Watch the scariest looking multiple birth mother in the world speak

Since her appearance on a morning tv show, the blog world has been abuzz with speculation about the peculiar looks of Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to eight babies last week. Nadya has awkward, huge fish lips, a nose that looks ridiculously shaved down, and other suspected facial alterations.

Here is a video where she is being interviewed and she seems off her rocker. Nadya makes statements such as,”I wanted to have many children, because I did not have human connections growing up and my upbringing was dysfunctional.”

Nevermind that she lives at home with her parents, the two people she credits for her dysfunctional upbringing. Someone as crazy as her should have never been operated on.

Finally, a photo of Nadya from a few years ago has surfaced and she has normal thin lips. Her nose looks worked on in this photo, but her eyes appear untouched at that time.

Nadya Suleman is a perfect example of why a patient should not take a photo of a celebrity to a plastic surgeon as an example of what they want to look like. (I think she is going to the Angelina Jolie look). There is no guarantee that those features will enhance that patient’s features.

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February 9, 2009 · webmistress · 177 Comments
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177 Responses

  1. Unicorn Steve - February 9, 2009

    Okay, wow. How utterly selfish of her to force her children to emotionally support her. Children can’t (and shouldn’t) handle that kind of role; hopefully they won’t end up as screwed up as she is by the time they’re adults. I can’t help but shake my head.

    Now, that psychiatric hospital where she was injured in that riot, was she really an employee or was she a patient?

  2. Kathy - February 9, 2009

    Dang. I’d say the surgery comes in second with this chick. All she’s gotta do is talk and you instantly know that not all of her dogs are barking. It’s amazing to me how some women have the kids and THEN worry about being able to care for them. Also love how she basically disses her family on national television (feeling “disconnected” and “isolated”) yet expects help from them. I read on CNN that she wants to become a TV star, too. So she’s using the babies to sell herself. She’s out of her mind!

  3. Mandy - February 9, 2009

    She is for sure a freak. Definately going for the Angena Jolie look but looks more like a tranny version. I hope her children won’t have to be raised by her =(

  4. Debi - February 9, 2009

    Wow, she must’ve gotten at least two nose jobs, and I suspect blepharoplasty to further widen her psycho eyes. And that’s on top of the ridiculous lips.

  5. laura - February 9, 2009

    hmm, her lips are unusually large but she doesn’t look that terrible…

  6. Trisha - February 9, 2009

    The second I saw her picture, I thought she was trying to look like Angelina Jolie–even her hair is styled the same.

  7. Chrissy - February 10, 2009

    I can only hope that CPS steps in and confiscates all of those kids and gives them to someone who will truly love them. This woman is receiving payments from the state for Worker’s comp issues-namely back pain and depression. Aren’t those caused by pregnancy? Why should we pay for her ‘hobby’? She appears to have an obsession with Angelina Jolie and IS looking for others to care and pay for her kids. What a nutjob.

  8. marsha_g - February 10, 2009

    Nut job. She hasn’t done a single thing for those kids’ future besides sponging off taxpayers. To spend money on plastic surgery under those circumstances proves she is a negligent mother. The new 8 should be adopted by loving parents, not sent home to this delusional narcissist.

  9. marsha_g - February 10, 2009

    Jon & Kate are the latest and most visible example of pimping out your children, giving them a freaky childhood, all for money and stardom. I bet she wants a TV show of her own. What happened to having the kids God gave you and providing for them with the sweat of your brow?

  10. SpookCat - February 10, 2009

    could only watch a few seconds of this idiot, her fish lips scared me and she is an idiot

  11. Josh - February 10, 2009

    She looks so weird look at those UGLY LIPS. I wouldn’t marry that ugly fat pig.

  12. ITs Obvious - February 11, 2009

    She’s also had blepharoplasty (eyelid job) and cheek implants/lipo. She’s plastic surgery addict

  13. friggin arab - February 11, 2009

    Her cheekbone implants look like they have migrated lol

  14. elena - February 11, 2009

    On 2/11/2009 during the Today show, Nadya claims she NEVER had plastic surgery. Meridith Veria made a loud snickering sound when that comment was made. It’s apparent, most people don’t believe that. My question is …If she is on public assistance (SSI, food stamps) and has no job -where does she get the money for plastic sergery and InVitro? In Vitro is a very expensive procedure. Whats more interesting is when women say they haven’t had plastic surgery when it is very blatant they HAVE. Do they think everyone is that stupid?

  15. Lita - February 11, 2009

    She got the plastic surgery money from a lawsuit she had against some hospital she used to work at. That shows you where her priorities are. Instead of putting that money in a trust fund for all of her kids she gets plastic surgery. Angelina can afford it her and Brad have millions upon millions. This chick needs to wake upto reality.

