like Angelina Jolie’s and rumor has it that she had been stalking Jolie via letters over the past few years. This woman is mentally ill and please DO NOT donate money to her. She is already receiving monies from tabloids and other sources.

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54 Responses to “Nadya Sulman lies about not having plastic surgery”  

  1. 1 Amber

    Yay! I’ve been saying this all along! I hate this woman! You’re right, this was well planned…both for the monetary donations AND the media circus. I mean, did you peep her french manicure? Her nails look better than mine and I’m not chasing rugrats. She’s an idiot. I hope she’s proud of herself.

  2. 2 Suzanne

    She gets SSI for 3 of her kids already and one is autistic. She will not say what other “disabilities” her other two kids have, but I can assure you they didn’t go towards living conditions, they went to her nose, lips, eyes and cheeks and ongoing fake fingernail costs. WTF would anyone with 3 “diabled” kids and 3 “norma” that she already can’t care of have more? Especially 8 at one time? I will tell you. so she can get more sugeries financed by the government payouts that she will apply for. Get this, the hospital has already turned in her multi million bill for delivering the babies to Medi-Cal. Why the hell did they even help her out with delivering them? Why should the good citizens of CA pay for this travesty? I hope the Governator does something about this.
    I have a great idea for Naughti-ya: since you are trying to hard to be like Angelina Jolie, give her all OF your 8 babies. She can afford them as well as her own numerous surgeries-you can’t.

  3. 3 worried

    It seems to me like she might also be an extreme attention seeker. If so, when things don’t work out like she fantasized (public disdain instead of a reality show, no big financial gifts like she was hoping for, every private detail about her and her parents lives revealed, ect…), I worry she might become a child murderer. I hate when I get creepy thoughts like that, so I hope I’m very wrong.

  4. 4 Pam

    Thank you for saying DO NOT SEND THIS WOMAN MONEY!!!!! This whole thing is insane. Those poor babies. Did you see them on television? She has put these innocent, vulnerable human beings in much danger. This woman is a selfish, demented mess. She has six other children and three of those are said to be disabled. Invitro costs a lot of money. Did tax dollars pay for that? The doctor should lose his license. Yes, she has had plastic surgery. Did tax dollars pay for that and if they did, why???? People in California, your state is in fiscal chaos. This woman is costing you millions. Wake up and take back your state and our country.

  5. 5 g

    She is so transparent. I am surprised she isn’t wearing blue contact lenses to look more like Angie. Her priorities are warped. I feel so sorry for her children.

  6. 6 Christina Bledsoe

    It is SO obvious she has had plastic surgery. What reason would she have to lie about it unless she used money that should have been spent somewhere else like on KIDS. This woman is such a liar and a financial abuser I don’t feel sorry for her one bit and I am certainly not donating any money to her. I realize that sounds mean but come on I want to have more kids but I have not, you know why? BECAUSE I CANNOT AFFORD IT. She’s selfish.

  7. 7 Sarah

    She was cute before. Now she’s just grotesque.

  8. 8 phoenix

    this woman is disgusting. using welfare money to get plastic surgery, using welfare money to get pregnant, living in a one bedroom apt with her parents and 14 kids. she is totally unstable and should have those children removed to a place they can be adequately cared for. they cant be in a good situation if there isnt enough room for them all to have aplace to sleep. she is negligent person.

  9. 9 Thelma Cynthia

    She is a schemer and a lier. She does too look or is trying to look like Angelina Jolie, she even sounds like her.
    The difference between them both is that Angelina is super talented, she’s rich, she takes care of her children
    and she has a man by her side to help out. And this nut case is a has no money, she is ugly inside and out
    and she expects the government and her poor parents to take care of her kids. She is not a teen who made
    a mistake she is full grown women who is using us. Do you know she is on all the magazines and news papers.
    She’s gotten what she was looking for. She does not even have any stuff for those babies and no means
    to support them. OH MY GOD!

  10. 10 coco

    It’s one thing for her to be sick, but to involve 14 kids in her madness is pathetic! I hope all of her children are taken away from her and given to good homes with “healthy” parents. She needs to be institutionalized….sick, sick,sick. Well, she’s got more children than Angelina, but Angelina has them for the right reasons…………love. This is one sad story. And, we’re paying for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get her out of the spotlight. This is just what she wanted.

