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Doctor In Kayne's Mom's Death ID'd

News November 13th, 2007

Dr. Jan Adams is the doctor who performed a breast reduction and tummy tuck on Dr. West, the mother of rapper Kayne West. He claims that he did nothing wrong and that complications were the cause of her death. Hopefully, more information will be revealed at a later time.

This very well might be the Dr. Jan Adams who performed the surgery pictured on, click here. He was featured on an Oprah episode on ‘Extreme Makeovers’.

Another doctor has materialized and said that he refused to operate on Dr West earlier this year due to medical issues she suffered from. He wanted her to get a medical clearance before he would perform the surgery.

If Dr. Jan Adams would like to contact our site personally to discuss the situation, please email us at media ** at ** We are interested in your side of the story.

A message board claims that Dr Adams has two malpractice judgements against him and that the information was obtained at this site:

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