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Cynthia Weinstein, above, is the worst plastic surgeon ever. She has been found guilty of performing face lift procedures, “fat pad removals”,chemical peels and, silicone injections to patients either inappropriately or in a fashion for which she was not registered. Sadly for her complaining patients they have been left with puckered facial skin and assymetrical [...]

Koena Mitra is a Bollywood star in her native India. Lately, she has been making news because her appearance. Her nose looks like it is melting (just like what poor Michael Jackson went through!). Her original nose had wider nostrils. I think she wants a cute little button nose at any price and keeps finding [...]

Self tanner is one very mild form of altering one’s appearance. However, after a certain age, it just does not work. Take for instance ex James Bond actor Roger Moore. It doesn’t enhance his appearance and makes him look even older because the self tanner powder has settled into his wrinkles.

Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout

Dancing With The Stars alumni Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout. In an interview, she stated that everyone in Hollywood does it. However, after seeing a photo of herself, she decided to be more careful with her filler usage. We think it is a great idea, because she was perfectly lovely when she entered the [...]

The latest news from Kim Kardashian (after being booted off Dancing With The Stars, photos of her boyfriend frolicking with another woman being leaked to the Internet, etc) is that, yes, her breasts are real despite the majority of the entire blogsphere feeling otherwise. Kim has even released a photo of herself at 15 wearing [...]

Traci Bingham is a former Baywatch ‘actress’, who has become a staple on the reality tv circuit. Currently, she is on a reality show where people pitch ideas for their own individual reality program. What does that mean? She very likely turns the volume up on her plastic surgery routine. Take a look at her [...]

Music video model Vida Guerra shows off her bolted on looking breasts at the beach last week. She has lost weight since she first entered the public eye a few years ago. The weight she has lost in chest is rather revealing. Her breasts look hard and round.

Many readers write in about Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives fame.  Complaints range from, ‘her face looks frozen’ to ‘her nostrils are very uneven’.  (Nostrils can be uneven after rhinoplasty surgery.)  Anyway, I think she looks like she has had a face lift. When she resurfaced on Desperate Housewives, I never remembered her looking that [...]

What’s wrong with Clint Eastwood’s face? He’s not in front of the camera anymore, so adjustments are not necessary. His eyes look red and extra squinty even though he isn’t squinting. His face looks too mask like as well. This new look of his is not an improvement. His eyes seriously look off kilter in [...]

Are those tennis balls in Chloe’s chest? Chloe Lattanzi is the eating disordered daughter of singer Olivia Newton John. She genuinely does look like she has had every part of her face operated on and she’s barely over 21. Her eyes, lips, nose, and cheeks all look ‘different’. An astute reader sent in this photo [...]