  11. 11 Janis

    OMG, she is actually pretty and quite sweet-looking in the first photo. I cannot believe she spent thousands of dollars to look the way she does in the second photo. The phrase “more money than brains” crosses my mind.

  12. 12 dogface

    Schemed? I don’t know that she’s mentally sound enough to scheme. I just think she caught a very lucky break.

  13. 13 mytwocents

    Wow. Her face looks totally reconstructed. Creepy. And unfortunately for her, the changes haven’t made her look better. In fact she looks like a human caricature of what some plastic surgeon thinks Angelina Jolie looks like. Just gross and sickening.

  14. 14 Chrissy

    Word is that she has stalked Angelina Joli by mail. What a side show freak.

  15. 15 Linda

    Un-believ-able is what this is! I wish this person and her family all the best, as they have a lot on their plate that they didn’t as for, and I will certainly keep them in my prayers. By the way (Where is her church family?) I won’t be contributing to her cause, not one thin dime. If this person were married and had her husband financially by her side and this had happened to her it would have been a different scenario, but it didn’t! She stated that she had EIGHT embryos left and that she didn’t want them destroyed, so SHE had them ALL implanted, not that the doctor made the choice to implant them all………..very selfish! But him being the doctor HE should have stopped it. So, I feel that all the money she keeps stating is NOT welfare or state assisted money ( for her three handicapped children) should be repaid by her in full ( student loans, food stamps, hospital bills for her first six children ) as well as the 2 million hospital bill and future costs she has now incurred. Why doesn’t the hospital dog her for the bill, if we go to the emergency room, believe me … they’ve got your number! ANY and ALL funds of donated monies, donations (which are gifts ) if someone donates a larger house, etc… should be taxed and reported to the IRS as this is a form of income, ALL state welfare assistance on (Nadya Suleman / Nadia Sulaiman) should be throughly investigated. And why is there so many discrepancies in the spelling of her name? I believe that over time, her friends and family will come out of the woodwork and disclose the truth. I feel sorry for the SPERM DONOR let him foot the bill as well. This woman is evidently not stupid as she has done her homework, its ashame as to what this message sends out to others wanting desperately to have children. I would like to know if what she says about working at a mental institution(working double shifts) and hurting her back thereby receiving disability payments was throughly investigated. What about her back hurting from all those children she had? Come on……..a liar and a thief go hand in hand and it will be interesting to see how this all comes out in the wash. God Bless the little ones.

  16. 16 Bunnie

    As much as I disagree with what this woman has done, I can not help but think that she is truely truely ill with some sort or narcissistic disorder. She wanted childern for herself. To give herself meaning an worth. Had she truely loved the 6 kids she has now, 3 with disabilities, she would have said “it is in my children’s best interests to focus on them, rather bringing more children into the world.

    It is my belief, she loves ‘babies’. But once the babies are toddlers.. they are not so loveable. Therefore .. she must have another ‘baby’.

    Unfortunately, her parents are enablers, not out of love for her, but out of love for their grandchildren. It is clear, the grandparents are the ones raising the 6 older children. Becuase the mom is at too many press conferences.

    I really feel bad for her oldest child. That one will be turned into a virtual slave to the little ones, just because Grandma is gonna never every bit of help she can get, and her daughter isnt going to be any. I hope DSS can step in and remove them, not because I think the grandparents are not good parents, but because the children need more one on one individual attention than they will ever get now.

  17. 17 amelia

    I think that amongst all of this media frenzy I feel sorry for her parents ,and nowfourteen children,
    its going to be hard on them to live a relatively normal life because of her decisions she made and
    the way the media has hounded them.I think now most people are wondering if those children going to be provided for
    or will the money go straight to the mother ?I feel sorry for the people she involved and her children.
    The growing poverty rate in the states is a subject that shouldn’t be ignored, many people live on ssi,and
    government assistance for serious reasons and have children but they don’t abuse it and it should never be taken lightly.
    This whole situation just seems odd.Or fanantical.I don’t feel sorry for her,just her parents and children.But then I don’t feel sorry for people who pervert the natural cycle of birth anyway since the most you can carry is atleast twins ,or recommended by doctors,thats why in multiple births there is a a pattern of retardation,autism and other life long disabilities later in life.I think in the end its just plain greed if ask me!

