The Ugliest Breast Augmentation Ever courtesy of

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ugly_newport_boobs.jpg has uncovered the ugliest breast augmentation ever. The patient is an Orange County Newport Beach type who is anorexic with huge bolted on breast implants. She is far too thin for the size breast implants she was given. Also, she is obviously underweight and not mentally sound; doctors are not supposed to perform plastic surgery on crazy people. See more pictures of this scary breast implant patient at

Audrina’s Fake Breasts

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The best thing about Audrina Patridge’s breasts is that they don’t look bolted on. They merely look oddly spaced and strangely shaped when not covered. Perhaps, if she’d had a better plastic surgeon, her breasts would hang normally, instead of looking like they are running in opposite directions.

Someone people think that there is something weird about Audrina’s eyes, like she has an extra chromosome or some other mental defect, but the rumor around Los Angeles about her is that she is a heavy prescription drug user, in particular a fan of Adderall, which gives the user energy without them having to eat.

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