Alyssa Milano Threatens

Alyssa Milano has sicced her legal eagles on this site claiming:

The article that you wrote for your home page shows a “before and after”
picture allegedly demonstrating that my client had botox treatments
between the time when those photographs were taken. This is, of course,
false and, as you know, without any foundation. The fact that you state
at the top of the home page that such articles are “only the opinion of
the author” indicates that there is no factual basis at all for the
libelous statement that Ms. Milano has had botox treatments, when in
fact there is no information that you have that supports that
proposition. Moreover, the disclaimer would have no effect on most
people, who would not bother to read it anyway and who would nonetheless
disregard it because most people want to believe such lies. The
libelous statements are clearly meant to increase traffic to your site,
for which you receive advertising income and substantial attention from
those who visit your page. never wrote anything malicious about Alyssa. I just post photos. Here is a link to her photo on the site. The text accompanying the picture reads:

How can you tell someone is using botox? Their face takes on a lovely waxen sheen. Plus, there is no crinkling around their eyes or mouth when they smile

Are the words ‘Alyssa Milano’ anywhere in that particular text? No. Can the same legal experts who contacted me regarding the Hunter Tylo situation please contact me at media ( ** a t **) regarding this situation? Thanks so much. I am retaining a lawyer, because I do not feel that I have done anything wrong.

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