  18. 18 mytwocents

    dogface…I work in the health field and have many friends and colleagues who work with the mentally ill. Being mentally ill doesn’t mean brain-damaged, which is a totally different thing altogether. You probably work or socialize with mentally ill people and don’t even know it. My point is, mentally ill people often and easily go unnoticed by most of us. The brain can get “sick” like other organs in the body. Trust me, Nadya Suleman knows exactly what she’s doing. Right down to the Biblical names of her children, which are being used to subliminally extort money and gifts from religious people and groups who will unconditionally support her cause. She schemed alright, but she also got lucky with it. Looks like it’s paying off for her even tho she’s been getting a majority backlash from the public.

  19. 19 SB

    Of course she has had surgery…anyone who believed her outrageous claims is an idiot…look at her…she is so shiny & smooth & pouty…what a freak!

  20. 20 felicia

    Of course she has had surgery!!!!!! Her face is all shiny because it is new. But I could really care less about that…..Money, medical bills, slumping economy, unprepared, single mother!!! yes that annoys me as well. What was she thinking?
    BUT!!! What bother me most is that she carelessly brought these eight little human beings into this world without thinking about their health. Those eight were born entirely way too early. Those eight are probably going to have serious health problems. Problems that will follow them their entire lives. The economy will get better…She may get married and actually have more help one day. She could even win the mega big humungo lottery tomorrow and actually be able to care for that brood…but those premies will never have normal lives. She can say, “Oh, I am strong enough to deal with my children having special needs”, but is it really fair putting your children at that risk? I know I wouldn’t like to have a life long disability.
    She also says she holds her babies at least 45 minutes a day. WTF? That amount of time is really not a lot for a newborn. Poor kids….
    Is anyone else with me on this?

  21. 21 TXMom

    I guess every parent and grandparent is appalled by this whole situation. All 14 children and the grandparents are the victims here, but at least the grandparents have some choices and some control over their lives. Those 14 children will have no way to protect themselves. I think this story is going to get much, much worse before it’s over. Even with all the information that has already come out, I’d bet that there is still more to this ridiculous story.

    The question now is what can we do for the children? I don’t have THE answer for that, but I wish I did. I can’t think of one way to try to help those children that doesn’t in some way reward the ‘mother” for her incredibly selfish and bad decisions. You do honestly wonder if CPS won’t become involved at some point. 14 children under that age of 8, and yet no job, no income, living with parents who she claims raised her in a dysfunctional family, no father, it just goes on and on.

    If these were animals instead of children Nadya would be labeled a “hoarder”, her children taken away and placed in loving homes who had passed inspections and deemed suitable to care for them, and she’d be forbidden to bring any more children into her family for awhile. Our pets are better protected than these children are. Now that’s sad!

  22. 22 dogface


    I’m well aware that mentally ill doesn’t mean brain-damaged. I’m also well aware there are a lot of people who are scheming and mentally ill. I’m just not convinced that Nadya Suleman is one of these people; she seems far too focused in on herself to think outside herself to involve others in a scheme.

  23. 23 pat

    I too think this woman is nuts. I think it is fine for a single woman to have ONE child if they think they can afford it but 14. I guess she hopes the National Enquirer will support her. There is no way her mother should have to take care of that idiots 14 children . It will probably give her a heart attack. Why the doctor helped her get pregnant again is beyond me. And yes he should lost his license. SOOOO irresponsible. Anyway just my opinion

  24. 24 fay

    so glad to see that the majority of people feel the same about this sick woman. i left her a nice email on her website letting her know how wrong she is and how sick she is. don’t send money to this nutball. too bad donated money can’t go to the children, but this fool will take it and do with it what she will. she is a siclk individual for sure.

