What’s wrong with Clint Eastwood’s face? He’s not in front of the camera anymore, so adjustments are not necessary. His eyes look red and extra squinty even though he isn’t squinting. His face looks too mask like as well. This new look of his is not an improvement. His eyes seriously look off kilter in a crazy way.


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23 Responses to “What’s wrong with Clint Eastwood’s face?”  

  1. 1 Jeanne

    He looks pretty good for his age. I don’t see anything wrong.

  2. 2 Suzanne

    Wow-Clint. i hardly know thee. Why oh why would you do anything to that once craggy and gorgeous face? Age is not a bad thing. I hope your much younger wife has not convinced you to alter your face with ill advised plaxtic surger at 70+ year old. You were the amn, the absolute stud of all studs all these years and aging on your own or with just minimal surgery to correct droopy eyelijds would have been all you needed.


    He’s OLD! That’s all…

  4. 4 Caroline

    I think this is called getting old. He still looks hot to me, leave him alone. He has always had squinty eyes.

  5. 5 Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Clint, once hot but now hideous – is said to be ‘of the persuasia’. When clint arrived in hollywood eons ago, anxious to be paid millions for doing nothing, he happened to meet a very wealty aunty who kept clint in the style clint wanted to be accustomed to. In exchange, of course, for ‘favors’. After Clint hit it big he would still make periodic visits back to the aunty and give her a ‘gratitude boink’! What a guy!

  6. 6 Claire

    I don’t see it… looks like Clint to me.

  7. 7 mytwocents

    He hasn’t aged well. And he’s definitely had his eyes done. But otherwise it still looks like Clint. Just a little rough around the edges.

  8. 8 JustAThought

    Sometimes plastic surgery is done for other reasons than cosmetic. For an older than dirt person it’s usually a brow lift and blepheroplasty for lids that are causing vision issues. I’m guessing this is all he’s had done.

  9. 9 Jennifer

    I too like Clint, but at seeing his face I kept thinking “Let Me In.” If Poltergeist II was remade he’d be perfect as Julian Beck’s character, Rev Henry Kane. Which to me would actually fit him as I enjoyed the more sinister characters in his earlier films.

  10. 10 michelle

    He’s 78 years old! How’s an old guy supposed to look? Things fade, drop, and wrinkle as you get older – sometimes naturally!

  11. 11 M. Gale

    That is not how a 78 year old is supposed to look. There are no wrinkles in his face. He looks like a skeleton. He doesn’t look good to me. His forehead is totally smooth. He would have looked better aging naturally.

  12. 12 Betty Wiley

    Clint Eastwood is an old guy with not an ounce of fat on him who has been in movies for years and never did have an ounce of fat on him. When you’ve never had any fat, your skin doesn’t sag much… it just shrinks up and stays tight. That’s Clint.

  13. 13 Ani

    He’s still the the MAN!

  14. 14 vader

    OR he’s old.

  15. 15 Pouic

    He’s just very old…and he’s definitly having wrinkles, but we don’t see them in this photo, because of the flash probably. Have a look at Gran Torino, you’ll see he’s just an old man (and surgery doesn’t make your eyes red…)

  16. 16 Sam

    I’d still do him.

  17. 17 tony the pitiful copywriter

    Clint is old.

    Stop picking on him or someone is going to get hurt.

    Actually, I love this site, have spent 2 beers (one a grossly over alcohol intense ale called OLD CHUBB) looking and looking.

    I believe most of your comments are spot on. But I ask this — have you ever posted something and then realize you made a bad call? Are you capable of admitting that? Because if you can, or have, that would make you gold.

    Otherwise, go into the nearest retirement community and catch up on what OLD people really look like. You might learn something.

  18. 18 gds92115


  19. 19 sasha

    well he’s almost 80 for crying out loud. think i’ll be squinty by then myself. and he IS still in front of the camera, i.e., he just did a movie El something or other. he cannot have anymore surgery at his age, anesthesia too risky. leave dirty harry alone.

  20. 20 animalover

    I LOVE him! He is still HOT for his age!

  21. 21 Christina

    I don’t know about his personal life… but at 80 my grandpa kind of looked like this, because he had had a bunch of skin grafts after getting skin cancer removed. Could that be what we’re seeing?

  22. 22 Clint's wife

    Clint has had NOTHING done — ever. Hates cosmetic surgery, loves make-up-less, non-hair colored, non tampered beauty, and looks amazing at any age. We all hope we look this good at 80!

  23. 23 Staleywise

    Have you heard of aging? Cos that’s what’s happened here. Sad, but true.