Why are there scars behind Angeline Jolie’s ears? They are somewhat faint, but still visible to the naked eye. When people get face lifts, incisions are made between two and four inches above the ear and then around the front of the ear, around the earlobe into the crease behind the ear, and into or along the hairline behind the ear. Angelina is only 33. Would she really need a facelift? The scars are very surprising to me.

(An alert reader just notified me that surgery that pulls back overly prominent ears can leave scars like that. Hmmm, interesting.)

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67 Responses to “Why are there scars behind Angeline Jolie’s ears?”  

  1. 1 ms. e

    Otoplasty (pinning back “dumbo” ears) leaves scars like that.

  2. 2 Kathy

    But if she had a face lift, would there not be scars all around her ears where the incisions were made? And I doubt she’d be wearing her hair back in a tight bun if she’d had any work done. She’d look like Michael Douglas after his, and he looked downright mangled. Truth be told, I can’t even really see any scarring…just some slight redness.

  3. 3 deanne

    Honey, AJ is not 33. I’m 34, and years ago when she did Hackers, she was interviewed all over the place and she was 2 -3 years older than me at the time, so she would be at least 36 right now.

  4. 4 casey

    she might be only 33 but she looks at least 43, if not 53. and Pitt has aged 20 years since he’s been with her, too.

  5. 5 mytwocents

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to this one. She’s been getting her face surgically altered for years already. Take a look at pics from her as recently as five to six years ago, and compare them to how she looks now. She looks totally different. In fact, she now looks like a female version of her brother James. I think she used to look naturally pretty and even stunning when all made up. But now she resembles a waxen looking mannequin. Her eyes have become narrowed and squinty. Her nose is way too thin and small. Any more tweaking there and you could interchange her nose for Michael Jackson’s. Those lips are way too big and puffy. She’s obviously been getting them plumped up. And why? They’re already naturally large. She looks more cartoonish now than anything. If there was a way to reverse what she’s had done to this point, it would be money well spent.I used to think she was a real knockout. But now she’s just become one of many of Hollywood’s parody of bimbo-barbie dolls.

  6. 6 SB123

    Maybe she had a lower facelift? For a woman who has had 2 pregnancies, she still has a very defined jawline. There are some questions regarding her “beauty” – braces, nose job, and now this. I know that there are some who are attempting to redefine beauty, such as plastic surgeons, however, to me, beauty is a face that’s been untouched by plastic surgery.

  7. 7 Dee

    Could be just skin, I’ve got a scar behind my right ear from a major ear operation — but I doubt she has the same problem.

    Sure surprised me!

  8. 8 celeste

    I think it’s obvious that she did something to her face after the birth of her twins and am surprised no one has spoken/written about it!

  9. 9 kellis

    I doubt she had the ear surgery because then there would be pictures of her as a child with big ears.

  10. 10 sparklfarkl

    it’s possible, a facelift…if she had surgery for ‘dumbo ears’ that would have been done years ago and the scars would be gone by now…maybe mastoids?

  11. 11 karen

    She could be like many people and be plauged by cysts behind the ear. I constantly get them sometimes they go away or shrink to a smaller size but I had one when I was 11 and it was huge and would not go away so the doctor cut it out. It was stiched up, but I have a good sized scar. Are you telling me an 11 year old had a facelift too?

  12. 12 Michael

    “Pinning back” ears leaves a scar on the back of the ear, not a scar like that.

  13. 13 Kylie

    Angelina used to be a cutter! She has scars all over her body! Shes admitted this in several interviews just google it! I don’t think it has to do with a face lift.

  14. 14 Veronica

    I don’t think she had a face lift. More likely, she had her ears pinned back. It’s a simple procedure and works well for floppy-eared people. If you look at her ears, they are are very close to her head with not much room in between. I think that’s why she has the scars.

  15. 15 Melissa

    Speaking as someone who works in an ENT’s office, it is possible that she has had middle ear sugery in the past. A postauricular incision is usually the only way to access the middle ear space.

  16. 16 CK


    On this website are some photos of AJ before she blew up. I think she has definitely had her lower lip reduced, and possibly a tweak to her nose, but her ears–what one can see of them in these pix, since they are mostly hidden by hats or her hair–look close to her head, as they do today. Of course, she may have had them pinned back when she was even younger.

