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The New Rupert Everett


By popular demand, here are before and after comparisons of actor Rupert Everett. Audiences were stunned at his new look after seeing him on ‘Ellen‘ this week. I got dozens of emails from people who do not like his brow lift. Hopefully, the surgery will settle in and he won’t look so startled.

Here is some commentary from fans:

Did anyone see Rupert on Ellen Degeneres last week? Yikes, you have to get
a picture of him now and compare it to when he was in “My Best Friends
Wedding”. he doesn’t even look the same. I am not even sure what he did,
I think he got cheek implants, he looks horrible. Ugh, why did he ruin his
beautiful face?

I saw Rupert on Ellen last night. Is it me, or does he look really strange?
Looks like he’s had major work done. He didn’t even look like the same
person. Cheek implants, botox and maybe an eye lift. Check it out when you
get a chance.

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