This is the worst rhinoplasty result I have ever seen. The patient’s nose rotted off from the tip. If you are eating food or thinking about doing so, these images may be highly disturbing to you. Discretion is advised.

The patient was operated on by Dr Jack Gunter in Dallas. Gunter is actually nationally renowned for his work and does many surgeries; he did not pay for the repair the patient needed in this case (the patient had to have skin from his scalp placed on his rotting nose so that it would be closed after the necrosis. )

What made his nose rot? The patient offers a hypothesis.

‘It is my opinion that the nose was built up with WAY TOO MUCH RIB and when he closed it back it was like trying to put a car cover that used to fit on a small car onto a now much longer and larger car….When they draped this skin back over the nose and stitched it between the nostrils, The skin could just not handle the stress of the new framework and started dying “ON THE STITCH LINE”…..It did not start on the tip in the front of the nose,But underneath where it was stitched up horizontally BETWEEN THE NOSTRILS.When touching this area it felt stressed and very,very thin.Like touching bone! It was milky and black right after surgery.’


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57 Responses to “Worst Rhinoplasty Ever – Nose Rots Off!”  

  1. 1 Louise Glass

    I am so sorry for this man. It does not matter that his plastic surgeon was well known-he ruined his nose AND did not pay to repair it. His medical license should be taken away post haste! This is an outrage. My heart goes out to this man and I hope he gets his nose looking normal soon. What is SCARY, is if this can happen with a well known surgeon…how can you ever be sure? The answer cannnot.

  2. 2 Laura

    Poor guy, I have seen this pic before. I hope he was able to get this fixed. Some people are poor healers or wind up with infections but it sounds like there was some unusual discoloration immediately after the surgery. That should immediately raise a red flag.

  3. 3 Bill

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. I guess these are the procedures that are edited out of Doctor 90210, too.

    But what no one wrote is what now? How do you repair it? What’s the next step for him to getting a nose back? THAT’S the info I’m interested in.

  4. 4 mytwocents

    Omg. Poor guy. I hope the repairs go well. And what’s up with that Gunter guy anyway? The only thing he’s renowned for now is being a butcher. A**hole.

  5. 5 msg

    ooooh im sooo sad for him…

  6. 6 Juanita

    Yet one more reason why I choose NOT to go under the knife. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have, Drs. are human and are bound to make mistakes. I guess I can think of a 1000 other ways to spend money like that. How about helping the poor. That would be a good start. I think plasitc surgery is dangerous, addictive, and shows just how vein our world has gotten. IN some cases, I can understand such as children born with abnormaities or haveing a breast removed. Otherwise I wouldn’t chance it. I will continue to eat right, excersize, and age gracefully the way my mama did.

  7. 7 mike

    wow! Thanks for posting my story! I am still going through surgeries and they are still moving body parts around trying to get a better result. Next surgery is March 10th. This happened to a girl before me! GOD I wish she had put up a site to save me! Over $100k spent so far! I truly feel like Michael Jackson.I just wanted my nose straightend! Thanks so much! Michael :-)

  8. 8 stefani


  9. 9 Vicki

    It looks ike he had a nose piercing ripped out of his nose. Stiches are not put in that area as you claim.

  10. 10 mich

    omigod..this is so horrible and painful looking. i’ve been seriously considering getting a nose job but these photos frighten me.

  11. 11 Manda

    EEWW, I hat blood so this makes me really freak out! It’s nasty.. Poor guy seriously the doctor is an a** !! The guy should sue him without a doubt!!

  12. 12 amber

    He obviously got an infection. Not the surgeons fault at all. He should of been educated on the signs to look for for infections. If you dont get help straight away it can be a nasty result.

  13. 13 80s chick

    Wow. I feel so terrible for you! Are you going to use the same doctor to get the problem fixed? I pray that you will heal completely and quickly. Hang in there!

  14. 14 80s chick

    I just saw that it was Gunter in Dallas that did this. OMG. I was going to have a consultation with him.
    I won’t waste my time!

  15. 15 Untuk Abang

    Make peace with what God has made you!

  16. 16 Katie

    This is so sad. I feel so bad for this man. I hope that he can somehow get it fixed and that the so called “doctor” will face the appropriate repercussions.

  17. 17 Sonia

    Juanita – AMEN to that! Isn’t it better to live with a slightly “ugly” nose than to risk this happening? Most cases of plastic surgery do go well, yes, but the risk is still there and it could ruin your life.

