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Is Lil Kim's transformation complete?

Is Lil Kim’s transformation complete? She looks nothing like she did starting out in the mid 90′s. Her nose is much smaller, her eyes look different, her skin color is very different, and even her cheeks look different. This woman appears to have very few of her original body parts. Is she finally happy? Who [...]

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The Scary Lips of Jenna Jameson

Will Jenna Jameson ever stop plumping her lips? They simply get larger and larger. It does not look good. She is destroying her lip lines by overstuffing her lips. Free Web poll for your Web site –

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Kim Stewart is so airbrushed

Look at what airbrushing did for Kim Stewart. Granted, she is not fat, but still not toned. In lingerie picture, she has a perfect waist and totally flat stomach. In reality, neither are true.

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Loni Anderson Speaks

Watch how Loni Anderson’s face barely moves as she speaks. Looks like serious overload of Botox to me, because only her lips really move.

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Kim Stewart's Implants Are Scary

This is Kim Stewart, the daughter of rock star Rod Stewart. She has scary implants. They look like eggs or something, and that is not hot (as her friend Paris Hilton would say). Her implants look uneven. What does that mean? One of the implants may have ruptured. Her breasts also look hard. That is [...]

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Heather Locklear With No Makeup

Here is Heather Locklear with no makeup. What is up with with her cheeks? Does she have cheek implants or something? She looks like she is turning into Jocelyn Wildenstein, the world’s scariest plastic surgery patient, here.

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Poster child for awful plastic surgery caught in sex tape scandal

In one of the most bizarre celebrity tape scandals ever, Pete Burns (yes, he is the scary overly surgeried face – lips, cheek implants, face lift, and who knows what else) has uploaded a naughty video of himself and his ex-boyfriend. This boyfriend is the same one that supported him a few years ago, when [...]

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Why does Halle Berry have a scar in her armpit?

Why does Halle Berry have a scar in her armpit? Could it be from the removal of a clogged sweat gland? I do know that some breast augmentations are performed via an incision in the armpit. The procedure is called minimal incision breast augmentation, because no incisions are made into the breast itself. A small [...]

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Sharon Stone -what a difference a few years make

Wow, what a difference a few years make for Sharon Stone. Perez Hilton shares his theory about Miss Stone’s appearance. Tra-la-la-la! Perhaps, she needs more sleep.

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Chloe Lattanzi Escapes Elimination on Rock the Cradle

Chloe Lattanzi escaped elimination this week on the reality tv show ‘Rock the Cradle’. On the show, the children of famous musical performers compete against each other in an ‘American Idol’ style competition. Is competition what Chloe needs right now? No, she needs real help. I think she suffers from some sort of body dysmorphic [...]

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