  16. Suzanne - February 11, 2009

    I saw the Today show clip and Ann Curry said that Nadya did tell her that “the lips are her own and she’s never had plastic surgery.” BULLCRAP!! She is just making herself look worse by lying to the media. And then she is so indignant during the interviews to top it off, with this stupid smirk on her face all th time. And she did admit to gettting government treatment. it’sa ll going to come out in the open soon and she will pay dearly for the all the lying and cheating she has done.

  17. Debi - February 11, 2009


    She got a $165,000 settlement from an injury at work at the mental hospital she used to work in- where a patient threw a chair at her and she supposedly suffered back pain and depression ever since. That injury occurred in 1999, and AP news said she was still on the payroll up until now, although she did NOT return to work after ’99.

  18. Atomic - February 11, 2009

    I read on a British site that she was injured while working in a psychiatric hospital and during a “riot” a patient threw a desk at her, if I remember right, and got about million dollars for it.. I don’t know. That would get some surgeries done, though.

    But this is f*cked up. And yes I think she imagines she’s being Angelina Jolie.. With the kids and the poor plastic surgery. Jeez.

  19. Traci - February 11, 2009

    I cannot believe she still has these kids. It’s obvious she is NOT mentally sound, and is VERY SELFISH! She keeps talking about how she is going back to school and will continue her education so she can FINANCIALLY take care of her kids. WTF??? So what about now?? I hardly doubt that the combination of help she’s getting now is NEAR enough to make ends meet! CPS needs to step in asap! These kids deserve better! Freakin’ Angelina Jolie wannabe! I don’t agree with that broad either, but at least she can AFFORD her child collecting fetish!

  20. Alicia Knauf - February 11, 2009

    Please, please someone step in and put a stop to this psycho and give ALL of those children some kind of fighting chance in this world! It is hard enough – without having to be born to fill a void in a sicko moms life – lots of one children homes produce wonderful, well-rounded, grounded adults – this lady is A NUT JOB! Her poor mom – I think CPS should step in and take away these kids and send them to loving homes where they can be properly provided for and given a true fighting chance!!

  21. gwen - February 11, 2009

    She even parts her hair the same way as Angelina. This is pure craziness. Someone help those poor children.

  22. SoCal - February 11, 2009

    Can CPS take these children from her already??? It’s hard for her to “accept” any kind of help from anyone? So WTF purpose does her mom serve? Or the state that’s providing her with $490 in food stamps? She obviously had enough money to undergo some kind of manipulations to her face, why doesn’t she rake up some cash to get her F-ing head checked! I want to slap her!!!

  23. Bremda Steward - February 11, 2009

    I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a Susan Smith. I would not trust her with any of those kids.

  24. Monique - February 12, 2009

    Please, enough is enough. This lady did bring these 14 children into the world for the wrong reasons. Even so, don’t these children deserve the right to survival by being fed, looked after, and cared for? No, she does not deserve to be made into a celebrity for her actions, yet, these children do deserve the right to be taken care of. Yes, she is now in a world of prejudice, and for all the right reasons, yet, the children deserve to be cared for , even if through adoption or foster care. When is enough; enough? We don’t need to concentrate on her past bad deeds, and definitely, not her plastic surgeries. These children are here whether we like it or not and their welfare should be the utmost priority in the minds of others. To concentrate on BS is not going to be conducive to the welfare of the children, nor should they have to live in their mother’s dark shadow. Have a little bit of compassion for the children and do what is right for them. I am not saying to make HER life easy, for she made the choice to have all of these children, but start talking about a solution to this problem that she brought about herself and all of her children. Whether the solution is to provide other childless families with a child in their life that they are able to support, or fostering these children until she is through with school and can show that she is capable of taking care of them. To talk about plastic any plastic surgery she may have had in not helping the children’s situation which is really what people should be worried about. We definietly DO NOT need anyone else trying a stupid, ignorant stunt like this. I am as outraged as the next person, yet, these children are the real issue. Let’s ALL get real, and NOT fall into the same ignorant thinking that she has.

  25. jenn - February 12, 2009

    How “dysifunctional” could her family really have been when she was a child, if they are willing to take in her 6 kids as an adult? Ive never met bad parents, or anyone from a dysfunctional family do that!

  26. Kat - February 12, 2009

    Debi, I didn’t know that. It’s scary that this woman worked at a mental hospital and wasn’t an actual patient. I kind of have a hard time believing it—it almost sounds like a ruse to cover up the fact that she was actually in the hospital herself. This woman is not right, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with her crazy parents…I mean she’s still living with them for Christ’s sake. craziness doesn’t occur in a vaccuum haha.

  27. toni - February 12, 2009

    she looks more like alanis morissette than angelina jolie.