  25. 25 curious

    I have more than one question here besides how did she afford this surgery? If she’s on foodstamps and collects disablity for her kids, where did the 100K to make more babies come from? And if she had been on disablity for a back injury, didn’t the doc who emplanted so many embryos consider it could aggravate the condition?

  26. 26 Liz

    Felicia, I am totally with you on this. Those babies are real people…it almost seems as if they’re the last thing on everyone’s mind. No one, married or single, rich or poor, should be allowed to have that many embryos implanted. It is just unethical. As for her face, I saw her interview with Ann Curry and there were lots of ‘before’ pics in which she was very pretty, with a very thin upper lip that fit her face.

  27. 27 lisa

    She is begging for money on a website. I wonder if the state is able to track the donations she receives. She should have to give that money towards the hospital bills instead of us paying her medical bills. People who file chapter 13 have to have their income and spending examined under a microscope for years. She gets free money and no one seems to be monitoring what she does with it. I can barely affort to put gas in my car sometimes, and certainly can’t afford expensive manicures. Yet I’m paying for her to get her nails done. I’m so fed up with her and our system I could just puke. My husband and I work SO HARD. I wish I could sit around and hold and love my children all day while someone would pay for me to sit around on my ass. Instead I love them and hug them every minute I can, but also manage to feed them. It’s called responsibility. She is setting such a poor example for those children. She will no doubt show them how to milk the system so they too can spew out kids of their own and live off the government.

  28. 28 se

    I agree that she seems to have a disorder.. she is a Jolie wannabe, and she doesn’t seem to think much about having 14 kids.. she will probably use the money for more plastic surgery.

  29. 29 nettie e

    she is the most selfish mother to walk on this earth. she and the invitro dr. should be hung out to dry. as a matter of fact he should be made to pay the state of california child support for all the children

  30. 30 ChicagoKid

    The kids are clearly in danger. I hope the state does something before she freaks out and does something horrible to them.

    She clearly suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

    Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders. Personality disorders are conditions in which people have traits that cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, limiting their ability to function in relationships and in other areas of their life, such as work or school. In particular, narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, in the same category as histrionic, antisocial and borderline personality disorders. Narcissistic personality disorder treatment is centered around psychotherapy.

    She makes Sarah Palin look like a good mom.

    p.s. Nadya…your body called–it wants its face back.

    p.p.s. The fertility doctors who enable these mentally ill women to have multiple births should be stuck with the cost of raising them to adulthood.

  31. 31 Ash

    The government needs to step in and start taking these children from her as she’s careless and irresponsible. She can’t afford ANY of her children, she’s trying to con the church out of building her a house for all her brood so I heard, and she already has THREE disabled children.

    Now, after two children who are disabled, whether severely or not, you would say to yourself, “okay, I have disabled children, I need to focus all my time and money on them so they can live as normally as possible”. Did she do that? No, instead she planned to have more children so she can continue to afford to live like a celebrity diva with nails hair and plastic surgery all paid for her and all she had to do was spit out a few babies to do it.

    The government needs to see that ALL of those children will not be cared for and take them all away – this woman needs to arrested as her spending that money on her face and invitro treatments instead of the children ALSO qualifies as neglect – she should have spent that money on a house or an apartment – the cash she probably spent on her face and invitro alone probably could have kept her and her brood in a house with enough food and elecricity/heat/water for at least a year or so.

    Neglect and it’s ridiculous and disgusting. Plain and simple.

  32. 32 Kelly

    I have a feeling it’s not over yet….these children need to be taken out of the home into loving families. THis woman needs mental help and it’s so sad she hasn’t the mental stability to say no to more children. In a few years, we may hear she now has 20 children unless someone steps in and takes contorl of this out of control situation.

  33. 33 matt

    woman is a mental case. govt needs to step in, take the kids………gvie them to mant families that will love them and take care of them. she needs to give back all the $$$$$ she spent on plastic surgery. wacky!!!!!!

  34. 34 Tamiko

    For someone to say all they wanted to be was a mother and then plan on going back to school with fourteen kids is a sure sign of some sort of mental disorder and she should seriously be evaluated.