  18. 18 Celina

    I remember seeing the videos of the woman whose face collapsed after she had a face lift. In her videos, she is understandably upset, in a similar way to Steve’s sentiments on his website. I’ll probably get some flack for this, but I’m just going to be honest and say that I have a really hard time feeling sorry for these people. I don’t wish suffering on anyone, I don’t think they got what they deserve, and the doctor’s should make reparations if they are at fault. Beside that, though, these people CHOSE to go under the knife.
    I agree with Juanita that I’m just going to age gracefully. We can’t take it with us and quality of life now is what counts.

  19. 19 tweety

    Oh god that is awful. I am keeping my bird nose after seeing this.
    I hope you find somebody who can fix it mike, so sad

  20. 20 Susan

    This is very sad. There are pictures of him on the internet before he had the surgery, he was quite handsome . The doctor who did this should lose his license.

  21. 21 surgical tech

    Stitches ARE placed in this area (collumela) depending on the procedure performed. If tissue (skin) is stretched too tight,it will neceose due to lack of blood supply or compromised blood supply. It looks like that is what happened here.

  22. 22 Tommy Tucker

    This post needs a warning on the home page, BEFORE you click to see the photos. The photos are shocking and repulsive, although I’m glad everyone has a chance to see them. My heart goes out to this man and what that doctor did to him, disgraceful.

  23. 23 Blackie

    Juanita, AMEN, girl! Unless you are severely disfigured through a birth defect or accident, I see no reason for all this frivolous surgery! Of course, I thank my lucky stars for the good genes my folks gave me–they both are in their mid-60s & look at least 15 years younger, NATURALLY!

  24. 24 mike

    vicky….Yes the stitches were there before it died! Across my columella(part between the nostrils)

  25. 25 RSB

    I came across this site and wanted to weigh in. i am a plastic surgein in canada. this is a horrifying case and i feel absolutely awful for that patient. if the patients sees this i would like to know at what point the surgeon decided to remove the graft – ie. was the skin dead or just starting to die off. it is possible that if the graft was removed at the earliest signs of skin necrosis that the skin could have been salvaged an a smaller graft put in at a later date.

  26. 26 SpookCat

    sorry unless he had some disfigurment I don’t feel sorry for him, people who have plastic surgery for vanity (I don’t know this mans story behind his nose surgery) should know that fooling around with knives and the body could be bad even kill you. How many men have I known who love women with very small breasts yet I work at a hospital and the amount of women coming in for breast implants is sad. An liposuction cause they are too damn lazy to exercise or watch what they eat. Sorry plastic surgery is SURGERY. That being said I hope he will get this repaired without too much scarring

  27. 27 mk

    that’s awful!!! i feel so bad for him!!
    i don’t understand what is happening in the second photo…why did they put a large piece of skin on top of his nose instead of just the tip? it looks like they made a major incision all the way up past his forehead!

  28. 28 John

    If that Italian plastic surgeon and the use of stem cells saved Pete Burns face (which British plastic surgeons as a concensus decided they should amputate his nose/lips/bottom jaw and adams apple) then they can definetely save this man. It will just take a brave surgeon willing to do the work pro bono… and then sell the story to the medical Discovery channel.

  29. 29 Mark

    I wanted to have a revision rhinoplasty because my nose is still kind of crooked but now I’ve decided not to ever tempt fate. After all, it’s the small flaws that keep us interesting. I truly feel so bad for this guy, no one deserves this. You can tell this guy was quite good looking before the surgery and probably just wanted to enhance his looks. I hope they can help him have a somewhat normal life again. This is a real surgical tragedy. That doctor is pure evil for not offering to fix his mistake.

  30. 30 JB

    The pix didnt’ gross me out so much as make me feel terribly sad for this person… even w/his significant nose damage, you can tell he’s a very handsome man, and this is certainly disrupting his life in a huge way. I ditto what John said… it would be wonderful if some talented surgeon would repair the damage for free.

  31. 31 dew

    I’m sorry about your nose Mike. All surgeries have risks, but since they usually don’t happen a lot, many people think it’s worth the risk. Unless my nose was humongous, I wouldn’t have surgery on it just because of what many celebs look like, not including the Jacksons. But just because I wouldn’t have surgery unless something was very VERY bad, doesn’t mean that Mike deserved this. Shame on you hateful meanies for saying so!

    The very best of surgeons can make mistakes in surgery, but I believe that most surgeons would provide better follow up of a mistake post-op, ESPECIALLY if they already knew about the complication DURING surgery! Like a few others have posted, I’m guessing that you might have had SOME damage if decent post-op care was given, but probably a lot less than what you have now.

    I’m betting lawyers are lining up at your door to offer their services to sue, and rightly so in your case IMO (double mistakes it seems: during surgery, and with post care, despite driving you to the air port).

    Your video blog didn’t load for me, maybe too much bandwidth. Go to YouTube or another stable movie hosting site. Best wishes for recovery!

