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Courtney Love Heads for Jocelyn Wildenstein Land

Courtney Love, Scary Celebrities December 13th, 2006

Courtney Love appears to be eagerly heading towards Jocelyn Wildenstein territory (click here to see photos of her and do not eat before or else you’ll be sorry!).

courtney love has scary looking lips

Ok, Courtney, I thought we had already worked it out that ‘plump’ lips do not look good on you. Stop it now! Lip collagen is no substitute for good self esteem.

courtney love clown face

Courtney, what else have you done to your face? Why do you look like you are hoarding chesnuts in your cheeks? The larger cheeks may hide lines but they also make her look like a weird chipmunk.

Courtney Love recently received 50 million for Kurt Cobain’s music catalog and I’ll bet that someone in the surgical profession got a portion of the goodies.

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