    People that continue to use IVF to have children, including those well past their prime in order to gain national/worldwide attention shouldn’t have access to it. I wonder sometimes what kind of ethics the clinics that people like these go to. Obviously, money talks…poor kids.

  35. 35 latinmom3

    i will not work an hour extra over time ,that means more taxas out of my pay to support that phyco ..i dont think so!!!
    child welfare has there hands full with that one … have all heard that saying “you made your bed lay on it b#$%’.
    next on her list is lipo..that’s the money she will make on 60 mins , Her tummy tuck compliments of” Good Day New york”.. so anyone in there right mind ask child welfare to take those kids and dont give her the chance to do any more damage to them…. so sad for those kid that will soon find out the mess of a woman there mother is…..,LATINMOM3

  36. 36 Michelle

    This CREATURE named Nadya is the sickest person I have ever seen! Crazy I tell you! I just want her to tell me why I should have to pay for her kids!!!!!!!! She needs to go to a mental facility, the kids need to be put up for adoption for the couples that can not have kids, and when she gets out she needs to pay the state of California back. With all that money, the state might be able to get out of our budget crisis!!!!

  37. 37 Classic Mom

    This lady is a wing nut! She thinks no one can tell about the before\after photos. WTF is she thinking, or is she thinking. She needs to be locked away for metal health care, shes dangerous to alll around her as her thoughts are selfish, her 1st and even trying to do the right thing is disorginized, caring for herself before her 14 children. Selfish. Not to mention those who have to pay for her whims and read all of her nonsense. Do all the CA tax payers have to foot the bill if she has another whim….her doctors need to be jailed. Those kids are going to be a mess when they become adults. No roll models to learn from, just me…me…me.

  38. 38 Fabby

    Yeah, she obviously had no plastic surgery. That’s why her nose resembles nothing like it used to.

    This lady is nuts.

  39. 39 Donna

    I have a one child and I would love to have more, but I will never bring a child to this world if I can not afford it. These kids need to be taken away from her to better home and she needs to go to jail. She is ignorant, selfish, mentally ill lady. 3 of her kids are disable and then she still goes gets more babies, knowing that they can die or be disable also. This lady needs to be charge with child abuse and first degree murder; she is admitted on national television that she knew that those baby were at high risk and they can die. God bless the grandparents and all the children, god be with them.

  40. 40 maryan garcia

    While I agree with most of your comments, is their a morman out there that would build her a house. They are big on kids.

  41. 41 Carol

    Im low income myself, divorced mother of 2, and my Daughters disabled, and yes kids in general cost $$$ to rise. Im doing the best i can, my kids are well fed, have a roof over their heads, and have clean clothes on their backs, all the essentials, and a few odds and ends for their enjoyment, so when i see what this woman has done it makes me sick. Im a god loving woman, i’ll pray for the whole situation, but mostly for the sake of those precious children, who didnt ask to have a mother like Nadya.

  42. 42 Mother of Grown Kids

    Having raised just two, 14 months apart, it is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and I had the help of their father so I can not even imagine what this little girl was thinking. I do however believe she is using the babies like some of us do with food, drugs, alcohol, bad relationships, addiction to plastic surgery, etc…trying to fill the “hole” she referred to. I almost fell off the couch because she actually spoke those words but does not get it at all. The scary part is the fact that these kids are suffering now and will continue to do so. The other scary thing for me is, what will she do next to fill that “hole”. She is not addressing her disease and it will manifest itself in another way now that she can’t have any more babies. It’s kind of like the drug addict who swears off drugs but then becomes an alcoholic. The hole does not get mysteriously filled. Last I heard having babies is not part of the treatment plan for recovery. OMG the more I think about this the bigger it becomes. The health of those babies is another issue. Who is paying the health benefits so she can keep up with regular doctor appointments, not to mention all the special needs these kids will have. She won’t even know who has what for another 6 months possibly. The babies have to be helped now but she should not receive one red cent without some kind of accountability and oversight. I am concerned about those lovely fake finger nails too. My kids are grown and I quit wasting the money on that years ago. She sure didn’t plan an outcome like this did she…who would. Her father sounds like a good man who should not have to spend his retirement years working to continue to care for her and her family. He seems very co dependent and in denial to some degree. Nadya sounds very self centered and does not really care how her decisions impact others, including her own family members. What a shame.

