Fun Fan Mail

From time to time, gets fan mail from amused web surfers. Here’s a funny letter:

Even though it’s only been a half-hour or so, I forget
how I was directed to your site. I was googling for
Victoria Principal products for my wife, on the
recommendation of one of my sisters, herself in no
need of anything anti-aging, but probably a little
paranoid. I went to IMDb to see if any pictures
existed and am still shuddering. Apparently VP
doesn’t believe in her products

My wife of 35 years is still built like a 1950s’
pinup, and has been blessed with a uniquely beautiful
face worth preserving. She has never had any idea of
herself, but she’s kept me enthralled from jump. At
certain times of the day the lines and creases in her
face are sadly apparent, causing me to go
“AHHHGGGHH!!”, then take off my glasses and say “Oh,
it’s you. Hi Baby!” Perhaps I dote too much.

Your site is witty, nasty and kind of sad, the latter
until you figure what kind of people you’re dealing
with. That’s where the delightful nasties come into

I may have heard about you on Stern, hideous Pam
Anderson’s most vocal, panting idolizer. Two of my
daughters have worked in Aspen for several years and
have waited on her many times. The kids aren’t the
catty, jealous types, but both used words like
“freak”, “space alien” (as opposed to illegal,I
guess)in describing her without makeup.

I know my wife has not, and never will consider going
for any ‘improvements’, so I guess I’ll stick with my
part-time “hag-face” with the bone structure and
girlie shape all the cosmetic surgeons couldn’t

Regards and luck,


Enjoy this delighful missive from a fan:

She may already be there–I haven’t had a chance to peruse the entire
site yet–but if she isn’t, how about Nicole Kidman’s
tighter-than-tight face lift, first exhibited at this year’s Oscars
and veiled with many “too-tight” hairstyles.

BTW, great site! Thank you for giving me a place to validate my
“She’s had such bad work!” obsession.

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