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Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares

Pete Burns, Video June 1st, 2007

Dead or Alive singer, Pete Burns, is the narrator of a British documentary on Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares. As you may have heard, Pete Burns is suing a plastic surgeon he claims maimed him.

Pete also developed granulomas in his lips after too many lip collagen. In the documentary, Pete will show photos of the granulomas (tumors) and you’ll also see photos of what they looked like after they exploded (do not eat while watching this).

Pete has been featured on here and here.

Watch the documentary to see what happened to Pete.

Part 1

Part 2
This portion discusses the trend of combining plastic surgeries with vacations. You’ll here the story of a woman who took one such journey with less than favorable results.

Part 3
This is about a woman desperate for a career as a glamour model who had multiple sets of breast implants.

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