Update on skeletor with the fake boobs

Remember the photo of skeletor with the fake boobs? I received an email from a reader who claims to know the person in the photo and she offered a plausible explanation for the woman’s appearance.

Hey there

I just looked through the January 08 pics and found a lady I know there.

You have titeled it Skeletor with fake boobs I think.

The woman on that picture has been morbidly obese, then had a Gastric Bypass performed.
After the weightloss she had to have several reconstructive surgeries, including a breast lift with augmentations.

All went fine until her Bypass forced her body into losing and losing and losing even more weight – no matter how much she tried not to.

The result…well you have the picture.

She now is back to a normal weight.

Hopefully, we can get a current photo of skeletor now that she is not so thin.

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