Nicolette Sheridan recently appeared on QVC hawking a beauty product called ‘NuGlow’. QVC watchers posted some interesting commentary about her on the QVC community boards (click here). Update: Steve Dworman, founder of NuGlow, pops up on the QVC forums to defend Nicolette.

‘LOL. Ms. Sheridan is among the queens of the Hollywood over-cosmetic surgeried. I’m sure the stuff will sell because names sell even if what’s in the jar is junk.’

‘I used to think she was stunningly beautiful in her heyday. My family and I now think she resembles a drag queen. I wouldn’t be so rude if I thought she seemed like a nice person, but she does not.’

’she dosent seem to have great skin for doing a skincare line I wont be ordering sometimes her face looks oily’

‘Glad to see I’m not the only one that feels Nicolette looks terrible now. I laughed when I saw her promoting her new Nu Glow skin care line. She was beautiful not even so long ago, then her entire face changed. I can’t believe she said she had no plastic surgery! Either she is seeing Michael Jackson’s doctor (because he also denied surgery) or she had a terrible doctor doing something to her face. Whatever she has had done looks terrible. It ruined her looks. The other women’s skin looks so much better than hers. QVC must just be doing this to get people to watch.’

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