Is Cindy Crawford morphing into Janice Dickinson? Looks like it!! Cindy’s cheeks are looking plump and not just because she is smiling. I just saw a new picture of plastic surgery victim Janice Dickinson and was struck by the idea that maybe the two go to the same plastis surgeon!

Cindy looks like she has had work done. The set of her eyes is different and skin looks suspiciously unwrinkled.

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21 Responses to “Is Cindy Crawford morphing into Janice Dickinson?”  

  1. 1 christine

    When she first had her eyes done they looked smaller and wierd. She probably is terrified of losing her looks because she has a skincare line that she represents. Unfortunately for her we know that no skin care line can make you look like a FORMER supermodel. However, almost all plastic surgeons can make you look like Janice Dickenson!

  2. 2 Paula

    I think she always looked a little manly, but don’t think she looks like Janice Dickinson. Janice looks like a transexual male.

  3. 3 belinda

    I have been thinking for about a year that the similarities are striking. Glad to see that I am not the only who has realized that Cindy is no longer beautiful–she looks too unnatural.

  4. 4 mytwocents

    I like Cindy Crawford, but she hasn’t looked herself for ages. She could pass for Janice Dickinson’s twin sister.

  5. 5 Suzanne

    Gosh-the look like two sisters 10 years apart-both having major work done. Cindy-look into the future-i’ts not good-stop now!

  6. 6 Shelly

    I see absolutely nothing wrong wit Cindy. Janice on the other hand…

  7. 7 Mike

    Cindy not quite there, but she getting there … most models age quite badly anyway and often have a “mannish” look to them (see Bob, err Brooke Shields.) As women get older the fat cells in their face shrink (while the fat cells in their lower bodies – the butt – expands) and this sort of harden the facial features … when these women were younger the “baby fat” in their faces soften the sharp features that made them so photogenic but with the decrease in fat it just makes those features look hard as they got older. Of course, they can gain weight to increase the fat in their face, but they would also be increasing the fat in their butts too, this is why many women say that after 40 a woman has to chose between her face or her ass.

  8. 8 lola

    The biggest mistake Cindy has made was having her eyes done. I don’t know who her surgeon is, but he did not do a good job. She actually looks hard which will always make you look older.

  9. 9 Kim

    I have been using her skincare line and I have gotten so many compliments saying that I look younger. My skin glows and there is a difference overall. I don’t think that she has done anything to herself.

  10. 10 CATHAZAT

    Cindy should beware of going the “tranny” route…looks like she’s heading there fast. As for Janice, she’s beyond help at this point. I’m hoping that she’ll soon be neck-and-neck with Jocelyn Wildenstein for world’s most scariest plastic surgery victim.

  11. 11 JP

    I think she looks great. It’s Cindy Margolis that looks ummm haggard. Actually, Miss Crawford never was beautiful….why else would she marry Richard Gere? DOH! Spankee Yankee

  12. 12 chloe

    theyd look SO identical if janice’s eyes werent all scrunched up like that…they could be twins

  13. 13 Rachel

    Why don’t ’stars’ realize that getting the eyes done only emphasizes the hollowness that progresses with age….ick

  14. 14 M. Gale

    I honestly do not think that Cindy looks bad. I never thought she was drop dead gorgeous. I did admire her for never buying into the anorexic look. She is pretty and still looks nice.

  15. 15 Ani

    Superficial hag!

  16. 16 Ellie May Clampet

    Cindy will tell you its the makeup line and skin care she endorses~ LOL!!!

  17. 17 Chris L.

    I’ve always been a fan of Cindy, but I agree that her previous eye-work was botched and she’s heading down a slippery slope. Maybe the stress of having her husband accused so many times of hitting on his young employees calls for drastic measures.

  18. 18 sundown

    I was horrified at her appearance on Good Morning America last week. She has “plastic mask face.” It literally did not move and had the weird built-up look that’s becoming the Hollywood norm. She’s becoming unrecognizable and it’s a shame!

  19. 19 Andy Corona

    I never thought that Cindy Crawford was the least bit glamorous, she always had a boyish type figure and a flat ass, that is probably why she had to diss J Lo and say that, “We have the same exercise instructor, her butt is genetic because she is Puerto Rican”, yeah right, she was just jealous that she has a flat ass, now she looks even worse, her eyes are small and “beady” and her whole face dosen’t move, she isn’t attractive at all!

  20. 20 Cheri

    Just saw Cindy Crawford’s commercial for her stupid skin care line. She looks like shit. I then Googled old photos of her to see what she did to herself. Cheek implants, brow lift, upper eye job, nose job, upper lip fillers, buccal fat pad removal, face lift, hips, butt and thighs liposuction. Yup. She is definitely becoming Janice! At least Janice is honest though, and not trying to sell some bullcrap skin care when she is fake head to toe. I will give Cindy credit for one thing though. Great hair!

  21. 21 Sandyangel

    Cindy Crawford is positively beautiful; Janice Dickson is not.