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Beyonce's Inflated Chest

Bad Boob Job, Beyonce November 26th, 2007


Beyonce‘s chest looks inflated! When she started out, the largest thing on her was her rear end. Now, she is spilling out of her dress (which looks quite trashy by the way, Mummy must have made it). Her breasts look enormous and Beyonce, if you look at the photo on the left, was once quite a small breasted girl. With the way her larger bosoms being pushed out of her clothing, I’m almost wondering if she is going to starting shimmying into a riqsue burlesque routine.

Why does her chest suddenly look so large? Could it be weight gain? Could she be pregnant (I’ll bet her daddy/manager would love that!)? Or could it be breast implants? Of course we all know that celebrities are naturally beautiful creatures who do not require assistance from a plastic surgeon.

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