Donatella Versace has unsuccessfully tried to buy youth, but persists on pulling, peeling, and cutting her way back to the age of 25. Right now, the skin on her jawline looks insanely tight and her lips are huge (will they explode soon?)

In 1997, Donatella was normal in appearance. Now, she is the next Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka the cat lady).

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60 Responses to “Donatella Versace unsuccessfully tries to buy youth”  

  1. 1 farkme

    She looks like a muppet!

  2. 2 Mike

    YIKES!!!! Too much smoking, drinking, tanning, etc can’t be fix on the operating table

  3. 3 Kay


  4. 4 Missy

    She looks like that girl Muppet in the muppet band!

  5. 5 BritTigger

    Is it just me? Or is Donnatella starting to look like Lambchop (the Shari Lewis puppet)

  6. 6 Jolanda

    OMG, how much more ugly can this woman become? She would have looked so much better if she just left the face alone!

  7. 7 tweety

    She looks like a monster now, too bad, on the younger photo she looked nice

  8. 8 Mark

    WOW…the last picture…priceless. Remember The Muppet Show?

  9. 9 Madeline

    omg, forget courtney, cat lady, and angelina. those are the ugliest lips ever! Why don’t facelifts pick up her weird saggy cheeks?

  10. 10 Barbara

    Why oh why can’t these women see that collegen lips are horrible? It is the worst thing you could do to your face. I have never seen one lady look better afterwards, not one. They all looked worse. Look at Meg Ryan, just one example, she was so cute, Barbara Hershey another one, the list goes on. I don’t get how they don’t see the obvious.

  11. 11 Am

    She looks like that puppet from The Muppet Show, Janice. She is very scary looking.

  12. 12 Lauren

    This is horrifying!!!!!!! She looks like a Muppet!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

  13. 13 mytwocents

    What a shame. She was actually quite cute in that ‘97 pic. All she should have done was had her eyebrows properly shaped, maybe reduce the bump on her nose, whiten the teeth, and just practice good skin care. What a hell of a mess she’s made of her face. I would really like to know…do those people think they actually look good with those bloaty lips and stretched out of proportion features?

  14. 14 TheOldMan

    The stuff nightmares are made of…yuck!

  15. 15 nick chan

    even with all the money, she’s not thinking straight

  16. 16 Juliet

    howabout her breat implants? she’s had implants, but no uplift surgery…. not a good look

  17. 17 Janis

    This unfortunate woman is a prime example of a phenomenon I’ve noticed before. She’s spending five figures, no doubt, on stuff like implants or botox for her lips, while ignoring other, cheaper changes that could be much more effective. Her thin, pathetic hair falling in her eyes and doooooown her shoulders only emphasizes her drooping face. Spend $100 on a trim and a new hairstyle! And shrink those lips, they make you look like a cartoon.

  18. 18 Katie

    I’m just curious what she did to increase the size of her nose?? Unless it’s the lips making her nose appear bigger…I’m puzzled.

  19. 19 frewt

    She looked ok in 1997 and she already had a full mouth back then. I agree that all she needed was a little nose straightening and some good skin care and grooming and she would have been, hot – almost. Now she looks like a freak and her poor self esteem has obviously been transferred to her anorexic daughter.

  20. 20 Coralie

    Can she still breathe with those hidden nostrils ?

  21. 21 Wendue

    Her teeth look different too, and not just because of the whitening. I don’t understand the appeal of those lip alterations.

  22. 22 Seba

    A mix between Steven Tyler and Tom Petty with long hair.

  23. 23 Seba

    I think in 1997 she already had her lips done, because they don’t seem to fit the face size.

  24. 24 sparklfarkl

    yikes…she’s like Dorian Gray but in reverse!!!

  25. 25 mytwocents

    Katie, I’m not 100% certain of this, but someone told me that Botox will cause the nose to look larger/wider/droopy depending on the size and shape of the nose and the contours of the face it’s on. The Botox “paralyzes” the muscles so the nose has nowhere to go but fall and spread, like it’s melting. Anyone else heard of that?

  26. 26 Bink

    Why on earth would she pay good money to make her mouth look like an anus?

  27. 27 Guylian

    My god – I’ve never seen a ‘before’ picture of Donatella Versace until this – she was actually nice looking once…

  28. 28 darian zam

    Is it possible her nose has collapsed from her Cocaine abuse? It’s kind of pressed flat. There’s no doubt that she’s had something done to it as well, but why would any surgeon push it down into that weird shape?

  29. 29 Joe

    I always thought she looked like Janis the Muppet in the rock band

  30. 30 Tommy

    Oh my gawd, that’s sad. I thought the last 2 photos were of someone else, like maybe her mother. First she looked like Jack Nicholson as The Joker, now she looks like a bag lady on meth.

  31. 31 Rebecca

    Holy crap, that is insane. I have seen many photos of her and never once did it occur to me that she could have looked so normal, even youthful, just 11 years ago. She doesn’t even look like the same person.