  17. 17 James

    Could they be from silicone jaw implants? As a teen she had a perfect oval face, now (and the last 10 odd years) she has an exotic square jaw. I have no idea if that would leave those scars but I also never heard of a face changing shape completely.

  18. 18 Roberta

    The scars could be the result of a rinoplasty (well, she has surely altered her nose throughout the years). Secondary nose jobs usually need more cartilage (sometimes both ears have to be used in that kind of surgery) to make new refinements and even make impovements/ corrections.

  19. 19 Mike

    Even from the back she looks 50+ … my guess is that she’ll be in the next series of Addams Family movies.

  20. 20 lachickforever

    Looking at those young Angelina pics convice me that she has had very little work done. Maybe a shave of the bridge of the nose. She looks almost exactly the same except she has lost the roundness of youth.

  21. 21 Sutter

    Looks like her eyeglasses are too tight or irritated her skin somehow.

  22. 22 Cookie

    She is getting filler injections into her top lip, has an obvious nose job, had lower eyelid surgery and had treatments to resurface her skin. I believe the scras could possibly be the results of a lift to make her jawline more defined.

  23. 23 SpookCat

    her tatoos are really attractive
    yes I know a lot of people have tatoos. they are NOT attractive. sorry. I also wish aj would just go away, obnoxious tatoos and all.

  24. 24 Debi

    She definitely did not have an otoplasty (pinning back ears). I’ve seen photos of her when she was young and she always had flat, small ears. Those scars are still red, which means they are fairly new (within a period of a few years). And she HAS been re-tooling her face for years now — she had a nose job, lower lip reduction, upper lip augmentation, and most likely some sort of facial filler or cheek implants, because that can sometimes make eyes look smaller and squinty. Now it looks like she had a face lift of some sort, whether lower face lift or mini face lift.

    On Wikipedia it says her birthday is June 4, 1975.

  25. 25 Debi

    She most definitely did not have an otoplasty (ear pinning); pinning the ears leaves a scar directly behind the ear, NOT an inch or more away from the ear. I’ve seen pictures of her when she was young and she always had flat, small ears so an otoplasty would not be necessary. She HAS been re-tooling her face for years now — she had a nose job, lower lip reduction, upper lip augmentation, and some sort of facial filler or cheek implants, because augmenting the cheek area can sometimes make the eyes look squinty.

    Wikipedia lists Angelina’s birthday as June 4, 1975.

  26. 26 Pierina

    I saw these scars a couple weeks ago and sent a link to a plastic surgeon blogger, he never got back to me. She looks different since she has had the twins, I think since her mum died she has been morphing into her image.
    I cannot figure what these scars can be from…I work in surgery with ENT, Plastics and Maxilla facial. will ask what they think and post a suggestion if they have one.
    she is gorgeous in any case.

  27. 27 What

    I wish some people would learn how to spell before making asinine comments on a board. It’s taTToo. People that waste their time making snide comments about people they don’t even know (celebrities, no less), really just show how shallow their lives are. Who cares? I guarantee that if any one of you bashers stood next to her (or even Billy Bob Thornton for that matter) would look like the pile of ugly crap you are. These posts are simply out of jealousy, nothing more. Get a life.

  28. 28 lastnerve

    Damn you guys are harsh! Will the world stop turning if we didn’t know every little detail about her? She is human and does have a life too. I say, let her be!

  29. 29 M. Simm

    I agree with James and Roberts. I think either it is a scar from revision rhinoplasty (gathering cartilage), or a jaw-line implant scar. She has obviously had work done to her jawline. So sad, because she was always beautiful.

  30. 30 frewt

    and the bitchy petty comments keep coming, she’s beautiful and you aren’t casey, get the hell over it. She looks like a stunning woman in her 30’s and I sincerely doubt she has needed to resort to surgery at her age.


    “People that waste their time making snide comments about people they don’t even know (celebrities, no less), really just show how shallow their lives are. Who cares? I guarantee that if any one of you bashers stood next to her (or even Billy Bob Thornton for that matter) would look like the pile of ugly crap you are.”

  32. 32 Ashley

    That’s because she liked to play with knives… (when she was little) :) … I love her ^^ … GO ANGELINA !!!

  33. 33 Diggit

    She’s born 1975. And that’s the end of it.

  34. 34 Just a thought

    It’s probably photoshoped there is a group of woman online who do everything in their power to trah Angelina. even going as far to send letter to UN because they want to get her fired.

