Joan Rivers..she was not always scarier than a Halloween mask

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Joan Rivers’ face did not always resemble a Halloween mask. She was perfectly normal looking in the mid 80s as this photo shows. After her husband committed suicide, her face started melting. First,her nose, and then the rest. Her hairline starts very far back on her head. Why? If not brain surgery, then it was because of a face lift.

Her nose seems to have been carved into something that would look fine on Michael Jackson. That is definitely not a good thing. And her plump upper lip is pointless considering her age.

The cheerleader from Heroes in 20 years!

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hayden's mom
This is supposedly a photo of Hayden Panetierre’s mom (Hayden is the cheerleader on Heroes). So this is Hayden in 20 years. Blechhh! I really hope this woman has had a face lift that has not settled in yet, because she looks like a fire burn victim. Remember the Fire Marshall Bill character done by Jim Carrey? She looks just like that. Watch the video!

Her nose also looks surgeried. Hayden is lucky she didn’t get that nose.

Mary Tyler Moore, the crypt keeper?

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mary tyler moore

Is Mary Tyler Moore starting to look somewhat corpse-like? Her face looks very, very taut. There is definitely a going through a wind tunnel expression to her. I believe she has had several rounds of plastic surgery and has in the past year or two gone back for more! As if she needs it. It is a scary thought. The first plastic surgery I believe she had was on her nose and then she started ‘working’ on the rest of her face.

There really is not a point in getting face lifts at an advanced age, because your hands will give you away. You can’t have those lifted as well.

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