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Even Former Beauty Queens Are Insecure

Kelli Mc Carty December 28th, 2003

Kelli Mc Carty was Miss USA in 1990. For the past decade, she’s been a struggling actress. Finally, two years ago, she joined the cast of the soap, ‘Passions’, on NBC and boy, did she look different. Her lips were plumped with lip collagen to Lisa Rinna proportions and she was also sporting some very noticable cheek implants. She’s a classic example of how people ruin their looks to ‘make it’ in Hollywood; her prior look was good enough for her to win a very coveted national title, but to make it past Tinseltown casting directors, she had to do this to her face. I don’t like her cheek implants at all because outside of studio lighting, you can easily see that she has them.

Notice the raised area on her face, that is the cheek implant:

kelli mc carty cheek implants

You can see the implants in this shot too.

kelli mc carty

This shot shows off her excessive lip collagen. Her top lip scares me.

kelli's big lips

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