Is Courtney Cox’s face stuck?

Courtney Cox looks as if her face is stuck in the photo below on the left. She is trying to smile, but can’t quite make it. Her lips and eyes look frozen in motion. Could it be the result of too much botox?

Courtney has never admitted to any sort of plastic surgery, but I’ve always suspected she had something done to her eye area.

Courtney Cox

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30 Responses to “Is Courtney Cox’s face stuck?”  

  1. 1 mytwocents

    She looks like she’s had her upper lip plumped up a little, but not too bad. And you can see fine lines on her forehead. She’s probably using some Botox, but not in over load by the looks of it. She looks a lot fresher in the 2006 photo, but she still looks great. More natural than most female celebrities, that’s for sure.

  2. 2 Sarah

    It almost looks like the Botox is beginning to interfere with her ability to properly blink as well.

  3. 3 Karen

    Yes! Saw her on The Ellen Degeners Show last week and I noticed the same thing. She looked like she was cracking up, but her face muscles couldn’t quite move enough to show it. Very strange looking.

  4. 4 Suzanne

    Actually, she has admitted to using botox. It was in one of the fashion magazines…Glamour, Marie Claire, or Cosmo…can’t remember which one…

  5. 5 H

    It would be great to see a slide show of her face from every year over the past 15 years or so.

  6. 6 Bink

    I would have just figured she was drunk or stoned or something. I’m sure that’s not the look she was trying for.

  7. 7 Ms. H

    Courtney Cox is her most beautiful when she smiles. However, she never seems to be that joyous as she ages–Most likely due to over botoxed facial muscles. Courtney would also look more youthful if she cut her hair. The long straight hair drags her face down even more. Remember how perky and natural she looked with short hair in her debut Bruce Springsteen video and the early season of Friends. Cut and restyle your hair and stick with kinerase versus botox!

  8. 8 Cookie

    You show show pictures before 2006 since she had many surgeries done to her face prior to 2006 (facelift & eyelid surgery) in addition to botox an fillers

  9. 9 K

    She’s admitted to using fillers not Botox– read that in People the other day.

  10. 10 SpookCat

    Ms H you are so right about her hair length she always looked much better to me with the shorter hair.

  11. 11 missy

    yeah right, thats a pic of 2006! not! its a pic of 2003 the golden globes. big difference in years dont ya think? she is always most beautiful no matter what.

  12. 12 Paula

    I noticed in the 2006 photo that her chest looks freckled. This happens to a lot of middle-aged light-skinned people who have sported a ‘healthy’ tan for years. I’m in my early forties with no crow’s feet or laugh lines, only a faint line across the forehead which I cover with bangs. The skin on my neck and chest is smooth, clear and free of age spots or blemishes. I shake my head sadly when I see beautiful young women with sun-induced bronze skin. Even the best anti-aging treatments can’t erase years of damage.

  13. 13 cella cabus

    I saw her in Bedtime Stories and she was not speaking clearly and I think it was because of the Botox interfering with her facial muscles. She would look so much better if she didn’t have that long stringy hair. It makes her look so much older.

  14. 14 SHERA

    I think she has had some work, but she looks great.

  15. 15 havfruen

    Oh Paula…after over 40 years of living you don’t have any laugh lines?
    Maybe you should take a break from the computer and go out and try to have some fun.
    Wrinkles aren’t all bad, you know, they show your personality as well.

  16. 16 SpookCat

    that was a pretty silly comment
    i am 42 and I have no lines at all with the exception of a barely noticeable line from my nose to the outer edge of my mouth on the right side of my face. other than that, nothing. Everyone thinks I have the face of a 20 year old. My hair is premature grey and I don’t dye it so that is about all that gives away my age. And guess what I play on computer and go out and have fun too. You comment was a little insensitive. Yes I laugh a lot, I mean I laugh probably too much but I do not have laugh lines. I do not know why I do not have lines yet but I don’t. though you are 100% correct wrinkles are not bad at all, not at all!

  17. 17 curtis jones

    Courteney appeared on Scrubs this month, and is unrecognizable. If she says she doesn’t use Botox and/or has had no plastic surgery, she is lying.

  18. 18 Margaret

    Her lips & eyes look “frozen in motion” because they ARE- that’s what photos do; she was probably in the middle of changing her expression. And she’s an actress: OF COURSE she’s had Botox and/or fillers. It goes without saying, simply part of the job. She doesn’t appear to be going overboard. I haven’t seen video of her though.

  19. 19 M. Gale

    She is a vey pretty woman and for the most part looks natural. Maybe she uses botox, but that is not permanent and she did not use it to dratically change her appearance. She doesn’t have the Hollywood teeny tiny nose,, big chipmunk cheeks and the huge lips. That is really very refreshing. If she had or ever does have a facelift, they can be done to make you look better, but not different than you always have.

  20. 20 laura

    well who cares what she looks like its really all about her personality she is growing old nearly into her 50’s and she cant stop it well she can with botox and stuff but still. I can unerstand why she looks a bit wierd because how would you feel if you had a load of cameras flashing in your face. Courtney was really beautiful on friends and has always been and probably always will be into her 50’s.

  21. 21 moseby

    Man, something evil in hollywood is turning these hotties into ogres.

  22. 22 shaaron

    Now that’s some great plastic surgery! She looks fantastic … to me!

  23. 23 Zo

    She has admitted to botox. Her and Jennifer Aniston both. It was a huge story a few years ago.

  24. 24 Eve

    She admitted having Botox in her forehead once. She said she hated it because she couldn’t move her face afterwards and would never have it again because she didn’t see the point. You can see in the more recent photo that she does have lines on her forehead. I don’t think she looks like she’s had surgery, she just looks like she is aging, which obviously alters the appearance a little, and wearing lip liner to make her lips look fuller.

  25. 25 ami

    She showed up on Friends looking extremely different, in the last year it was being made, I think. I’ve never seen comments from anyone else who noticed it so I’ve never found any info on it, but it looked like she had her eyes done and she didn’t look nearly as pretty as she had.

  26. 26 Hawk

    Come on, those are fake boobs. They’re giant now, but in Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” video she has nothing. Am I the only one who noticed this?

  27. 27 Abbey

    I’ve seen women in their 40s who naturally don’t have wrinkles. I’m 36 and I only have one very fine line beside my mouth where I smile, and it’s not even visible in most lighting. I have no lines at all on my forehead or around my eyes and I’ve had no work done. People guess me at being in my early 20s. I’ve had my fair share of fun and stress; I just don’t sunbathe and I’ve been using sunscreen everyday for 15 years. I think Courtney Cox was pregnant in the last series of Friends which explains how she looked different.

  28. 28 Peter

    Sometimes the photo is taken BEFORE one can reach the final stage of expression…

    Come on.. many of the photos here are a result of the person being caught in the middle of changing expressions.. nothing more. Don’t overdo it with suspicion.

  29. 29 jessica

    Not only was she trying to get pregnant/pregnant during Friends, but I believe she had to take prednisone to prevent miscarriage. This can change the appearance of one’s face temporarily. Currently, however; she has done something terrible to her face. Still photos don’t show it. You have to see her in movement. I saw her on Conan last night. Very disappointing, as she has sacrificed her beauty, character and charm for smoothness.

  30. 30 natalie

    I’m pretty sure she had a facelift. The last, or was it second last, series of friends she came back with a much tighter face. I agree about the eyes, and I think she also had a little nose re-shaping.