  28. amomof3 - February 12, 2009

    I was just wondering what the difference between this girl and the thousands of people without jobs who are continually having children and living off SSI or Food stamps? I am not saying I agree with her choices, however, who are we to judge whn there are married couples who are basically doing the same thing. The difference is only that she is using invitro. I have known families growing up who could not afford one child and went on to have “many” more and lived off hand outs. The medicade offices are full of these people daily. She didn’t mean to have 8…I am sure of that! She has just made a poor choice and she is choosing to live with it. That actually sounds pretty logical to me? As far as the plastic surgery goes…who are any of us to judge someone for their choices reguarding their looks? People in Hollywood do it everyday!! All I am saying is, we shouldn’ be so quck to judge…..if God didn’t want those babies here……they wouldn’t be!

  29. Anne - February 12, 2009

    This woman expects the world to step up and support her 14 children. They are her problem, Not mine!!! Her doctor should lose his license. Do not put these poor unfortunate kids on the rest of us. Nobody helped my parents with a houseful of kids, nobody gave me money to raise mine. She simply wanted fame; the same as Mark David Chapman. NO, she did not kill anyone but she brought into this world an unnecessary burden. And society should pay for her whim?? We should care??? There are many, many unfortunate, neglected, abused children and animals in this world and this sick bitch just added to the world’s suffering. We make our choices and deal with the consequences. Each to his own, just don’t bother me about it. And her plastic surgeon sucks!
    If I had the chance, I would throw a chair at her too.

  30. Kat - February 14, 2009

    I’m sure she’s reading all of this as well.

  31. Jaye - February 15, 2009

    OMG – Leave her alone people! She is beautiful & has 14 kids, so what? Just let her be beautiful & have more surgeries & more kids. The state of California can pay for her and the rest of the illegal immigrants it already pays for…stupid f**kin’ fools.

  32. JohnSte - February 15, 2009

    This woman thinks that all she needs to do is be ‘present’ with her kids – like she’s *the* Madonna – and all will be well. Even if she’d had ‘only’ 7 – how can ONE person raise 7? Her mother’s a victim – and may have been an enabler, but could you walk away from your grandkids? Yipes. This woman makes parenthood seem like a cult, and seems to feel that a yearning for motherhood makes her a saint, and that her mere presence will ensure her children receive enough food, clothing, bedrooms, outdoor playtime, and attention. Good gosh, she’s already got at least one kid who’s autistic and 2 others screwed up enough to qualify for ‘assistance’ payments. Even keeping up with the IEP’s for 3 kids would be horrendous. Her children are already paying for her poor choices, and caring for 14 kids with her is going to kill her 68 y.o. mom.

  33. amy - February 15, 2009

    If she does not want help why does she have a web site asking for donations? I am sure this (insane) woman figures these kids will be her cash cow. So very sad.

    I hope this woman comes to her senses, does the right thing and adopts out each and every one of these tiny babies to families that can afford these babies financially and mentally.

    So very sad.

  34. donna - February 16, 2009

    It’s sad to see the environment in which these children will be raised, it’s selfish of her to believe that she can provide for her children in such a manner, living with her parents in a three bedroom home, this is unacceptable as a form of living standards for these children, child protection agency should be involved.
    In the case of her face, it’s absolutely disgusting, if she had plastic surgery she should get a refund on the horrible job the doctors did.

  35. Carmen - February 17, 2009

    Wait a minute! She suffers from severe back pain due to a back injury at work but she can take care of all those children? HOW?!

  36. Maria - February 18, 2009

    Shes a sick b****, she’s asking for money? WTF is she having kids that she can obviously not even support? The only surgery she should of had was tying her tubes! OMG and she lives her parents?! LOL I cant believe everyone is giving her so much publicity over nothing, hey every women who has kids should be on t.v. How about those single mothers who do it all on their own, not living with their parents?

  37. Maria - February 18, 2009

    Oh yeah and comment back to Jaye (must be another moron living in parent’s home) I personally wouldn’t want my tax money to go to a dumb broad like her on welfare. You both must have something in common

  38. AT - February 18, 2009

    yeah… plastic surgery is only acceptable for Angelina. come on! Nadya seems to be as off-kilter as Angelina and you should open your eyes to see that too.

  39. Luv - February 22, 2009

    $490 in food stamps?? WRONG! W/ 7 or 8 in the household, she gets around $1200/mo. in FOOD STAMPS!!!

  40. Luv - February 22, 2009

    So BEFORE the octs were born she got $1200 month in Food STamps–now w/ an additional 8 in her household, she gets another $132 per head–so YOU do the math!