  32. 32 Blackie

    She looks to have become an elderly Jewish transvestite…

  33. 33 Artsyboy342

    I have one of Gianni’s coffee table books from the mid-nineties, if anyone can find a picture of her from the early 90’s (probably just before that 1997 pic), she had had quite a bit of work done at that point, but she looked fanTASTic, I’ll never know why she couldn’t leave good enough alone, poor dear looks like one of her fantastic leather handbags, in regard to her drug abuse, Gianni was right to leave the controlling share of the company to Allegra, he wanted to make sure Donatella treated his niece well as she was growing up.

  34. 34 kipp

    Of course it’s sad that this has happened to her but if famous people would age gracefully, these sites would be criticizing their graceful wrinkles instead and people instead of saying “look at her plastic face!!! would be saying, look at her wrinkles!!”
    Donatella’s nose seems to have collapsed. Could be cause by a combination of things including past chronic cocaine use that weakened the septum and at least one previous bad nose job in which too much cartilage was removed, hence the skin stretched and sagged. It might also be possible that cartilage or nose implant of some kind was added at some point to fix the other nose job and her nose became too heavy and eventually collapsed. She needs to see a reconstructive surgeon not a plastic surgeon and she would benefit greatly from some weight gain, we shouldn’t forget that she has body dysmorphic syndrome that includes anorexic tendencies.

  35. 35 steph

    she was pretty before all the operatons… early 90’s she was nice looking…hope this is a lesson to ppl

  36. 36 Kimberly

    She looks exactly like my Aunt!!! I never thought people could look like this in real life until I saw my aunt last week for the first time in 8 years and she looks exactly like this!!! As a matter of fact I didn’t recognize her at all but instead I was afraid, she was truly horrifying looking! I think it’s really sad that our society puts such a stigma on aging. In other societies elders are revered. In ours they are swept under the carpet. My step mom is about the same age as my aunt but has never had any plastic surgery. She has wrinkles, sure, but she looks great – 10,000 times better than my aunt who has no wrinkles but looks like an alien with her skull popping through her skin. Where do we put the value? On looks? On beauty?

  37. 37 Kimberly

    BTW botox does not cause the nose to enlarge. Botox wears off after 3 months and paralyzes muscles only! It is used primarily on the forehead and now around the eyes but rarely anywhere else and again, it wears off after 3 months. Our noses and our ears continue to grow as we age and the “spread nose” effect is achieved by stretching the facial skin to the side (as in too many face lifts) – stand in front of a mirror, place both hands on the sides of your face and pulllllllllllllll – you will see what that does to your lips, your nose and your eyes – it’s exactly how Donatella looks above….

  38. 38 se

    can botox make a nose like that, as explaned by mytwocents? but what about a-listers who are beautiful like nicole kidman or demi moore, their noses are the same.

  39. 39 JP

    My goodness. Another hideous woman. I have never seen so much ugly at one time in one place.

  40. 40 Annet

    She looks like an idiot!

  41. 41 Edward

    She looks like a Morlock from the movie “The Time Machine”.

  42. 42 Not impressed

    Oh my gosh! You’re so right! She looks JUST like that girl muppet in the band! She even has the haircut! LOL

  43. 43 Jay

    Edward is right! She looks like a Morlock from “The Time Machine” !

  44. 44 mary kay

    LOL! The last two pictures… PRICELESS!!!


  45. 45 moseby

    She was scary at 25…now her face looks likes an asshole…..

  46. 46 Anamaria

    She was ugly before, but with all the surgery now she is hideous. I just can’t understand how a fashion designer (=artist) can adopt such tasteless surgeries. Anyway… She is nothing compared to Gianni in her work. That man had way more class. RIP.

  47. 47 Sarah

    I wanna know how she wipes her nose. the nostrils are almost flat against her face!

  48. 48 shauna

    Let this be a warning to stay away from plastic surgery and to stay out of the sun! She looked good before which shows that plastic surgery can go horribly wrong and so can sun damage.

  49. 49 Yvonne

    This woman looks so odd. If I were to see her in the streets, I would be scared.

  50. 50 mark

    Damn and I want the leading role in the next batman movie!

  51. 51 Ani

    I will have nightmares now.

  52. 52 Jimbo

    I’ll be really honest with you all… I always thought this woman was fugly as hell…. why in God’s Name would someone want to look like this?

  53. 53 tami
  54. 54 cyndi

    She was born on 5/2/1955!…Exactly HOW has plastic surgery enhanced her looks or made her appear younger? She is so hideous & looks far older than her age.

  55. 55 ellie

    Congratulations, she has created something even John Wayne might be afraid of.
    Plastic surgery…how ridiculous! She was pretty before!

  56. 56 Jeremy

    Since surgery is failing her maybe she will try to consume the souls of the younger girls in the village. A WITCH!!!! WWIITTCCHHH. You should see her in a bikini it is disgusting. She looks like overly cooked bacon

  57. 57 Telly

    Looks like Klaus Klinski in the bottom pic……on a bad day

  58. 58 vprocop

    godddddd dammmmmmn….that 3rd pic looks like a man wearin a blonde wig……

  59. 59 Ed

    Now she looks like deceased cuban singer, Celia Cruz.

  60. 60 Holly

    I wonder what she thinks when she looks in the mirror? Her mouth reminds me of the Joker’s in the first Batman Movie.