  43. 43 S

    OK, why have I not heard anyone state the obvious? She made six attempts at multiple birth in the hopes it would be a financial jackpot. She and the Doctor had some kind of deal and were prepared to implant multiple embryos until they achieved six or more children in one birth. It was stated by a friend early on that the reality show with multiples is her favorite and sadly, we as a society have romantasized and subsidized the earlier multiples. This chick was just playing the lottery and had the help of an unethical doctor to do it. I wonder what their deal was.

  44. 44 Cheryl

    What you have to remember is this lady is smart. She knows how to play the system. She knew if she had more kids, she would get more money. She had her 6 to begin with and didn’t have enough money. She needed more. Well, how do you get more money? Have more kids. She knew if she had more, especially a big amount like she did that she would have all kinds of deals coming her way. A movie, book, pictures, stories on her and her kids, hopefully a new house, diapers and stuff for the kids. She knew she would get everyone donating to her, thats why she did it. For the money, not for the kids! I don’t think she should get anything. She should have her kids taken away and raised by people who can afford to raise them. She should be treated like any other moms who live the way she does and has all these kids. If she can’t do it on her own, then take the kids away. Yes its not about her anymore, its about the kids. Well then, lets take care of the kids. Put them in a loving home with someone who can take care of them.

  45. 45 Lisa

    Everyone is focusing on Nadya who obviously has some mental issues but what about the Doctor who fertilized her with so many eggs? He should of had a psychological test done her before ever impregnating her with more babies. My point is the doctor should of known when enough is enough. No father, no money, no real home, c’mon what was he thinking?

  46. 46 bobbie

    This person is much, MUCH too mentally ill to care for *one* child, let alone a litter! Instead of the government “paying” for her plastic surgery, nannies, and so much more (using tax money, which comes from whose pockets? Get out your wallets, people!), she should be investigated, both financially and by whatever children’s advocacy agency takes care of her area. ALL of her children should be immediately taken care of.

    She’s a stalker, an abuser of governmental money, a crybaby and whiner, and is totally unable to take care of herself, let alone those poor children. Why should others raise her children, either financially or as “nannies? I sure didn’t have a nanny for my boys; on the other hand, I only had as many as I could afford, pay attention to, and raise adequately. I can’t believe anyone can give that many children the attention they need, especially if all/any of the new babies have health or developmental problems.

    Just my opinion, but she’s NUTS, and I feel so sorry for all her children. There are so many people and couples who want to adopt children, and this crazy woman (with the help of her terribly unethical doctor) breeds like a rabbit.

    It’s too bad she wasn’t born sterile.

  47. 47 Monet

    I can’t believe she’s scamming our tax money.

  48. 48 Tara

    She looks way better. The women in the federal prison are going to love her!!!

  49. 49 nanci mandala

    that awful fake should be hospitalized. she is in a big surprized if she thinks she loks or even thinks that she will ever live the life of angelina jolie. angelina has a partener and is educated etc. plus she has never had plastic surgery!

  50. 50 Sean

    What a huge shock this hideous hag had plastic surgery. Why would a reporter even ask the question? She looks like the Jack Nicholson Joker.

  51. 51 Mike Apperson

    Seems she created the kid’s to live off. It really sicken’s me to see human life treated in this manner. The government definitely needs to step in and take away the kid’s. No tellin what this derranged woman is up to. Her gyno need’s his license taken away and locked up for his deed in this whole scam! They were both brewing up how they could make their pockets deeper. What a shame!

  52. 52 G

    “Nadya Suleman is lying about not ever having any plastic surgery.”
    Anyone with a brain would see how terrible of a Liar she is. Those platypus lips give it away. You think a Woman with 14 Kids would be spending the money on them but instead she schedules a rhinoplasty, and lip enhancements We weren’t born yesterday Nadya.

  53. 53 Eddie R

    She looked like shit before, and she still looks like shit!

  54. 54 Marty

    Oh my word! I thought that was “George” from Grey’s Anatomy! Aahahaha…!