  41. jekorb - February 22, 2009

    If you have any children already born to you who have developmental problems, as some of Nadya’s kids do, you spend you money on their treatment and their needs and the needs of your other children; you do NOT go and get impregnated with more embryos and toddle off to your plastic surgeon!! Nadya is a mentally ill woman, so on top of so many of her offspring who are going to require special (and expensive) attention, SHE will treatment, too!

  42. Janet - February 22, 2009

    The best thing she can do for the babies is to adopt them out to loving homes. She has no business taking “care” of these children.

  43. Amy - February 23, 2009

    I honestly feel anger towards this woman, and i had no idea why, until i came to this site! 14 children?!?! I’m sure all they need is for her to be “present”.

  44. karen - February 23, 2009

    Breeder! I had a dog like her once. Got knocked up, had a litter and did it all again during her next heat.
    These children should be taken away from this lunatic and her tubes should be tied. Forever!!!! I’m so tired of my tax money being wasted on ignorant people like her.

  45. PaulWall - February 25, 2009

    Excuse me , MomOfThree but she DID plan on having at least SIX kids this bunch. And since WE taxpayers are footing HER bills we have a right to demand accountability; KIDS OVER PLASTIC SURGERY! If this pig goes on Welfare, California should demand sterilization.

  46. Sue - March 4, 2009

    I tend to agree with everyone that this woman is screwed up and that she is only thinking of herself. I see a few contradictions and questions here: First- if she had a back injury that was SO bad that she sued over it and was on disability, HOW IN THE WORLD was she able to carry children while pregnant? Come on, those of us who have been pregnant know that if is very difficult to get around, and that the weight of the baby and the size of the abdomen often cause back pain/strain. Are you telling me that she could have had an HONEST injury to her back that was SO bad that she coudn’t work, yet she COULD carry babies in her body SIX different times? And that doesn’t even account for the deliveries. If she had them normally, and not C-section, I’d like to know HOW. With a serious back injury, the pain would have been so awful she would have never wanted any more children/pregnancies. So, she has been scamming anyone and everyone she could for a long time. She is just looking for a ‘cash cow’ and apparently found it.
    As for looking like Jolie. She is disgusting. ANYONE who has lip implants just ruins the look of their mouths. I have yet to see ONE person with lip implants that looks right. They all look like fat, puckered fishlips. Please ladies, stop. It’s GROSS! Regarding her other plastic surgery, it is the same as the pregnancies. She apparently feels that the world OWES her whatever she wants.
    I believe as most of you. She is mentally ill and if the state doesn’t step in and take those poor children away, I believe at some point she will copy Susan Smith or another of those mothers who killed their children. So far, she’s copying Angelina Jolie, who will it be tomorrow and what will it be that she will be copying?:
    She apparently has such a void in her that she must fill it with other people’s lives. And now she adds a ton of children for even more distraction.
    I want to know why NO ONE, i.e. State of California, has ordered her to be evaluated by a psychiatrist!! What are they waiting for?
    She is an extreme case of narcissism and if the state allows her to raise those children, who knows what problems they will have? This isn’t just about the state and all the taxpayers paying for her and her children NOW, they will be paying for years and years because those kids are going to be VERY messed up adults if they are allowed to be raised by this nut job and her enabling parents.
    For the sake of those innocent children, the state of California MUST step in and AT LEAST have this woman evaluated psychologically. And then, they should tell her that she is no longer eligible for any assistance. We’d see how fast she adopted those children out! What a sad mess!

  47. jess - March 30, 2009

    Ok so if she is sooo despirate to fill the void that her parents created in her…..there are cats, dogs, fish, even baby chickens that can give her love and attention. help fill that void rather than bring tooo many kids in at one time. How is she going to be able to give all the love and support to those kids so that they dont grow with the same feelings of loss that she had. whats next, buying a puppy for each of them so they get at least some one on one attention. I am a “single mom” by marriage. My husband is in the military and we work HARD to ensure the kids have not only the basics but a group of men and women who are there for them. she has outcasted all her family. Her next venture should be Like Paris Hilton…..WILL YOU BE MY NEW BFF……may just maybe some one can come in to the babies lives to give them the real one on one love that each is going to be starving for….if not HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF OR SHE WILL BY THE OCTOGRANDMA………

  48. Sharon - March 31, 2009

    GO BACK TO COLLEGE WITH 14 KIDS? Is she retarded or does she plan on taking one class, hiring a nanny for her preemie babies and getting a free ride, tuition free???

    She is totally off her rocker.

  49. First of ALL - May 7, 2009

    First, this woman is miliking the economy. And she has been giving money. Tell me, with her 14 kids, did she not spend it on them or did she go out to buy makeup and then plastic surgery? Sorry she should of kept her legs closed!

  50. Elephante Chica - January 23, 2010

    Disgusting skank and I hate her annoying voice!

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