  35. 35 rai

    @ Sutter: I thought that too when I saw these photos. Those are definitely not scars, just ill fitting glasses.

  36. 36 tam1640

    are you people stupid?! shes 33!! and turns 34 in june

  37. 37 Karin

    The scars behind her ears might be from mastoidectomy’s. That’s surgery to remove infected or diseased bone behind the ear. I have scars like these behind my ears from mastoidectomy surgery, and they are not identical scars.

  38. 38 jem

    in 1997 she played in real women she lookes pretty then. But she has really had to much plastic surgey.

  39. 39 LLD

    Those look an awful lot like neck/throat tightening scars to me. Not sure how to embed a link here, but:


  40. 40 Quinn

    To “frewt” and “what”: neither have you have met her, either. I have. And she is a very scary looking lady. I saw her when she was filming that movie about being a TV reporter, and she looked exactly like her brother, but with incredibly long hair. She was hunched, wide-eyed, pale, and soft-spoken. She was polite enough, and I can’t say anything bad about that, but she was definitely very disturbing appearance-wise.

  41. 41 mephesto59

    I had otoplasty when I was 5, and the scars are in the crease between my ears and my head and they aren’t visible, so I highly doubt that is what her scars are from. That could even be a dent from wearing glasses for a while.

  42. 42 Kendra

    I don’t know what I get more of a kick out of – the people who take the time to write “who cares,” the ones who ask us to leave AJ alone (despite the fact the chick makes millions because of our fascination with her) or the people who honestly think she hasn’t had any work done. I LOVE this site! Keep up the good ..er…work!

  43. 43 elena

    i thik the scars are because she had plastic surgery on her cheek bones ,she has implants on her cheeks.some years ago her face was more round.

  44. 44 Lenni

    I actually agree that she did have a face lift becuase looking at some of her early pics like in her 20’s she had a little more fat under her chin. now she has a very defined, skeletal jawline which i’m sure didn’t magically happen, ’specially since she’s older. oh well. shes still beautiful.

  45. 45 M. Gale

    I think she looked more exotic when she was young before her surgeries. She is very beautiful now. However there was something extremely interesting about her features before they were tweaked. I thoght she looked gorgeous in her natural state. She definitely had her nose done, changed her jaw line and it looks like her bottom lip was reduced and her top lip was made fuller when comparing the older photos with the more recent photos. I cannot comment about the ear scars except to say it does not appear to be from a face lift or ear pinning surgery.

  46. 46 keep it real

    I think Pitt has had far more work that she has. But noone wants to call him out on it.

  47. 47 me again

    couples thing = couple plastic surgery lol just thought I would make myself clear on that.

  48. 48 gia

    I think Jolie is stunning, plastic surgery or not, but this is obviously a plastic surgery celeb site, we are supposed to be commenting on how they look & what they have possibly had done & if it looks good or not… if you want to read only positive, glowing reviews about how perfect & gorgeous celebs like Jolie are then please by all means go directly to their fan sites & enjoy!

  49. 49 VegasRN

    Otoplasty scars are in the crease of the ear — not behind the ear as seen here. Those are facelift scars.

  50. 50 Get a life!

    I was just web surfing and came across this – it AMZAZES me that all of you are so interested in this. GET A LIFE!!!!!!

  51. 51 Maja

    Well this TRASHY woman has nose and many other surgeries, real hemorroide lips and scary sick skinny dont need to be old to get surgeries….any one at hollywood have it, to help with there insecurities, that’s it. If you check her pic while younger, you can tell she has many surgeries. Like or not, the truth hurts. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND

  52. 52 Yvonne

    What is the big deal about AJ? She has an ugly body. UGLY !!! The only thing attractive on her is her face but then when you check the rest of her out, UGH!!!! She really needs to put on some weight.

  53. 53 mary vonclause

    i am wondering if people have forgotten that she has said that when she used to cut her self she would do it on the NECK and HAIR LINE behind the EAR, and unless i am mistaken that is the hairline or quite close to it. so you people who are making up random conspiracy theories, you could try and think about the other possibilities.

  54. 54 Gummo

    Don’t you know that STARS are flawed?

  55. 55 nicole

    I would love to say say that no woman is born that beautiful but I HAD OTOPLASTY (ears pinned back), it does NOT leave a scare like that. Also what about sunglass marks? Get over it.

