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Liquid Generation Discovers Lindsay Lohan's Scar Tissue

Liquid Generation has also covered the Lindsay Lohan fake boobs story. They are showing that she has scar tissue.

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Jennifer Lopez: Is the transformation now complete?

Lip reduction, two rhinoplasty surgeries, possible cheek implants.. Is Jennifer Lopez‘s transformation complete?

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It's A New Nose For JLo

It’s a new nose for Jennifer Lopez. And you thought she was just laying low because she broke up with Ben.. no, she has a new nose. This is her second nose job. Unlike her old nose, this one looks longer (see how the space between her upper lip and nose tip is smaller?) In [...]

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Lil Kim Is Now Light Skinned

She used to be brown. She could get down. Now, she’s light. She doesn’t look right. The poetry says it all.. will Lil’ Kim get as light as Michael Jackson? Only time will tell.

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Courtney Fishlips Cobain

Courtney Love Cobain continues to horrify the masses with her trout lips (they really don’t go with the haggard junkie look, Courtney!). Whoever is giving her ‘lip collagen treatments’ should be arrested immediately. What’s wrong with using a little lip gloss/a> instead? Which one is female?

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Yes, They're Fake

I don’t think that real breasts look bolted to your chest, nor do they have a gap in between when you are standing up straight. So yes, Lindsay Lohan’s breasts are fake! People under 18 should not get implants.

May 13, 2004 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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I'm Not A Little Girl, See I Have Fake Tits

Once again, the old adage, ‘no one in Hollywood has their original body parts’ is true; young Lindsay Lohan is currently sporting some very fake looking breasts. She’s also looks like she had rhinoplasty sometime in the past 18 months. And she’s not even 18 years old! Teens shouldn’t have breast implants.

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Vivica Fox: Cute Girl With Ugly Tits

Like Susan Ward, Vivica Fox has gotten breast implants. Unfortunately, they have hardened and now look like grapefruit halves stuffed in her chest.

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The Jenilee Harrison story: I look permanently surprised

Please! You have to include one-time cheerleader/actress/all-around hottie turned horribly misshapen, barely recognizable shell of her former self, infomercial queen Jenilee Harrison. – a devoted reader Ok! By popular demand, I bring you the once lovely Jenilee Harrison. She is best known as the replacement for Suzanne Sommers on the tv show ‘Three’s Company’. We [...]

May 8, 2004 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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