Meet hairstylist Sergey Zverev


No, this is not a lost member of the rock group Poison. He is a Russian hairstylist named Sergey Zverev, who has had what looks like a series of alterations over the years. His nose is now a carved tube with two prominent holes. Take a look at his lips; he has enough pout in his kisser for two people. His chin has amazingly grown a cleft. His eyes are larger and not because of ample applications of eyeliner.

The black and white photo is from 15 years ago and the color photos are more recent. The person who sent them to me writes:

He used to be a guy with ordinary but nice face, but nobody remembers his natural appearance. The way he looks nowadays (for about 10 last years) is awful – it is a male Barbie-doll version. He even produces dolls with his appearance. The number of surgeries he has made is countless

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