  56. 56 KiKi

    This woman is only in her 30’s???? Oh hell NO. She has had way too much work done, she looks much older than her real age and she’s on the road to Joan Rivers/Lisa Rinna territory.

  57. 57 engra

    She used to self harm didn’t she. I did in my younger years, I cut myself behind the ears all around to the nape of my neck. It was thrilling since it was obvious, but easily hidden with long hair. Not saying that is what she did, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  58. 58 BlacKat

    Why would you directly go to plastic surgery? Because she’s a celebrity? Because she’s beautiful?
    After reading this post i went to a gallery of photos from that event and looked through them. She doesn’t have a similar mark behind her right ear, just behind her left one. Even if you show a picture of her right ear, i dare anybody show me where they see a mark there.
    And btw, it could be an old scar, it could just be a scratch, lets say she scratched herself or one of the kids did it. Or its some sort of scar she got when young or shooting movies, etc. I’m not taking her side but i find it completely biased that you’d automatically think of plastic surgery when all you see is a simple red-ish mark. You wouldn’t think the same if it belonged to a regular person.

  59. 59 Snowowl

    Some makeup artist should have been fired! You can see makeup around the back of her neck, so the makeup person should’ve seen the scars and covered them. Der!

  60. 60 jm

    Ok, I really like Angie but c’mon, her face DOES look different in the past few months. Look at her eyelids in the 2nd photo above . . .eyelids do NOT become more pronounced like that as you age. Quite the opposite.

  61. 61 Ellie May Clampet

    Who the hell cares??!!

  62. 62 Telephonay

    I’m no expert on plastic surgery or scars, but as for angular jaws?
    When I was 16-20, my jawline had the same softness of her earlier pictures, now that I’m 45, I have a very angular jawline, like Depp’s.
    Recall that one of the Gabor sisters once said, “After a certain age, it’s either your face, or your fanny.” Women loose the fat in our faces as we get older.
    Jolie is one skinny dame, no doubt that would show in her face.

  63. 63 kate

    JM, first of all she’s always had somewhat prominent eyelids. Secondly, actually eyelids DO sometimes become more pronounced with age due to fat loss of the upper eyelids exposing more of them. It can go either way.

  64. 64 kate

    And I understand that the weight loss has aged her, but people saying she looks 50+ is just ridiculous. You KNOW if you saw her in the street and she was just some random woman that is NOT what an average 50+ year old looks like. Maybe around 40 but don’t push it. If she gained some weight she would look more her age for sure. And please dont’ come back with how people like Madonna or Elle Mcphereson look younger than her because they look freakishly young for their ages so it’s not a point of comparison.

  65. 65 AC

    I’ve heard of a surgery where incisions are made behind the earlobe in order to gain access the jawline to reduce (shave down) the jawbone. This procedure is common in gender reassignment patients. Jolie did have a naturally square, masculine jawline when she started out. Her face has become more feminine over the years with the assistance of numerous elective procedures.

  66. 66 arabella

    Massively overrated actress in every way. I have seen varying photos of her when young. Her upper lip was normal, lower lip very large. I discern that she pumped up the top lip to match and monkeyed around with the lower lip. It has a crease down the center causing it to look like a set of buttocks. She always looks spaced out. Brad Pitt’s not the only one who aged after marrying a witch. Look at poor Antonio Banderas after he hooked up with Melanie Griffith. He looks anorexic and geriatric. Angelina’s scars are not from ears being pinned back. My cousin had that surgery and the scars were not positioned there. Yes, women toy with their faces very young these days. I had a friend who was in her early thirties, pretty but not spectacular. A certain surgeon altered her face and she was just magnificent after. aproblem is, the earlier you start, the more rapid the reversals and subsequent maintenance. I am sick of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, singularly and as a couple. Can we move on from this overpaid, overexposed duet?

  67. 67 arabella

    BTW we are not all envious of AJ……I am a very good looking athletic babe who’d stand next to her any day. As for the scars coming from jaw implants, no way. Surgeons go through the mouth for facial implants and leave no outward scars. This blog is for comments on plastic surgery, not discussions about any other subject. If you don’t like the comments, get lost. I study these surgically enhanced faces to decide if and when I will subject myself to procedures at some point. I still have unlined eyes with no bags, strong jaw, high cheekbones, fulll lips, etc., but know the time is approaching when I will do something somewhere when things falter. The celebrity sites how me what to avoid ad what to approach with extreme caution,