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Buying Pretty

Yes, you can buy pretty. Click here. However, can you handle the pain of a forehead, chin, and cheek implants, rhinoplasty, facial fillers, and lots of other plastic surgery procedures in order to attain your goal?

Thailand’s Jocelyn Wildenstein

This photo was sent to the site today by a concerned reader. The email included the photo above and the message:

Do you think this woman might have had some work done? She is a Thai socialite.

The Perils of Being Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul may also suffer from Pectus excavatum (a condition where the ribs and sternum grow abnormally making the chest look dented). However, the dent in her chest appears smaller than the dent in Tori Spelling’s chest. Also, in her case, larger breasts (breast implant perhaps?) seem to cover the dent to a larger extent. [...]

What has Jennifer Anniston done to herself? Her face looks so tight in the photo on the right, she cannot even smile widely (usually that is a sign of botox). Also, her eyes have the tight look, like she is moving through a wind tunnel. Over, things are not looking good for Jennifer Anniston.

Tori Spelling’s Strange Looking Chest

Tori Spelling has had an odd looking concave dimple in her chest for years. Rumor states the cause as a botched breast augmentation. Earlier, this year, Tori admitted that she did have plastic surgery on her chest.
I first remember her chest looking larger in 1994 on the tv series 90210. In fact, in the season [...]

Star Magazine questions whether Jennifer Anniston’s lips are siliconed filled because they look larger, click here to read it.. This site already raised that questions about Jennifer a few years ago, click here to read that article.

Jason Lewis looks like a Chuckie Doll

I happened upon this recent photo of actor Jason Lewis (Samantha’s much younger boyfriend on Sex and the City). He is starting to look like a Chuckie doll (remember that scary movie?). His eye tilt upward very oddly, his cheeks look suspiciously plump (smuggling chesnuts, Jason?). and his skin looks stretched to the bursting point. [...]

Victoria Principal is essentially a caricature of what she looked like at the age of the 30 when Dallas premiered. Her skin is still smooth, but looks like wax (Would you buy those beauty products she sells on QVC? I wouldn’t.)
Compared to the past, her nose is not as wide (I do not believe the [...]

Connie Wildenstein

Connie Stevens is turning into Connie Wildenstein. She looks very ’surgically made over’. Her lips are way too plump for her age and her face looks too taut, especially the area around her eyes. Whatever she had done does not look natural.

Lionel discusses the dark side of plastic surgery.