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Chloe Lattanzi escaped elimination this week on the reality tv show ‘Rock the Cradle’. On the show, the children of famous musical performers compete against each other in an ‘American Idol’ style competition.
Is competition what Chloe needs right now? No, she needs real help. I think she suffers from some sort of body dysmorphic disorder. [...]

Veneers Gone Bad

Gary Busey has already been mentioned on this site for having dental veneers that look too fat, chunky, and box-like. Now, it looks like his chiclet teeth are tinged yellow. Normally, veneers are very stable in color, so there must be something wrong with his. His dentist owes him a refund.

Why does Fergie look so old?

Why does Fergie look more than a decade older than her chronological age despite having had what many believe to be plastic surgery? She freely admits to having used crystal meth in the past. What does crystal meth do to the skin? Bad, bad things. According to one ex-user, Methamphetamine caused their skin to become [...]

New Breast Augmentation Technique Discovered

Do you want larger breasts, but hate the idea of putting silicone in your body? There is a new technique that uses fat harvested from other areas of the body to make your breasts larger. It sounds good to me; imagine getting larger breasts and a smaller waist all for the price of one!

Ashlee’s Nose Knows

Wouldn’t it be great if all celebrities could be truthful about the amount of plastic surgery they have had? Ashlee has been coy when asked about any possible rhinoplasties, but the camera does not lie. Look at how much thinner the bridge of her nose has become. It would be so amazing if it did [...]

The Transformation of Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton grew up extremely poor; she was one of nine children. Her family had very little money, alas that did not stop her from pursuing her dream of being a country music performer. It took drive and determination. Perhaps that same drive and determination propel her to always stay looking her best, which in [...]

The Madness of Mickey Rourke

Imagine, after years of struggling to make it as a performer, you find yourself in the category of ‘hot young male actor’. It happened to Mickey Rourke and he self destructed in the most awful of ways in the early 90s. In the latter part of the decade, he resurfaces looking radically different. Below is [...]

Meet the Mom From Home Alone

Remember the mildly attractive actress who played the mom in the movie ‘Home Alone’? That is her above. Time marches on and no one appears the same forever, but her current look shows an amazing effort to halt any sort of aging process. I can only guess at what she may have had done. I [...]

Mickey Rourke and doll hair

Mickey Rourke has hair that looks like doll hair (you know, like Barbie). It looks plugged in and not at all natural. Even though the strands of hair are rather fine, you can still see each individal strand. Also, his hair is suspiciously full and thick for a man his age.
What does it cost for [...]

Are all the Kardasians made of plastic? Here is Kourtney Kardasian showing off what looks like a very fake pair of breasts at the beach. She is Kim ‘butt implant and heaven knows what else’ Kardasian’s sister and the step-daughter of Bruce Jenner. Do any of these Kardasian girls have jobs outside of going to [...]