  32. 32 mike

    I dont think anyone can truly fix this! Unless someone wants to do it free! I have exhausted my funds for this! $100k in revisions and reconstruct alone. And I have learned my lessons about top docs….Especially this was not this doctors first nose rot!!!!!!!!! I will forever look for that one person to fix it I guess…..hmmmmmmm.

  33. 33 I Can Relate

    I received a revision rhino from a doctor who was locally “renowned.” Well, he screwed up my breathing and now I can’t breathe properly. He was also an arrogant ass. Wish I would have thought to sue him, however, I truly thought the breathing issue was because of the healing process. Where I live you only have x amount of years to file a lawsuit. Too bad.

  34. 34 mahira

    i agree i really really feel for this guy, i had cosmetic surgery on my nose in europe and everything went well thankfully although there were times i thought not. i truly hope this guy can have the damage repaired i probably would not advise returning to the person who caused the damage to ‘fix’ it. it is disgusting what some surgons have got away with!

  35. 35 Bill

    anyone who tries to change their looks is a jackass and deserves what they get. I mean look at Priscilla Presley. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! These people are vain assholes and it serves them right.

  36. 36 jill

    It really upsets me that the doctor refused to pay for the repairing surgery. I’m a groomer and had a dog slip in the tub and tear a leg ligament. It was an accident, but I still put out the 1500 dollar vet bill. I hope to god this guy sued.

  37. 37 mo

    This is a known risk of any open rhinoplasty. Patient is probably a smoker and caused the problem himself. Dr. Gunter is the best of the best.

  38. 38 MrMigliosi

    Every bad nose job has an upside…like when he laughs while drinking milk…

  39. 39 Sandi

    How did your surgery go?

  40. 40 Nicolas

    Yeah i seen this man on tv, he found a doctor in chicago that got it fixed. Sad but true. I’ve had rhinoplasty too, thanks God it went well.

  41. 41 mark

    I just threw up

  42. 42 nichelle

    that is like the worst surgery performed eve or am i wrong……………………………….who knows………………………………………anyway the doctor really messed up……………………….so sorry for u

  43. 43 Steve

    I had inquired about a possible secondary rhinoplasty with Gunter way back in 1994. My initial surgery (with another surgeon) was botched, leaving me with an asymmetrical tip. I didn’t have a horror story experience like this, but I did end up with noticeable asymmetry. I chose another surgeon for the secondary, and the operation resulted in same level of asymmetry with the new addition of a small bump on the upper tip of my nose.. I went back to this same second surgeon one more time, and that surgery eliminated the bump, but increased the asymmetry of the tip further, and resulted in asymmetrical nostril openings as well (which I had never had, prior to that last surgery). So here I sit, over 12 years later, with my screwed up nose. At least mine has never started to rot off my face so I suppose it could have been worse like this guy above. I am still waiting for the opportunity when I have, both the money and the time available, to hopefully get this deformed nose fixed once and for all like it should have been in the first place. My advice to anyone considered Rhinoplasty, is to forget about it. NO surgeon can replicate the natural, symmetrical forming of a “normal” nose! I had a BIG nose before all this crap (only reason I had surgery in the first place), but at least it was mostly symmetrical. I probably should have just lived with the big nose, instead of having a smaller one that I hate more than I did my original one.

  44. 44 cherry

    I had a revision rhinoplasty by Jack Gunter two years ago, and although he improved my original result, it was not what I wanted. He is an arrogant jerk, to say the least. It was 40 thousand dollars, very $$$$. He had to take a piece of my rib cartilege out, so that increased the cost, plus an overnight stay in the hospital. Insurance for the revision only paid out 1/3, since I was left with the original rhino unable to breathe well.

    steve, I know exactly what you mean about the asymetrical nares… I ended up with the nares being asymmetrical, and it drives me crazy, but I would never consider a third surgery. I would hate to be left with not being able to breathe through my nose.

    I wish I had never done the first surgery – a crooked nose perhaps gave me character. Not to mention the hardness I feel with the rib cartilege implanted in my nose, and a numb feeling in my upper lip and upper gum that I am constantly reminded of.

  45. 45 Kevin

    I don’t understand how anyone, let alone a man, could be so worried about the appearance of his nose or any other part of his/her body that they would pay someone to do anything like this. I don’t feel sorry for any of these freaks…This vain idiot got what he deserved. Reconstructive surgery..ACCEPTABLE…..This freakish hobby makes genital piercing look like the norm.

  46. 46 Peter

    I had surgary whit Gunther 10 years ago which resulted in breathingproblems and an operated look too the nose. I was soo devestated i preparep for suicide. He is going too history as one of the most greedy cold and arogant men alive.
    Iv’e learned too live whit it and accept it but it was the worst thing ever happned too me. Plastic Surgary should not be attempted on any normal looking person.

