Tara Reid has loose skin like a sharpei dog

Tara Reid has loose skin on her stomach, buttocks, and legs (it reminds me of the dog breed with loose skin, called sharpei). Why is the skin loose? Too much aggressive liposuction can remove underlying fat leading to skin that sags. Also, loose skin is a sign of aging. Older skin loses its elasticity very easily. Tara Reid is relatively young, but is also an avid sun worshipper, which can cause premature aging of the skin.
Another culprit in the battle against sagging skin is weight loss. Tara was looking extremely thin at the end of last year.

Tara Reid
This is Tara Reid’s current wrinkled backside.
Tara Reid
This is Tara Reid’s tighter buttocks and legs in the summer of 2007
Tara Reid
Tara Reid

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