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Scary Boobs Diagnosis

Dr Anthony Youn of offered a suggestion on the condition of woman’s breasts:

That photo you put up with the odd looking breasts is symmastia. That is the result of the space between the breasts becoming violated. Basically the breast pocket from one breast connects with the pocket of the other breast. It [...]

Kardashian Mom Put On Blast!

Wow! Her breasts almost look real!
This is funny and random, but a commentator on the VH1 blog site put the very plastic Mom of Kim Kardashian on blast! Her name is Kris Kardashian and she manages Kim and her sisters. I think she’s the one who wanted to do porn (remember how her plastic boobs [...]

Danielle Fishel is morphing into Angelina Jolie and that is not a good thing. Her facial features look like they are being pulled upward. Her nose isn’t rounded anymore, it has a sharp tip. Her cheeks are more prominent. Even her eyes look larger as well as her lips. Overall, her face is starting look [...]

Daisy Fuentes’ boobs look fake

I’ve always thought there was something weird about Daisy Fuentes’ upper half. It always seemed to look wrong on her. She already has a wide rib cage and her boobs seemed to stick out from it at an unflattering angle. Her breasts have the usual implant weird gap in between.

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The man who got breast implants

A professional gambler named Brian Zimbig got breast implants on a dare (and got $100k in return. He says his wife cried when he told her about his augmentation surgery, but now, she enjoys touching them. Sure, Brian! Watch him being interviewed by Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Sister Gets Breast Implants

Anna Nicole Smith’s sister, Donna Hogan, gets breast implants because she, ‘ wants to feel better about herself like she (Anna) did’. Also, Donna says that she does not want to be like her sister. Ok, right! I’ll bet we’ll see Donna Hogan also getting a gastric bypass soon and in one year, she [...]

Cyclops Breasts

Sometimes, breast implant surgery goes terribly wrong as in the case of the lady above (her name is Allaura Sweet). I’m not sure what this complication is called, but obviously, her breast augmentation was not successful. Two common breast augmentation complications are double bubble (The implant diameter exceeded the native fold’s ability to stretch to [...]

Just when you thought Madonna had run out of plastic, scarily, she has not. Look at how hard her breasts look. She has always sported a modestly somewhat large B cup, but now she’s gone for the large implants that pole dancers enjoy. Her breasts look hideously fake and misshapen.

Nikki’s Husband Loves Her Lips

While she does plenty of this:

Nikki Cox’s husband fields questions from the paparazzi in this video clip. Nikki hangs back and keeps turning her face away from the camera. As you watch them kiss, you can still tell her lips are gigantic (with collagen, I’ll bet! Yuck!). It is nice of him to be [...]