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Poll Results: Do you think Mia Lee's breasts are real?

Mia Lee April 9th, 2008

The poll results are in and 86% believe that news anchor Mia Lee’s breasts are fake! Here are the poll results.

Here are some of the comments left:
She was so pretty, now she looks like a freak! 04/07/08 11:46:44 PM MST
fake 04/07/08 8:16:13 PM MST
i will NOT watch that news bc of Her.
She is so cheap- so HIDEOUS. they should
fire her. IDIOTS classless freaks! 04/07/08 5:04:13 PM MST
they’re clearly fake- and she has a bad wig on 04/07/08 0:26:12 AM MST
Is there anything real about this chick? 04/06/08 11:44:54 AM MST
They don’t move….at all 04/05/08 7:26:06 PM MST
pulease….. 04/05/08 4:42:42 PM MST
I’ve just felt so sad watching such a lovely
girl mutilate herself like this. She was so
pretty before she dtarted tihs addiction… 04/05/08 1:35:10 AM MST

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