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Is Halle Berry going bald?

Is Halle Berry going bald? Or is it her hair falling out after having a baby? Or is from too many hair extensions (I don’t believe that all that hair is hers, it is very full and looks like very expensive individual hair extensions to me)?

Marcia Cross looks frozen

Marcia Cross looks frozen. Her mouth is smiling, but the rest of her face looks very unmoved by that smile. Her forehead is perfectly smooth, with not a trace of a crinkle or wrinkle. She’s in her early 40s, but has no lines under her eyes even when smiling.

Heidi Montag’s Fun Bags Settle

It looks like Heidi Montag’s breast implants have settled in. They look less bolted on. The fact that her breast implants are large work in her favor, because their heaviness gave them more gravity and a better chance at settling in. Heidi is very lucky that her body did not reject implants, because it would [...]

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What do you think of Whitney Houston’s breasts? Are they appealing to you? Or do you hate their fakeness?

I hate Whitney Houston’s breast implants. They look bulbous, strange, and out of place on a tall lean woman. The fact that she likes to show them off whenever possible makes them even worse. She must be the only person who can’t see that it looks like she has orange halves stuffed under her skin.

Another man with breast implants

Jesse Metcalfe looks like he has pec implants. Yes, there are such a thing. This is what they look like, click here.
Check out the before and after photos. Look at the way his chest looks when he lays back. When he was natural, his chest fell to the side. Now, it stays on top of [...]

Sometimes rhinoplasty to make a nose smaller is a bad idea. Why? Because it throws off the symmetry of your face by making your eyes look closer together. Added in with the other work, it makes her look like a squinty-eyed witch.

Steve Guttenberg was one of the most popular leading men of the 80s, starring in ‘Police Academy’, ‘Cocoon’, and several other popular film. Then, in the 90s, he vanished. He recently came back to the industry and oddly enough, appeared on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. During his stint on that show, I received several emails [...]

Tatum O’Neal resurfaced in the public eye yesterday after being arrested in a routine drug sweep with two bags of cocaine in her pocket. She unfortunately resurfaced with a very tight face! Wow, I was stunned at the tautness of her skin, especially around her eyes; the usual lines that a 40-something year old woman [...]