Britney’s Butt Cellullite

britney spears front thing and back thigh comparison

Courtesy of, I have posted photos of Britney Spears‘ flabby rear and front. There are rumors that she has been flying to Las Vegas to have a new fat removal technique called ‘lipodissolve’ on her thighs and knees.

Look at these photos. Her back thighs and butt look riddled with cellulite, but her front thighs are smooth. If the rumors are true about Britney Spears using lipodissolve, then her results could be interpreted in a few ways.

1. Lipodissolve doesn’t work, because why are her back thighs covered in cellulite.
2. Lipodissolve does work, look at how smooth Britney’s front thigh appear.
She just needs more injections in her back thighs.
3. She has never used the product and just needs to lower the fat in her diet and work out more to get rid of the cellulite.

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