Thailand’s Jocelyn Wildenstein

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This photo was sent to the site today by a concerned reader. The email included the photo above and the message:

Do you think this woman might have had some work done? She is a Thai socialite.

Yes, I do think that this woman has had work done. Unfortunately, the reader did not send in the woman’s name, because I would like to find other photos of her.

First of all, the woman does not look even vaguely Thai. I would have thought she was some sort of plastic drag queen had I not been told her gender. Her lips have that overstuffed look (I do not think it is just the bright lipstick making them look huge.) She is smiling, yet her face barely even registers a wrinkle around the mouth or eyes. I call that the ‘house of wax look’. I can barely see her top row of teeth, but from what I can see, they are likely of the chiclet veneer variety. Her nose also looks like it was ‘fixed’. Overall, this lady is scary looking.

The Perils of Being Paula Abdul

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Paula Abdul may also suffer from Pectus excavatum (a condition where the ribs and sternum grow abnormally making the chest look dented). However, the dent in her chest appears smaller than the dent in Tori Spelling’s chest. Also, in her case, larger breasts (breast implant perhaps?) seem to cover the dent to a larger extent. I was skeptical that larger breast disguise the condition, but now feel that it is believable.

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