For many years, I have believe Melanie Griffith to be a plastic surgery addict. A recent photo of her surfaced and her eyes have an odd tilt to them in the outer corners. She is smiling, however her eyes are pulled up too tightly. It gives her the Jocelyn Wildenstein cat eye look, which is frightening.

Also, her lips look larger now. I suspect she has lip implants. Also, it appears that she is lining her lips outside of her lipline which is unappealing.

The first photo is from the late 90s. If she had kept that particular look, at this time she would have looked still attractive.

melanie griffith

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19 Responses to “Melanie Griffith – under the knife again?”  

  1. 1 mytwocents

    Melanie’s biggest problem is that she’s an avid smoker and worships the sun. She’s also a recovering alcoholic. She’s got major skin damage going on there. Women with damaged skin like that make very poor plastic surgery candidates. She probably would have ended up looking rough any way, but the surgeries don’t help matters.

  2. 2 Bink

    Her nose looks oddly mashed and flattened, too.

  3. 3 frewt

    If only Melanie had given up the booze, the fags, the pills and the sun a loooong time ago, she wouldn’t have need to do this to herself. The combined effect of the surgery and the physical abuse make her look older than she is.

  4. 4 Suzanne

    I don’t think any actress alive bugs the crap out of me more than Melanie Griffith.In ever thought she was very cute to begine with, but now she just looks like a drag queen. How the hell did she land Antonio Banderas? When she came back after all the first go around of plastic surgery -around the time she did a film called “mil Money,” she would look pretty cute right now. But she just keeps at it, plumping and pulling- and she looks awful.

  5. 5 SpookCat

    her lips look totally ridiculous. They hide her teeth making her mouth smaller and weird looking and they make her chin seem more prominent. She looks terrible.

  6. 6 Jekor

    I’ve always disliked Melanie’s weird lips; she’s another “kicker and screamer”~~~ in middle age and battling it. Wonder if her marriage to Antonio is still in one piece.

  7. 7 Sarah

    She’s beginning to have the same weird-looking mouth as Cher. If she’d left herself alone, she’d be a little bit rough now, but that would be so much better than the grotesquerie she is now.

  8. 8 M. Gale

    She really looks silly. Some plastic surgery is OK. I think the line should be drawn. Keep your original features, take away the extra hanging skin and bags. Less is more. It is OK to look your age. It is OK to look like yourself.

  9. 9 Yvonne

    This woman does not look human. I feel so sorry for these famous people.

  10. 10 Francesca

    Uh I am seeing a lot of wrinkles, so how did she have surgery?

  11. 11 Francesca

    It’s nice her lips aren’t looking so stuffed either. I think maybe she’s going back to nature, whcih I really like, actually. Are pigs flying.

  12. 12 jane tennison

    It also looks like the bridge of her nose has collapsed. Too much cocaine, perhaps?

  13. 13 Rebecca

    I agree with Francesca I see wrinkles so how much surgery could she have had.

  14. 14 Ani biglips

    I never thought she was pretty, even back in the day with Don Johnson. she always had a crooked smile and a speech impediment. Just ditsy blond and she’s still trying to be one, a wrinkled one. I feel sorry for the dumb blondes cause they can’t grow old gracefully. everyone feels sad for them.

  15. 15 kate

    I’ve seen alot worse pics or MG than these. She was so pretty in Working Girl

  16. 16 CK

    She has ruined her mouth.

  17. 17 Sasha

    Banderas also looks horrid at only 48 years old; serious eyebags, skinny like an AIDS victim. It’s like she sucked the life out of him. He appears to be her lap dog and I saw photos of him wearing seriously ugly shiney shirts with horrible patterns on them. I personally believe she long ago cast spells on this man and he is now her zombie. They both look like something from a grade B horror flick. HE was gorgeous, what a shame. SHE never was, not that it matters, but her holding onto him especially in Hollywood defies the laws of physics.

  18. 18 Pebbles

    Her before picture looks exactly like Khloe Kardashian.

  19. 19 Alex13

    She looks 35 years younger before