  47. 47 Beautiful

    This looks horrible I feel so sad for this guy. I hope you can get your nose the way you wanted. I also hope getting your nose fixed was worth it.

  48. 48 ILP

    Heard of Dr. Toriumi, I was pretty botched up and he helped me.

  49. 49 MakePeaceWithWhatYouHave

    Why in God’s name would anyone go through such a procedure just to what, ‘fix’ your nose? Wtf dude, I donot feel sorry for you, I just wish you had thought about it before. Why do people need to look good to be a good person?! I am not the most handsome prettyboy nor do I have illusions that I’m ugly cuz’ I know that it does not matter in anyway at all. Grow up big boy, prioritize yourself!

  50. 50 Lunnah

    Actually Vicki is incorrect, sutures are placed in that part of the nose if there is refining reconstruction to the tip of the nose vs. just work done on the bridge. If bridge work is done they actually cut the nose horizontally at the base and peel it back so that they can either file it down or build it up with rib extraction, alloderm or even gortex. I have had 3 rhinoplasty procedures, the first 2 corrective, the last one cosmetic. This is an obvious case of severe infection that was not attended to. Poor man, I wish him the best in finding someone that can “try” an fix this monstrosity. BTW my results have been fantastic & I’d do it again in a second, but there certainly are risks. Tthis is a sad case of buyer beware!

  51. 51 Viola

    OMG, that doctor should be in jail now for what he dit to this poor guy… im so sorry for him, i hope he will get better doon.

  52. 52 Kitty Harrison

    I broke my nose twice (first in a car accident and second in a riding accident) and was left with scarring, broken veins, a real depression at the bridge and a big bump. I’ve been saving for a nose job because I feel so self concious about it, but after seeing this and reading everyone’s comments, I’m definitely not going to have the surgery. My heart goes out to you, Mike, and I hope things work out for you in the end.

  53. 53 Hello Kitty

    Jack Gunter performed a rhinoplasty on me in the 1980’s. The nostrils were obviously very asymmetric when the bandages were removed. He promised the tip would come down afterwards with the swelling. It never did. A funky cartilage graft was placed under the septum and protrudes if I pull my upper lip down-so much so that it looks like it will puncture through the skin. Some kind of ball that must have been some other graft or “implant” for rounding out the tip has displaced and I have a migrating bump that is moving from the tip over to the side and makes it look really crooked. I have real problems with the tip~ if I have any light impact my nose tip gets “stuck” across the graft..literally stuck to one side.
    The nodule that seemed to be migrating concerned me so I looked online for Jack Gunter’s number to inquire as to what could be happening w/ the tip and the ball and I discovered Mike’s experience and images. Jack Gunter should pay for damages and negligence. It is not as though necrotic tissue just goes away when your patient gets on the plane for home. Shame on you Jack Gunter. I saw you youtube response to this and it is disturbing how arrogant you are. You’ve had an impact on more than one life with your botched surgeries. Thank goodness I didn’t get the boob job you recommended.

  54. 54 Discrex

    Tell the true… this was NOT the first nose surgery for that patient…he has previous procedures. DrGunter made one of that procedures, AFTER other surgeries performed by OTHERS surgeons.

  55. 55 angela

    I just want to say to Bill that your comment “anyone who tries to change their looks is a jackass and deserves what they get. I mean look at Priscilla Presley. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! These people are vain assholes and it serves them right.” is absolutely awful and IMMATURE! I just had rhinoplasty done. As a matter of fact I am sitting at home healing from the surgery that was performed on Tuesday. Not EVEYRONE does it for vanity reasons. I had it done because I had problems breathing. This is the THIRD surgery on my nose to correct the issue. Believe me when I tell you this BILL, unless you walk a mile in someone’s shoes it might do you some good TRY to have empathy. ACTUALLY how about the old saying “if you don’t have anything NICE to say, don’t say anything at all” I am praying that this surgery works. I will not have another surgery again. If this doesn’t work than I will live with a breathing problem and be miserable the rest of my life. Whatever Mike’s reasons for doing what he did he DOES NOT deserve this and your idiotic post on here is unwarranted and just down right ridiculous.

  56. 56 michael

    I have had many surgeries and well….the last one was 3 months ago…..still trying to get my nose presentable….huge forhead scar that runs vertical from my brow to my hairline where they took skin for the nose repair…….awful……still looks like a patch on the end of my nose….thank you dr gunter for ruining my freakin life!

  57. 57 danielle

    OMG>>> just a minute while I pick up my mouth from the floor. Everyone watch out for this surgeon he should have his licence removed and do jail time for disfurging a person face. It is criminal