Steve Guttenberg was one of the most popular leading men of the 80s, starring in ‘Police Academy’, ‘Cocoon’, and several other popular film. Then, in the 90s, he vanished. He recently came back to the industry and oddly enough, appeared on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. During his stint on that show, I received several emails asking,’What happened to his face?’ Well, judging from photos I can guess that he fell under the spell of a plastic surgeon’s nice only to garner poor results.

I think his face looks weirdly feminine. Why? It looks like he has cheek implants. When people age, their face does not become fuller as seems to be the case for Steve Guttenberg. The implants give his face a softness that is unbecoming for a man. I also think he had a face lift, because he looks like he is going through a wind tunnel. Also, another reason I think his face looks ‘off’ is that he had a chin implant. His face looks longer than it did in the 80s and he never had a very prominent chin back then. Finally, it is obvious that his teeth are different due to veneers.

Also, Steve started off in the entertainment industry with a different nose. His nostrils were originally larger.


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