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Help The Bad Liposuction Victim

Are there any lawyers interested in helping the victim of bad liposuction? This is the woman who was left with a hematoma the size of a large orange after the surgery (the plastic surgeon who performed the operation is Dr Chia Kao of Los Angeles). Here is a photo of the immediate aftermath, which looks horrifying. Her surgery was in April and now it is August and she is still not yet healed (see photos). She is experiencing pain in the hematoma plus extreme oain in her left breast which has swollen due to the hematoma causing the skin of the breast to stretch and be constantly painful to the touch. Every movement hurts her. She recently had to visit a local emergency room due to increasing pain. The plastic surgeon who performed the surgery refuses to treat her pain and swelling. Due to the damaging nature of the original surgery, she cannot find another doctor to help her and desires the help of a chronic pain clinic. If you can help or offer advice , please email me at webmaster ** and will keep you posted regarding the outcome of the this case.

The bad liposuction victim will soon have a website that tells the entire story of her journey of pain since surgery. Her surgeon behaved badly as well as his staff; on the day she was discharged from the aftercare clinic, he called her room at the clinic and chewed her out for paging him over the weekend. A few hours later, when she was home, his assistant Kelly called to chew the patient out because she did not wait beyond the discharge time at the aftercare clinic for Dr Kao to bring her medicine. Staying beyond the discharge time would have caused the patient to be billed for an additional day at the cost of over $700. The owner of the Serenity aftercare clinic, Norm Galper, was also quite rude to the patient over the phone when she called with questions regarding her treatment and missing personal items after being discharged.

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