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How To Look Like A Stripper By Alexia Moore


“Porn star” Alexia Moore aka Cassandra Malandri was arrested in a sweep of a strip club that offered more than nude shows. (Read the whole story at the New York Daily News.)Photographic evidence shows that Alexia was once an innocent looking girl who became emboldened by excessive plastic surgery.

In the first photo, she has very average normal sized lips. After some sort of lip enlargement, she bore a trout pout.

She also had a succession of breast implants unsuited to her small frame. The first set of implant looked liked small baseballs under her skin. The second set were larger in order for them to hang more naturally. The third set was monstrously large and, I suppose, well suited for being a worker at a strip club. Obviously having large breasts that do not look like they could even be remotely natural is okay in that industry. Yuck.

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